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社会和职业工效学进展:AHFE 2019年国际社会和职业工效学会议记录,2019年7月24-28日,美国华盛顿特区-Advances in Social and Occupational Ergono

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标题(title):Advances in Social and Occupational Ergonomics: Proceedings of the AHFE 2019 International Conference on Social and Occupational Ergonomics, July 24-28, 2019, Washington D.C., USA
社会和职业工效学进展:AHFE 2019年国际社会和职业工效学会议记录,2019年7月24-28日,美国华盛顿特区
作者(author):Richard H.M. Goossens, Atsuo Murata
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
大小(size):53 MB (56064002 bytes)

This book reports on cutting-edge research on social and occupational ergonomics, presenting innovative contributions to the optimization of sociotechnical management systems related to organizational, policy, and logistical issues. It discusses timely topics related to communication, crew resource management, work design, participatory design, as well as teamwork, community ergonomics, cooperative work, and warning systems, and explores new work paradigms, organizational cultures, virtual organizations, telework, and quality management. The book also describes pioneering infrastructures implemented for different purposes such as urban, health, and enterprise, and examines the changing role of automated systems, offering innovative solutions that address the needs of particular populations. Based on the AHFE 2019 International Conference on Social and Occupational Ergonomics, held on July 24-28, 2019, Washington D.C, USA, the book provides readers with a comprehensive overview of the current challenges in both organizational and occupational ergonomics, highlighting key connections between them and underlining the importance of emotional factors in influencing human performance.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xvii
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Gamifying Onboarding: How to Increase Both Engagement and Integration of New Employees (Louisa Heimburger, Lea Buchweitz, Ruben Gouveia, Oliver Korn)....Pages 3-14
The Role of Building Construction Project Planning in Accommodating Ergonomic Considerations of the Aging Workforce (Steven J. Kangisser, Young Mi Choi)....Pages 15-26
Ergo + 50: Ergonomic Assessment Methodology Aimed at Older Workers (Alberto Ferreras Remesal, Carlos Chirivella Moreno, Alicia Piedrabuena Cuesta, Rakel Poveda Puente, Sonia Serna Arnau, Consuelo Latorre Sánchez et al.)....Pages 27-36
Social Design, Innovation and Ergonomics: Reflections on Education, Transdisciplinarity and New Blurred Models for Sustainable Social Change (Ana Margarida Ferreira, Nicos Souleles, Stefania Savva)....Pages 37-48
Well-Being Through Design for Dynamic Diversity: The Voice of Minorities in Design for All (Marcin Butlewski)....Pages 49-56
Towards an Expert System for Assigning Optimal Workplaces to Workers with Disabilities (Gregor Harih, Nataša Vujica-Herzog)....Pages 57-66
Front Matter ....Pages 67-67
Social Art – “Echoes of Machim” (Ana Nolasco)....Pages 69-79
Threshold Concepts and Design for Social Change (Nicos Souleles, Ana Margarida Ferreira, Stefania Savva)....Pages 80-89
Sustainable Collaborative Design Practices: Circular Economy and the New Context for a Fashion Designer (Lucinda Morrissey, Roberta Barban Franceschi, Ana Margarida Ferreira)....Pages 90-101
Cultural Heritage, Collaborative Practices and Sustainable Fabric Design: Ottoman Sultans’ Life Stories on Jacquard Design (Pınar Arslan, Ana Margarida Ferreira, Hatice Feriha Akpınarlı)....Pages 102-113
The Common-Sense Assessment of Sustainability (David Camocho, José Vicente, Ana Margarida Ferreira)....Pages 114-125
Collaborative Practices Through Design and Engineering: The Phases of a Pilot Project to Improve the Human Condition of Vulnerable Communities (João Bernarda, Ana Margarida Ferreiral, Carlos Santos Silva, Rui Costa Neto)....Pages 126-134
Sustainable Human Environment: Mouraria, Local Color and Sense of Place of a Historical Lisbon Neighbourhood (Cristina Pinheiro, Lambert Rozema, Ana Margarida Ferreira)....Pages 135-140
Developing Portable Clean Cart with Broom and Dustpan for Street Sweepers Needs (Bing-Cheng Zhu, Chien-Hsu Chen)....Pages 141-152
Front Matter ....Pages 153-153
The Reporting System as a Feedback Tool to Improve the Process of Entering Data to the IT System (Maciej Siemieniak, Katarzyna Siemieniak)....Pages 155-164
The Conditioning of Macroergonomic Design and Improvement of the Intelligent Building’s Use and Service (Joanna Kalkowska, Leszek Pacholski)....Pages 165-172
The Macroergonomic Improvement of Total Quality Management Industrial Systems (Milena Drzewiecka-Dahlke, Leszek Pacholski)....Pages 173-183
The Ergonomics of Work Conditions as Force Element of the OHS Management (Adam Górny)....Pages 184-194
The Improvement of Women Professional Entrepreneurial Attitude in a Context of Social Expectations (Paulina Siemieniak)....Pages 195-205
Monitoring Personnel Presence and Displacement in Production Facilities Using RFID Technology (Robert Waszkowski, Tadeusz Nowicki, Andrzej Walczak)....Pages 206-213
Front Matter ....Pages 215-215
Effectiveness in Prosthetic Adaptation and Users’ Satisfaction: Comparison Between Different Technologies (Maria Patrizia Orlando, Claudia Giliberti, Fabio Lo Castro, Raffaele Mariconte, Lucia Longo)....Pages 217-227
Handheld Grass Cutter Machine with Supporting Wheel (Mayur Mhamunkar, Sagar Bagane, Lokesh Kolhe, Vikrant Singh, Mohit Ahuja, Yueqing Li)....Pages 228-235
Ergonomic Evaluation in the Ecuadorian Workplace (Oswaldo Jara, Fanny Ballesteros, Esteban Carrera, Pablo Dávila)....Pages 236-244
Ergonomics Study in the Productive Process in Civil Construction in the External Plastering Activity (Ariel Orlei Michaloski, Juliano Prado Stradioto, Antônio Augusto de Paula Xavier)....Pages 245-255
The Ergonomics of Sorting Recyclable Materials: A Case Study of a Brazilian Cooperative (Hebert Silva)....Pages 256-265
Quality of Labor Life in Workers of the Informal Economy in Guadalajara, Mexico (Raquel González-Baltazar, Mónica I. Contreras-Estrada, Silvia G. León-Cortés, Brenda J. Hidalgo-González, Gustavo Hidalgo-Santacruz)....Pages 266-276
Front Matter ....Pages 277-277
Reducing the Risk of Falls by 78% with a New Generation of Slip Resistant Winter Footwear (Z. S. Bagheri, J. Beltran, P. Holyoke, G. Sole, K. Hutchinson, T. Dutta)....Pages 279-285
Risk Factors Identification for Metal Washing Process Based on QOC Matrix the Workers’ Voice and Ergonomic Mapping (Brenda Trujillo-Sandoval, Martha Roselia Contreras-Valenzuela)....Pages 286-293
Ergonomics During the Construction of the Stations and the Drilling of the Tunnel in the Metro of the City of Quito (Esteban Carrera, Oswaldo Jara, Pablo Dávila, Fanny Ballesteros, Pablo Suasnavas)....Pages 294-301
Comparisons of Three Observational Ergonomic Tools for Risk Assessment on Upper Extremities in a Pump Assembly Plant – A Pilot Study (Meng-Chuan Ho, Ei-wen Lo)....Pages 302-308
The Impact of Work Environment in Concurrence to Productivity in Higher Institutions (Timothy Laseinde, Ifetayo Oluwafemi, Jan-Harm Pretorius, Jesusetemi Oluwafemi)....Pages 309-320
Front Matter ....Pages 321-321
Thermal Performance of Equestrian Helmets (Merlin Bauwens, Sarah de Graaf, Alexandra Vermeir, Shriram Mukunthan, Guido De Bruyne)....Pages 323-331
The Importance of Baselining Division 1 Football Athlete Jumping Movements for Performance, Injury Mitigation, and Return to Play (Reuben F. Burch, Lesley Strawderman, Anthony Piroli, Harish Chander, Wenmeng Tian, Fredrick Murphy)....Pages 332-344
Synergistic Effect on the Characteristics of the Seductive Appearance (Fuminori Matsuura, Yumie Osada, Isao Matsumoto, Yoshinori Hirano, Xiaodan Lu, Hiroyuki Hamada et al.)....Pages 345-352
Effective Measures for Minimizing Playing-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders Among Tertiary Education Student Pianist in Malaysia (Titi Rahmawati Hamedon, Chia-Ying Ling, Fung-Chiat Loo)....Pages 353-357
The Effects of University Students’ Physical Activity Experience on Communication Skills and Anxiety (Jun Egawa, Yasuyuki Hochi, Takumi Iwaasa, Emiko Togashi, Kentaro Inaba, Motoki Mizuno)....Pages 358-366
Front Matter ....Pages 367-367
The Development of a Comprehensive List of Risk Factors for Hip Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders: Delphi Survey (Ardiyanto Ardiyanto, Steven Lavender, Stephanie Di Stasi, Carolyn Sommerich)....Pages 369-378
Ergonomic Risk Assessment of Sea Fisherman Part III: Manual Handling and Static Posture (Alessio Silvetti, Elio Munafò, Alberto Ranavolo, Antonella Tatarelli, Lorenzo Fiori, Sergio Iavicoli et al.)....Pages 379-392
Psychosocial Risk Management and Psychological Attachment: Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction (Michael Akomeah Ofori Ntow, Evans Sokro, Ophelia Dogbe-Zungbey, Noble Osei Bonsu)....Pages 393-402
Prevalence, Risk Factors, and Impact on Low Back Pain Among Nurses in a Thai Public Hospital (Manutchanok Jongprasithporn, Nantakrit Yodpijit, Varisara Saengdaeng, Manutsamon Treralertpanith, Supatra Poemoon)....Pages 403-414
Mobbing in Service Companies in Colombia. A Silent Enemy (Carlos Marín, Olga Piñeros)....Pages 415-423
Changes and Differences in Mental Status of Nurses: Using Mind Monitoring System by Voice (Takumi Iwaasa, Yasuyuki Yamada, Yasuyuki Hochi, Yuki Mizuno, Emiko Togashi, Hidenori Hayashi et al.)....Pages 424-429
Neck and Shoulder Muscle Fatigue in High Performance Aircrafts Pilots: Effects of a Training Program (Part 2) (Giorgia Chini, Alessio Silvetti, Roberto Vitalone, Valeria Di Muzio, Marco Lucertini, Elena Lucertini et al.)....Pages 430-442
Comparative Analysis of the Assessment Methods of the Rehabilitative-Prosthetic Path of the Patient with Lower Limb Prosthesis (Francesco Draicchio, Antonella Tatarelli, Simona Castellano, Ida Poni, Lorenzo Fiori, Alessio Silvetti et al.)....Pages 443-457
Front Matter ....Pages 459-459
Analysis of the Short-Term Absences of Poultry Slaughterhouse Workers in Brazil (Natália Fonseca Dias, Adriana Seára Tirloni, Diogo Cunha dos Reis, Antônio Renato Pereira Moro)....Pag
社会和职业工效学进展:AHFE 2019年国际社会和职业工效学会议记录,2019年7月24-28日,美国华盛顿特区-Advances in Social and Occupational Ergono
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