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古怪的皇后比格犬的案例-The Case of the Quizzical Queens Beagle

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标题(title):The Case of the Quizzical Queens Beagle
作者(author):B R Snow [Snow, B R]
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When Suzy and Josie find a beagle perched on a channel buoy in the middle of the River, soon followed by the discovery of an unknown drowned woman, Suzy soon decides that the only logical thing to do is to bring the circus to town.
Feeling overwhelmed having to dealing with her mother’s endless and elaborate plans for her and Max’s wedding, the construction of their new animal rescue center, and Chef Claire’s announcement that she needs an extended break and is planning to take at least a year off, Suzy realizes that the world she has created and come to love is about to implode.
But since nothing takes Suzy’s mind off her problems like a good murder investigation, she soon finds herself distracted dealing with the victim’s mother and her caretaker and a unique group of circus performers who all have interesting and often sordid pasts. And as she and Chief Abrams do everything they can to figure out who threw the troubled woman and her pet beagle off a boat, Suzy comes face to face with her own insecurities and selfishness, not to mention a weapon she just can’t seem to keep her hands off, a couple of clowns, an elephant, and a wild animal trainer she hates at first sight.
By the time it’s all said and done, Suzy is bruised and battered and more than ready for the next chapter in her life to reveal itself. But one thing she does know for certain; a career in the circus is definitely not in the cards.

古怪的皇后比格犬的案例-The Case of the Quizzical Queens Beagle
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