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外部硫酸盐侵蚀-现场和实验室试验:TC251-SRT的RILEM最终研讨会(马德里-西班牙,2018)-External Sulphate Attack – Field Aspects and Lab

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标题(title):External Sulphate Attack – Field Aspects and Lab Tests: RILEM Final Workshop of TC 251-SRT (Madrid - SPAIN, 2018)
作者(author):Esperanza Menéndez, Véronique Baroghel-Bouny
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This volume gathers contributions from the final workshop of the RILEM TC-251-SRT "Sulfate Resistance Testing" on External Sulfate Attack (TESA 2018), held on May 24-25, 2018 at IETcc-CSIC, Madrid, Spain. One of the Technical Committee’s main events, it addressed various aspects of external sulfate attack in concrete structures and test methods. The workshop promoted technical discussions and debates on ideas on these topics, with a focus on evaluating the resistance of concrete exposed to ESA. It also provided a forum for participants from around the globe to share their experiences and research on concrete structures affected by external sulfate attack and on test methods. The book discusses the latest advances in research related to ESA and new developments in test methods, and features real-world case studies of concrete structures affected by external sulfate attack in various countries. It also presents new studies linking field cases and lab tests, including 12 contributions on 3 main themes: mechanisms of alteration in external sulfate attack; field aspects of external sulfate attack; and testing to evaluate the resistance of concrete to external sulfate attack.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xxi
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Field Performance of Portland Limestone Cement Concretes Exposed to Cold-Temperature Sulphate Solutions (A. Hossack, M. D. A. Thomas, E. Moffatt)....Pages 3-14
Review of the Incidence of the Sulphate Attack in Spain. Evaluation of Field Concrete Cases (E. Menéndez, R. García-Rovés, B. Aldea, Y. Salem)....Pages 15-30
Front Matter ....Pages 31-31
Investigation on the Combined Interaction of Sulphate and Acidic Attack on Concretes Exposed to Aggressive Environments (M. C. Alonso, K. Villar, D. Qvaeschning, S. Irico, G. Pérez)....Pages 33-43
External Sulphate Attack on Recycled Concrete: Assessment of the Influence of Recycled Aggregate (L. R. Santillan, Y. A. Villagrán Zaccardi, C. J. Zega)....Pages 45-51
Front Matter ....Pages 53-53
Influence of Temperature and Aggressive Solutions in the Formation of Thaumasite and Ettringite in Standard and Commercial Mortars (E. Menéndez, B. Aldea, M. Formoso, R. García-Roves, S. Ruiz, J. de Frutos)....Pages 55-70
Influence of Thermal Preconditioning on the Mechanism of External Sulphate Attack (S. Boudache, E. Rozière, A. Loukili, H. Colina)....Pages 71-80
Influence of Specimen Size on the Expansion of Portland Cement Mortars Immersed in Sodium Sulphate Solution (M. F. Suma, M. Santhanam)....Pages 81-91
An Alternative Method to Evaluate the Sulphate Resistance of Cementitious Binders (F. Aguayo, O. J. Funez, T. Drimalas, K. J. Folliard, R. D. Lute)....Pages 93-105
New Approach for Testing SR Cements (K. Lipus)....Pages 107-120
A Fast Testing Method for Discriminating Hardened Cement Paste Reactivity with External Sulphate (S. Meulenyzer, B. Huet, H. Raqen, F. Bégaud, N. N. Bui, M. Vandamme et al.)....Pages 121-136
Front Matter ....Pages 137-137
The Uses of Finely Ground Materials to Mitigate the External Sulphate Attack (ESA) on Cementitious Materials (D. J. De Souza, M. H. F. Medeiros, J. Hoppe, L. F. M. Sanchez)....Pages 139-151
Evolution of Damage Due to Sulphate Attack in Cement Mortar with and Without Ground Coal Bottom Ash (E. Menéndez, C. Argiz, M. A. Sanjuán)....Pages 153-163
外部硫酸盐侵蚀-现场和实验室试验:TC251-SRT的RILEM最终研讨会(马德里-西班牙,2018)-External Sulphate Attack – Field Aspects and Lab
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