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开始以太坊智能合约编程:以Python、Solidity和JavaScript为例-Beginning Ethereum Smart Contracts Programming: With Examp

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标题(title):Beginning Ethereum Smart Contracts Programming: With Examples in Python, Solidity, and JavaScript
作者(author):Wei-Meng Lee
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Use this book to write an Ethereum Blockchain Smart Contract, test it, deploy it, and create a web application to interact with your smart contract.
Beginning Ethereum Smart Contracts Programming is your fastest and most efficient means of getting started if you are unsure where to begin and how to connect to the Ethereum Blockchain. The book begins with a foundational discussion of blockchain and the motivation behind it. From there, you will get up close and personal with the Ethereum Blockchain, learning how to use an Ethereum client (geth) to connect to the Ethereum Blockchain to perform transactions such as sending Ethers to another account.
You will learn about smart contracts without having to wade through tons of documentation. Author Lee’s “learn-by-doing” approach will allow you to be productive and feel confident in your ability in no time. The last part of this book covers tokens, a topic that has taken the cryptocurrency market by storm.
Sample code in Python, Solidity, and JavaScript is provided in the book and online.

What You'll LearnUnderstand the basic premise of blockchain and “record keeping” in a peer-to-peer network
Experience blockchain in action by creating your own blockchain using Python
Know the foundation of smart contracts programming and how to deploy and test smart contracts
Work on a case study to illustrate the use of blockchain
Be familiar with tokens, and how to create and launch your own ICO digital token
Write smart contracts that transact using tokens

Who This Book Is For
Those who want to get started quickly with Ethereum Smart Contracts programming. Basic programming knowledge and an understanding of Python or JavaScript is recommended.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xvii
Understanding Blockchain (Wei-Meng Lee)....Pages 1-23
Implementing Your Own Blockchain Using Python (Wei-Meng Lee)....Pages 25-59
Connecting to the Ethereum Blockchain (Wei-Meng Lee)....Pages 61-69
Creating Your Own Private Ethereum Test Network (Wei-Meng Lee)....Pages 71-91
Using the MetaMask Chrome Extension (Wei-Meng Lee)....Pages 93-126
Getting Started with Smart Contract (Wei-Meng Lee)....Pages 127-146
Testing Smart Contracts Using Ganache (Wei-Meng Lee)....Pages 147-167
Using the web3.js APIs (Wei-Meng Lee)....Pages 169-198
Smart Contract Events (Wei-Meng Lee)....Pages 199-219
Project – Online Lottery (Wei-Meng Lee)....Pages 221-256
Creating Your Tokens (Wei-Meng Lee)....Pages 257-287
Back Matter ....Pages 289-293
开始以太坊智能合约编程:以Python、Solidity和JavaScript为例-Beginning Ethereum Smart Contracts Programming: With Examp
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