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剑桥吉顿学院盎格鲁撒克逊公墓:一份基于已故F.J.H.Jenkinson女士的挖掘笔记的报告。-The Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Girton College, Cambridg

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标题(title):The Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Girton College, Cambridge: A Report Based on the MS. Notes of the Excavations Made by the Late F. J. H. Jenkinson, M.A.
作者(author):Edith J. Hollingworth, Maureen M. O’Reilly
出版社(publisher):Cambridge University Press
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This edition first published 1925.

The Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Girton College, Cambridge, was discovered in 1881, while ground was prepared for the construction of tennis courts. More of the cemetery was unearthed in 1886, when the foundations for the Tower Wing were being laid. The area was excavated under the supervision of Francis Jenkinson (1853–1923), and the urns and other material found on the site date it to roughly the fifth and sixth centuries CE. The graves contained domestic utensils - tweezers, needles, pots for food and cooking - and personal items, such as ivory combs and bronze brooches. Written by Girton alumnae Edith Hollingworth and Maureen O'Reilly, this detailed report of the excavations is based on notes left by Jenkinson, and was first published by Cambridge University Press in 1925. According to a contemporary reviewer, the work of Hollingworth and O'Reilly provides a "duty to their College and a real service to archaeology".
Table of contents :
Introduction 1
1881 Excavations: Inhumation 3
1886 Excavations 18
1881 Excavations: Cremation 22
Range of Dates of the Cemetery 27
Conclusions 29
Evidence for Earlier Occupations of the Site 32
Index 37
剑桥吉顿学院盎格鲁撒克逊公墓:一份基于已故F.J.H.Jenkinson女士的挖掘笔记的报告。-The Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Girton College, Cambridg
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