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胆道外科萨格斯手册-The SAGES Manual of Biliary Surgery

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标题(title):The SAGES Manual of Biliary Surgery
作者(author):Horacio J. Asbun, Mihir M. Shah, Eugene P. Ceppa, Edward D. Auyang
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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Although benign biliary disease is an area in which many surgeons have experience, there are many nuances to providing the highest quality of surgical care. The biliary anatomy is unique but presents with anatomical variances and can be distorted by benign pathology. Biliary surgery has been one of the areas where minimally invasive techniques were first applied in the late 1980s. However, surgical technique has continued to evolve due to acquisition of advanced minimal surgical skills and improvement in surgical technology. The expertise, sage, and knowledge of the members of the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgery (SAGES) have prioritized the creation of this manual on modern biliary surgery.
This manual will provide the standard for the current state of biliary surgery in the 21st century. The SAGES Manual of Biliary Surgery will align with the new SAGES University Masters program. The Manual supplements the Masters Program Biliary Surgery Pathway. Its goal is to help the surgeon progress from the competent to the proficient and finally to the mastery level.
Both for the surgical trainee and senior surgeon, this guidebook will also give insight into modern evaluation and management. The highlights will emphasize what is both feasible and safe from a minimally invasive approach in biliary surgery. The concept of Safe Cholecystectomy will be defined and expounded on in detail. The difficult cholecystectomy will be given ample coverage to include management of intraoperative bile duct injury, indications and techniques of subtotal cholecystectomy, and special attention to intraoperative diagnostic imaging that serve as adjuncts, including cholangiograpy, ultrasound, as well as indocyanine green biliary fluorescence. We will review the updated international Tokyo guidelines for acute cholecystitis. Furthermore, the evolution of treatment of choledocohlithiasis has evolved the most in recent years, and thus requires an extensive discussion of the non-operative and operative management of bile duct stones.
This text will serve as an important contribution to the medical literature sponsored by SAGES, an international leading authority in gastrointestinal surgery with a keen interest in safe and proficient biliary surgery. Leaders in the field of biliary surgery will impart their insight and considerable experience in the chapters planned for this manual. The intent for this manual is to be the cited resource for high quality and applicable knowledge for the treatment of benign biliary disease.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xi
Introduction to Biliary Manual (Dimitrios Stefanidis)....Pages 1-4
Biliary Anatomy (Daniel J. Deziel, Benjamin R. Veenstra)....Pages 5-23
Basic Principles of Safe Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy (Zachary M. Callahan, Shanley Deal, Adnan Alseidi, Michael J. Pucci)....Pages 25-38
Preoperative Optimization for Elective Cholecystectomy (Denise W. Gee)....Pages 39-48
Preoperative Imaging in Patients Undergoing Cholecystectomy (Sofiane El Djouzi)....Pages 49-63
Choosing the Best Timing for Cholecystectomy (Kohji Okamoto, Tadahiro Takada)....Pages 65-80
When to Perform a Cholecystectomy After Percutaneous Cholecystostomy Tube Placement (Neelakantan Prakash, Edward D. Auyang)....Pages 81-90
Intraoperative Cholangiography (IOC): Important Aid in Biliary and Common Bile Duct Surgery (George Berci, Brian R. Davis)....Pages 91-105
Intraoperative Indocyanine Green During Cholecystectomy (Fernando Dip, Mayank Roy, Matthew Roche, Armando Rosales, Emanuele Lo Menzo, Raul J. Rosenthal)....Pages 107-117
Laparoscopic Biliary Ultrasound (Steven P. Bowers)....Pages 119-128
The Difficult Cholecystectomy (Nathaniel Stoikes, L. Michael Brunt)....Pages 129-150
Non-operative Management of Common Bile Duct Stones: ERCP and Other Techniques (Lithotripsy) (Andrew T. Strong, Jeffrey L. Ponsky)....Pages 151-190
Common Bile Duct Exploration (Andrew Lambour, Byron F. Santos)....Pages 191-212
Management of Common Bile Duct Injury (Marc G. Mesleh, Horacio J. Asbun)....Pages 213-231
Operative Management of Bile Duct Injury in the Presence of Prior Roux-en-Y (Mihir M. Shah, Alisha Gupta, Juan M. Sarmiento)....Pages 233-240
Management of Common Bile Duct Stones in the Presence of Prior Roux-en-Y (Andrew T. Strong, Matthew Kroh)....Pages 241-263
Advanced Biliary Procedures (Eugene P. Ceppa, Thomas K. Maatman, Patrick B. Schwartz)....Pages 265-285
Back Matter ....Pages 287-294
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胆道外科萨格斯手册-The SAGES Manual of Biliary Surgery
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