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战略管理的再思考:可持续战略的积极影响-Rethinking Strategic Management: Sustainable Strategizing for Positive Impact

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标题(title):Rethinking Strategic Management: Sustainable Strategizing for Positive Impact
作者(author):Thomas Wunder
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book offers innovative ideas and frameworks for sustainable strategizing to advance business by scaling-up its positive impact, which is so urgently needed at this time in the 21st century. It shows practitioners how to effectively deal with socio-ecological systems’ disruptions to their operating environments and play an active role in transforming markets toward a sustainable future.

In short, the book demonstrates how to make business sense of sustainability, highlighting new approaches and examples that translate sustainability into strategy and action. The ultimate goal is to provide a path toward a thriving future for both business and society.
This book was written for strategy practitioners and decision makers who want to understand why sustainable strategizing is important in today’s business world and are seeking actionable business knowledge they can apply in their companies. It was also written for students of management and can be used as a supplemental text to support traditional graduate and undergraduate management courses.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xxvi
Mindsets for Linking Strategy and Sustainability: Planetary Boundaries, Social Foundations, and Sustainable Strategizing (Thomas Wunder)....Pages 1-40
Front Matter ....Pages 41-41
Please Welcome CSR 2.0 (Henry Mintzberg)....Pages 43-46
Managing the Next Industrial Revolution Successfully: Sustainability (Alexander Meyer zum Felde)....Pages 47-66
Why Porter Is Not Enough: Economic Foundations of Sustainable Strategic Management (Jean Garner Stead, W. Edward Stead)....Pages 67-85
Sustainable Strategizing: Extending Competitive Advantages to Viability Advantage (Timo Santalainen)....Pages 87-104
Integrated Management for Capital Markets and Strategy: The Challenges of “Value” Versus “Values” Sustainability Investment, Smart Beta, and Their Consequences for Corporate Leadership (Andrew Mountfield, Matthew Gardner, Bernd Kasemir, Stephan Lienin)....Pages 105-128
Front Matter ....Pages 129-129
Sustainable Business Models: Rethinking Value and Impact (Krzysztof Dembek, Jodi York)....Pages 131-148
Strategy Design for Flourishing: A Robust Method (Antony Upward, Stephen N. Davies)....Pages 149-175
Designing More Sustainable Business Models, Services, and Products: How Design Foresight Outcomes Can Guide Organizational Sustainability of SME Manufacturers (Alexandre Joyce)....Pages 177-198
The Inequality-Aware Organization (Suhaib Riaz)....Pages 199-214
Front Matter ....Pages 215-215
Values-Based Stakeholder Management: Concepts and Methods (Henning Breuer, Florian Lüdeke-Freund)....Pages 217-239
What Corporate Strategists Can Learn from International Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration: A Conceptual Architecture for Transformative Change (Petra Kuenkel)....Pages 241-266
Applying Materiality Assessment in Strategic Management: The Implicit Coating of the Materiality Lens (Stefanie Remmer, Dirk Ulrich Gilbert)....Pages 267-291
Front Matter ....Pages 293-293
Siemens Intrapreneurs Bootcamp: Purpose-Driven Innovation to Unleash People’s Potential for Impact-Based Business (Laura Engelhardt, Steffen Mayer, Christoph Krois, Bettina Maisch)....Pages 295-312
Creating a Climate Fit for Life at Interface: From Restorative to Regenerative, a Strategic Approach to Cross-Sectoral Co-Innovation (Geanne van Arkel)....Pages 313-328
How Sustainability and a Culture of Trust Shape Entrepreneurial Success at VAUDE (Lisa Fiedler, Felix Bongen, Anna Elleke)....Pages 329-342
Front Matter ....Pages 343-343
Sustainability and Technology Acceleration—How to Surf the Killer Waves: A Systems Thinking Approach to Become Fit for the Future (Rüdiger A. Röhrig, Edwin J. M. Janssen)....Pages 345-375
Why Every CEO Needs to Be Future Smart: From AI to Sustainability (James Canton)....Pages 377-394
Front Matter ....Pages 395-395
Epilogue (Thomas Wunder)....Pages 397-410
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战略管理的再思考:可持续战略的积极影响-Rethinking Strategic Management: Sustainable Strategizing for Positive Impact
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