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煤炭自燃的特征、评价与风险评价-Spontaneous Combustion of Coal: Characteristics, Evaluation and Risk Assessment

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标题(title):Spontaneous Combustion of Coal: Characteristics, Evaluation and Risk Assessment
作者(author):Xinyang Wang
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
大小(size):12 MB (12346379 bytes)

This book aims to understand, analyze and mitigate the harmful impacts of spontaneous coal combustion in underground mines, a thermal phenomenon that triggers fires and explosions threatening the safety of mine workers globally. Based on experimental and theoretical research findings, the book emphasizes three essential questions that are fundamental to understand spontaneous coal combustion: What are the root causes? How to evaluate the causative factors to determine the activity of coal? and How to bring this issue under control in real longwall panel? Readers are introduced to experimental techniques applied to investigate the basic molecular structure of coal and evaluate chemical properties that induce self-heating behavior, theoretical analyses to predict the extrinsic effect on low temperature oxidation of coal in experimental scale and full-size longwall panel, and preventive measures to mitigate this issue using methods for retardant screening, numerical simulations for optimal grouting and nitrogen injections, and case studies analyzing thermal events using mine atmosphere gas monitoring data. The book will be of interest to students and researchers studying mining engineering and chemistry, as well as engineers and practitioners involved in coal mine development and risk assessment.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xiii
Introduction (Xinyang Wang)....Pages 1-27
Historical Perspective on Identifying and Controlling Spontaneous Combustion (Xinyang Wang)....Pages 29-72
Laboratory Experiment for Evaluating Characteristics of Spontaneous Combustion (Xinyang Wang)....Pages 73-128
Analytical Model Developed to Estimate Self-Heating Potential (Xinyang Wang)....Pages 129-170
Numerical Modeling of Self-Heating Event and Preventive Measures (Xinyang Wang)....Pages 171-206
Interpretation of Mine Atmosphere Monitoring Data (Xinyang Wang)....Pages 207-231
Back Matter ....Pages 233-240
煤炭自燃的特征、评价与风险评价-Spontaneous Combustion of Coal: Characteristics, Evaluation and Risk Assessment
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