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2018年意大利运筹学应用展望-A View of Operations Research Applications in Italy, 2018

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标题(title):A View of Operations Research Applications in Italy, 2018
作者(author):Mauro Dell'Amico, Manlio Gaudioso, Giuseppe Stecca
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book presents expert descriptions of the successful application of operations research in both the private and the public sector, including in logistics, transportation, product design, production planning and scheduling, and areas of social interest. Each chapter is based on fruitful collaboration between researchers and companies, and company representatives are among the co-authors. The book derives from a 2017 call by the Italian Operations Research Society (AIRO) for information from members on their activities in promoting the use of quantitative techniques, and in particular operations research techniques, in society and industry. A booklet based on this call was issued for the annual AIRO conference, but it was felt that some of the content was of such interest that it deserved wider dissemination in more detailed form. This book is the outcome. It equips practitioners with solutions to real-life decision problems, offers researchers examples of the practical application of operations research methods, and provides Master’s and PhD students with suggestions for research development in various fields.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xiii
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
A Two-Phase Approach for an Integrated Order Batching and Picker Routing Problem (Martin Bué, Diego Cattaruzza, Maxime Ogier, Frédéric Semet)....Pages 3-18
Creation of Optimal Service Zones for the Delivery of Express Packages (Tiziano Parriani, Matteo Pozzi, Daniele Vigo, Frans Cruijssen)....Pages 19-28
Solving a Three-Dimensional Bin-Packing Problem Arising in the Groupage Process: Application to the Port of Gioia Tauro (Luigi Di Puglia Pugliese, Francesca Guerriero, Roberto Calbi)....Pages 29-40
A New Software System for Optimizing the Operations at a Container Terminal (Tiziano Bacci, Stefano Conte, Domenico Matera, Sara Mattia, Paolo Ventura)....Pages 41-50
Front Matter ....Pages 51-51
Design Optimization of Synchronous Reluctance Motor for Low Torque Ripple (Andrea Credo, Andrea Cristofari, Stefano Lucidi, Francesco Rinaldi, Francesco Romito, Marco Santececca et al.)....Pages 53-69
A Variant of the Generalized Assignment Problem for Reliable Allocation of Sensor Measurements in a Diagnostic System (Gianmaria De Tommasi, André C. Neto, Antonio Sforza, Claudio Sterle)....Pages 71-83
Front Matter ....Pages 85-85
Forecasting Methods and Optimization Models for the Inventory Management of Perishable Products: The Case of “La Centrale del Latte di Vicenza SpA” (Luca Bertazzi, Francesca Maggioni)....Pages 87-98
Production Scheduling and Distribution Planning at FATER S.p.A. (Giovanni Giallombardo, Giovanna Miglionico, Lucia Nitoglia, Sergio Pelle)....Pages 99-111
Front Matter ....Pages 113-113
IoT Flows: A Network Flow Model Application to Building Evacuation (Claudio Arbib, Mahyar T. Moghaddam, Henry Muccini)....Pages 115-131
From Pallets to Puppies: Using Insights from Logistics to Save Animals (M. Gentili, E. Gerber, K. Gue)....Pages 133-140
Improving Social Assistance Services for Minors and Disabled People by Using Multiobjective Programming (Lorenzo Lampariello, Andrea Manno, Simone Sagratella)....Pages 141-150
Front Matter ....Pages 151-151
An Algorithm for the Optimal Waste Collection in Urban Areas (Edoardo Fadda, Guido Perboli, Roberto Tadei)....Pages 153-165
A Decision Support System for Earthwork Activities in Construction Logistics (Mauro Dell’Amico, Guenther Fuellerer, Gerhard Hoefinger, Stefano Novellani)....Pages 167-178
A Comparison of Optimization Models to Evaluate the Impact of Fuel Costs When Designing New Cruise Itineraries (Daniela Ambrosino, Veronica Asta, Federico Bartoli)....Pages 179-190
An Integrated Algorithm for Shift Scheduling Problems for Local Public Transport Companies (Claudio Ciancio, Demetrio Laganá, Roberto Musmanno, Francesco Santoro)....Pages 191-206
A Tool for Practical Integrated Time-Table Design and Vehicle Scheduling in Public Transport Systems (Samuela Carosi, Antonio Frangioni, Laura Galli, Leopoldo Girardi, Giuliano Vallese)....Pages 207-217
2018年意大利运筹学应用展望-A View of Operations Research Applications in Italy, 2018
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