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中国易卜生主义:妇女、阶级、民族的重塑-Chinese Ibsenism: Reinventions of Women, Class and Nation

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标题(title):Chinese Ibsenism: Reinventions of Women, Class and Nation
作者(author):Kwok-kan Tam
出版社(publisher):Springer Singapore
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This book is a study of the relation between theatre art and ideology in the Chinese experimentations with new selfhood as a result of Ibsen’s impact. It also explores Ibsenian notions of self, women and gender in China and provides an illuminating study of Chinese theatre as a public sphere in the dissemination of radical ideas. Ibsen is the major source of modern Chinese selfhood which carries notions of personal and social liberation and has exerted great impacts on Chinese revolutions since the beginning of the twentieth century. Ibsen’s idea of the self as an individual has led to various experimentations in theatre, film and fiction to project new notions of selfhood, in particular women’s selfhood, throughout the history of modern China. Even today, China is experimenting with Ibsen’s notions of gender, power, individualism and self.
Kwok-kan Tam is Chair Professor of English and Dean of Humanities and Social Science at the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong. He was Head (2012-18) and is currently a member of the International Ibsen Committee, University of Oslo. He is a Foundation Fellow of the Hong Kong Academy of the Humanities. He has held teaching, research and administrative positions in various institutions, including the East-West Center, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Open University of Hong Kong. He has published numerous books and articles on Ibsen, Gao Xingjian, modern drama, Chinese film, postcolonial literature, and world Englishes. His recent books include Ibsen, Power and the Self: Postsocialist Experimentations in Stage Performance and Film (2019), The Englishized Subject: Postcolonial Writings in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia (2019), and a co-edited volume Fate and Prognostication in the Chinese Literary Imagination (2019).

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xi
Introduction Ibsenism and Reinventions of Chinese Culture (Kwok-kan Tam)....Pages 1-13
Chapter One Modern Chinese Theatre as Public Sphere (Kwok-kan Tam)....Pages 15-35
Chapter Two Iconoclasm in Chinese Ibsenism (Kwok-kan Tam)....Pages 37-54
Chapter Three Divided Ibsenism in Divided China (Kwok-kan Tam)....Pages 55-72
Chapter Four Translation and the Dissemination of Ibsenism (Kwok-kan Tam)....Pages 73-91
Chapter Five Ibsenism as Individualism of the Self (Kwok-kan Tam)....Pages 93-107
Chapter Six Noraism and Class Ideology in Modern Chinese Fiction (Kwok-kan Tam)....Pages 109-130
Chapter Seven Women and Gender in Modern Chinese Drama (Kwok-kan Tam)....Pages 131-155
Chapter Eight Postsocialist Ibsenism Beyond Class Ideology (Kwok-kan Tam)....Pages 157-174
Chapter Nine Reinventions of Women and Nation in Ibsen Performances (Kwok-kan Tam)....Pages 175-206
Chapter Ten Ibsenism and Ideology in Chinese Playwriting (Kwok-kan Tam)....Pages 207-226
Conclusion Chinese Ibsenism in the Politics of Global Literary Reception (Kwok-kan Tam)....Pages 227-239
Appendix One Chinese Translations and Rewritings of Ibsen’s Works (Kwok-kan Tam)....Pages 241-248
Appendix Two Chinese Stage Performances and Film Productions of Ibsen’s Plays (Kwok-kan Tam)....Pages 249-262
Bibliography (Kwok-kan Tam)....Pages 263-289
Back Matter ....Pages 291-298
中国易卜生主义:妇女、阶级、民族的重塑-Chinese Ibsenism: Reinventions of Women, Class and Nation
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