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中世纪的法律和语言-Law and Language in the Middle Ages

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标题(title):Law and Language in the Middle Ages
作者(author):Jenny Benham, Matthew McHaffie, Helle Vogt
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Law and Language in the Middle Ages investigates the relationship between law and legal practice from the linguistic perspective, exploring not only how legal language expresses and advances power relations but also how the language of law legitimates power.
Table of contents :
Notes on Contributors
List of Illustrations
part 1 Translation and Interpretation of Law
1 Why Laws were Translated in Medieval England: Access, Authority, and Authenticity
2 Translating Justinian: Transmitting and Transforming Roman Law in the Middle Ages
3 Leges Iutorum: The Medieval Latin Translation of the Law of Jutland
4 The Languages and Registers of Law in Medieval Ireland and Wales
part 2 The Languages of Legal Practice and Documentary Culture
5 Latin and the Vernacular in Medieval Legal Documents: The Case of Denmark
6 Between the Language of Law and the Language of Justice: The Use of Formulas in Portuguese Dispute Texts (Tenth and Eleventh Cen
7 The Dangers of Using Latin Texts for the Study of Customary Law: The Example of Flemish Feudal Law during the High Middle Ages
8 Sources of Legal Language: The Development of Warranty Clauses in Western France, ca.1030–ca.1240
part 3 Methodology, Interaction, and Language
9 Law and Language in the Leges Barbarorum: A Database Project on the Vernacular Vocabulary in Medieval Manuscripts
10 ‘And Since We are No Lawyers, We Will Void the Lawsuit with Battle Axes’! Voiding a Lawsuit in Old Icelandic Procedural Law
11 Biblical Analogues for Early Anglo-Saxon Law
中世纪的法律和语言-Law and Language in the Middle Ages
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