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植物生物学与生物技术:第二卷:植物基因组学与生物技术-Plant Biology and Biotechnology: Volume II: Plant Genomics and Biotechnol文件编号:627

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标题(title):Plant Biology and Biotechnology: Volume II: Plant Genomics and Biotechnology
作者(author):Bir Bahadur, Manchikatla Venkat Rajam, Leela Sahijram, K. V. Krishnamurthy (eds.)
出版社(publisher):Springer India
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Plant genomics and biotechnology have recently made enormous strides, and hold the potential to benefit agriculture, the environment and various other dimensions of the human endeavor. It is no exaggeration to claim that the twenty-first century belongs to biotechnology. Knowledge generation in this field is growing at a frenetic pace, and keeping abreast of the latest advances and calls on us to double our efforts. Volume II of this two-part series addresses cutting-edge aspects of plant genomics and biotechnology. It includes 37 chapters contributed by over 70 researchers, each of which is an expert in his/her own field of research.

Biotechnology has helped to solve many conundrums of plant life that had long remained a mystery to mankind. This volume opens with an exhaustive chapter on the role played by thale cress, Arabidopsis thaliana, which is believed to be the Drosophila of the plant kingdom and an invaluable model plant for understanding basic concepts in plant biology. This is followed by chapters on bioremediation, biofuels and biofertilizers through microalgal manipulation, making it a commercializable prospect; discerning finer details of biotic stress with plant-fungal interactions; and the dynamics of abiotic and biotic stresses, which also figure elsewhere in the book.

Breeding crop plants for desirable traits has long been an endeavor of biotechnologists. The significance of molecular markers, marker assisted selection and techniques are covered in a dedicated chapter, as are comprehensive reviews on plant molecular biology, DNA fingerprinting techniques, genomic structure and functional genomics. A chapter dedicated to organellar genomes provides extensive information on this important aspect.
Elsewhere in the book, the newly emerging area of epigenetics is presented as seen through the lens of biotechnology, showcasing the pivotal role of DNA methylation in effecting permanent and transient changes to the genome. Exclusive chapters deal with bioinformatics and systems biology. Handy tools for practical applications such as somatic embryogenesis and micropropagation are included to provide frontline information to entrepreneurs, as is a chapter on somaclonal variation.

Overcoming barriers to sexual incompatibility has also long been a focus of biotechnology, and is addressed in chapters on wide hybridization and hybrid embryo rescue. Another area of accomplishing triploids through endosperm culture is included as a non-conventional breeding strategy. Secondary metabolite production through tissue cultures, which is of importance to industrial scientists, is also covered.

Worldwide exchange of plant genetic material is currently an essential topic, as is conserving natural resources in situ. Chapters on in vitro conservation of extant, threatened and other valuable germplasms, gene banking and related issues are included, along with an extensive account of the biotechnology of spices – the low-volume, high-value crops.

Metabolic engineering is another emerging field that provides commercial opportunities. As is well known, there is widespread concern over genetically modified crops among the public. GM crops are covered, as are genetic engineering strategies for combating biotic and abiotic stresses where no other solutions are in sight. RNAi- and micro RNA- based strategies for crop improvement have proved to offer novel alternatives to the existing non-conventional techniques, and detailed information on these aspects is also included. The book’s last five chapters are devoted to presenting the various aspects of environmental, marine, desert and rural biotechnology.

The state-of-the-art coverage on a wide range of plant genomics and biotechnology topics will be of great interest to post-graduate students and researchers, including the employees of seed and biotechnology companies, and to instructors in the fields of plant genetics, breeding and biotechnology.

Table of contents :
Front Matter....Pages i-xxvi
Microalgae in Biotechnological Application: A Commercial Approach....Pages 1-26
Application of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Tools in Plant–Fungus Interactions....Pages 27-47
Genetic Markers, Trait Mapping and Marker-Assisted Selection in Plant Breeding....Pages 49-64
Doubled Haploid Platform: An Accelerated Breeding Approach for Crop Improvement....Pages 65-88
Plant Molecular Biology Applications in Horticulture: An Overview....Pages 89-111
A History of Genomic Structures: The Big Picture....Pages 113-129
Organellar Genomes of Flowering Plants....Pages 131-178
DNA Fingerprinting Techniques for Plant Identification....Pages 179-204
Functional Genomics....Pages 205-221
Translating the Genome for Translational Research: Proteomics in Agriculture....Pages 223-245
Epigenetic Mechanisms in Plants: An Overview....Pages 247-264
Bioinformatics: Application to Genomics....Pages 265-278
Systems Biology: A New Frontier in Science....Pages 279-300
Somatic Embryogenesis....Pages 301-314
Micropropagation of Plants....Pages 315-327
Efficacy of Biotechnological Approaches to Raise Wide Sexual Hybrids....Pages 329-346
Hybrid Embryo Rescue in Crop Improvement....Pages 347-362
Applications of Triploids in Agriculture....Pages 363-384
Improving Secondary Metabolite Production in Tissue Cultures....Pages 385-396
Somaclonal Variation in Micropropagated Plants....Pages 397-406
In Vitro Conservation of Plant Germplasm....Pages 407-416
Gene Banking for Ex Situ Conservation of Plant Genetic Resources....Pages 417-443
Conservation and Management of Endemic and Threatened Plant Species in India: An Overview....Pages 445-459
Biotechnological Approaches in Improvement of Spices: A Review....Pages 461-486
Metabolic Engineering in Plants....Pages 487-516
Genetically Modified Crops....Pages 517-526
Engineering of Plants for the Production of Commercially Important Products: Approaches and Accomplishments....Pages 527-550
Genetic Engineering Strategies for Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Plants....Pages 551-577
Genetic Engineering Strategies for Biotic Stress Tolerance in Plants....Pages 579-609
RNAi for Crop Improvement....Pages 611-622
Plant MicroRNAs: Biogenesis, Functions, and Applications....Pages 623-637
Environmental Biotechnology: A Quest for Sustainable Solutions....Pages 639-661
Phytoremediation: General Account and Its Application....Pages 663-671
Marine Biotechnology: Potentials of Marine Microbes and Algae with Reference to Pharmacological and Commercial Values....Pages 673-684
Desert Plant Biotechnology: Jojoba, Date Palm, and Acacia Species....Pages 685-723
Rural Biotechnology in Transforming Agriculture and Rural Livelihood....Pages 725-741
Back Matter....Pages 743-754
....Pages 755-768

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