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果蝇畸形筛查的基本方法-Fundamental Approaches to Screen Abnormalities in Drosophila

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标题(title):Fundamental Approaches to Screen Abnormalities in Drosophila
作者(author):Monalisa Mishra
出版社(publisher):Springer US
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This volume includes in-depth, hands-on protocols for detecting various developmental defects in Drosophila. It provides cutting-edge methods for maintaining Drosophila under laboratory conditions to perform various experiments, and for dissecting various imaginal discs of the larvae. Further, biochemical protocols for estimating the levels of different metabolites, reactive oxygen species, and fat-sensitive pathways are discussed, and various staining and behavior techniques for fat detection are provided.

The book explains how various fluorescent dyes and the comet assay can be used to identify DNA damage, and elaborates on the analysis of the eye, antennae, imaginal disc, gut and muscle damage under bright field and fluorescent microscopes. It covers the analysis of hemolymph using Giemsa staining; determining the functionality of channel proteins, eye and mechanosensory organs in adults and larvae using various behavioral assays; and metal detection and structural analysis for various tissues using SEM. In closing, it addresses the analysis of Drosophila’s eye and head via paraffin section; measurement of reactive oxygen species from various tissues via FACS; and the CRISPER technique for gene editing and analysis of micro RNA mutations.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-vii
Formulation of Drosophila Food for Various Feeding Studies (Subhashree Priyadarsini, Sumit Mukherjee, Monalisa Mishra)....Pages 1-13
Isolation of Gut, Imaginal Disc, Fat Body, Ovary and Testes in Various Developmental Stages of Drosophila (Nibedita Nayak, Gyanaseni Dhar, Monalisa Mishra)....Pages 15-30
Hemolymph Analysis of Drosophila melanogaster by Giemsa Staining (Janmejaya Bag, Monalisa Mishra)....Pages 31-38
Histological Analysis of the Drosophila Head with Special Reference to the Eye and Brain (Puja Karmakar, Monalisa Mishra)....Pages 39-49
Methodology to Detect the Abnormality of Drosophila Gut by Various Staining Techniques (Subhashree Priyadarsini, Sumit Mukherjee, Monalisa Mishra)....Pages 51-64
Cryodissection and Tissue Preparation of Drosophila Thorax for Indirect Flight Muscle Imaging (Madhavi Dubey, Kumari Pragati Nanda, Hena Firdaus)....Pages 65-76
Simple Histochemical Methods to Detect Cell Death in the Eye-Antennae Imaginal Disc of Drosophila (Swetapadma Sahu, Monalisa Mishra)....Pages 77-86
Comet Assay to Detect the Severity of DNA Damage in Drosophila (Gyanaseni Dhar, Monalisa Mishra)....Pages 87-96
Reactive Oxygen Species Detection of Drosophila Cells by Flow Cytometry (Ronnaly Rout, Srirupa Basu, Monalisa Mishra)....Pages 97-109
Detection of Lipid Depot Within Drosophila (Nibedita Nayak, Monalisa Mishra)....Pages 111-122
Estimation of Oxidative Stress and Survivorship in Drosophila (Nibedita Nayak, Monalisa Mishra)....Pages 123-134
Biochemical Estimation to Detect the Metabolic Pathways of Drosophila (Sumit Mukherjee, Monalisa Mishra)....Pages 135-149
Biochemical Assays to Detect the Antioxidant Level in Drosophila melanogaster (Janmejaya Bag, Monalisa Mishra)....Pages 151-168
Molecular Approaches for Analysis of Drosophila MicroRNAs (Manish Pandey, Sakshi Bansal, Geetanjali Chawla)....Pages 169-188
CRISPR Technique for Gene Deletions in Drosophila (Abhinandan Patnaik, Monalisa Mishra)....Pages 189-198
Analysis of Various Body Parts of Drosophila Under a Scanning Electron Microscope (Janmejaya Bag, Monalisa Mishra)....Pages 199-207
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy: A Novel Approach for Biomolecular Characterization of Drosophila Hemolymph (Sanjeev Paikra, Monalisa Mishra)....Pages 209-222
Various Behavioural Assays to Detect the Neuronal Abnormality in Flies (Gyanaseni Dhar, Sumit Mukherjee, Nibedita Nayak, Swetapadma Sahu, Janmejaya Bag, Ronnaly Rout et al.)....Pages 223-251
Methods to Detect the Complex Behaviours in Drosophila (Swetapadma Sahu, Gyanaseni Dhar, Monalisa Mishra)....Pages 253-265
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果蝇畸形筛查的基本方法-Fundamental Approaches to Screen Abnormalities in Drosophila
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