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阅读与心理健康-Reading and Mental Health

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标题(title):Reading and Mental Health
作者(author):Josie Billington
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing;Palgrave Macmillan
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This book brings together into one edited volume the most compelling rationales for literary reading and health, the best current practices in this area and state of the art research methodologies. It consolidates the findings and insights of this burgeoning field of enquiry across diverse disciplines and groups: psychologists, neurologists, and social scientists; literary scholars, writers and philosophers; medical researchers and practitioners; reading charities and arts organisations.

Following introductory chapters on the literary-historical background to reading and health, the book is divided into four key sections. The first part focuses on Practices, showcasing reading interventions and cultures in clinical and community mental health care and in secure settings. This is followed by Research Methodologies, featuring innovative qualitative and quantitative approaches, and by a section covering Theory, with chapters from eminent thinkers in psychiatry, psychology and psychoanalysis. The final part is concerned with Implementation, incorporating perspectives from health professionals, commissioners and reading practitioners.

This innovate work explains why reading matters in health and wellbeing, and offers a foundational text to future scholars in the field and to health professionals and policy-makers in relation to the embedding of reading practices in professional health care.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xix
Introduction (Josie Billington)....Pages 1-11
Front Matter ....Pages 13-13
Comfort in a Whirlwind: Literature and Distress in General Practice (Christopher Dowrick)....Pages 15-30
The Sonnet ‘Cure’: Renaissance Poetics to Romantic Prosaics (Grace Farrington, Philip Davis)....Pages 31-45
The Victorian Novel: Laying the Foundations for ‘Bibliotherapy’ (Grace Farrington, Philip Davis, Josie Billington)....Pages 47-68
Front Matter ....Pages 69-69
Reading for Depression/Mental Health (Clare Ellis, Eleanor McCann, Anne Line Dalsgård)....Pages 71-90
Reading for Dementia (Katie Clark, Charlotte Weber, Susan McLaine)....Pages 91-110
Reading in Prisons (Alexis McNay, Charles Darby-Villis, Josie Billington, Ann Walmsley)....Pages 111-133
Reading in Clinical Contexts (Grace Farrington, Kate McDonnell, Helen Cook)....Pages 135-151
Front Matter ....Pages 153-153
Qualitative Methodologies I: Using Established Qualitative Methods in Research on Reading and Health (Jude Robinson, Josie Billington, Ellie Gray, Melissa Chapple)....Pages 155-190
Qualitative Methods II: Developing Innovative Qualitative Approaches in Research on Reading and Health (Josie Billington, Philip Davis, Grace Farrington, Kelda Green, Fiona Magee, Mette Steenberg et al.)....Pages 191-240
Linguistic Approaches (Sofia Lampropoulou, Kremena Koleva, Kevin Harvey, Gavin Brookes, with Josie Billington, Philip Davis)....Pages 241-263
Quantitative Methods (Josie Billington, Rhiannon Corcoran, Megan Watkins, Mette Steenberg, Charlotte Christiansen, Nicolai Ladegaard et al.)....Pages 265-292
Reading: Brain, Mind and Body (Philip Davis, Rhiannon Corcoran, Rick Rylance, Adam Zeman, David Kidd, Christophe de Bezenac)....Pages 293-320
Front Matter ....Pages 321-321
Reading and Psychiatric Practices (David Fearnley, Grace Farrington)....Pages 323-329
Reading and Psychology I. Reading Minds: Fiction and Its Relation to the Mental Worlds of Self and Others (Rhiannon Corcoran, Keith Oatley)....Pages 331-343
Reading and Psychology II. Metaphoricity, Inexpressible Realisations and Expressive Enactment (Don Kuiken)....Pages 345-357
Reading and Psychoanalysis (Adam Phillips, Philip Davis)....Pages 359-368
Front Matter ....Pages 369-369
Reading and Mental Health (Ellie Gray, Grace Farrington, Mette Steenberg)....Pages 371-394
Reading for Dementia (Martin Orrell, Tom Dening, Nusrat Husain, Sally Rimkeit, Gillian Claridge, Dalice Sim)....Pages 395-418
Reading in Secure Settings (Nick Benefield, Kathryn Naylor, Fiona Magee)....Pages 419-431
Reading in a Clinical Context (Andrew Jones, James Ledson, Kate McDonnell)....Pages 433-441
Correction to: Quantitative Methods (Josie Billington, Rhiannon Corcoran, Megan Watkins, Mette Steenberg, Charlotte Christiansen, Nicolai Ladegaard et al.)....Pages C1-C1
Back Matter ....Pages 443-455
阅读与心理健康-Reading and Mental Health
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