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国王与氏族三部曲-Kings and Clans Trilogy

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标题(title):Kings and Clans Trilogy
作者(author):Den Warren [Warren, Den]
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In a world where the United States falls, characters struggle to survive among various factions, and seek to rebuild their lost civilization.

But there are different ideas about how things are to be done, and many as always, are only out for themselves.

Kings and Clans of the Midwest (Book 1): A near future novel set in the Midwestern United States. The US Dollar becomes worthless, sending the economy into an apocalyptic collapse. Characters are desperate to survive in an environment that has scant resources and hostility everywhere.Ayanna (Book 2): In a world where many people kill for their daily needs, a young girl, who spent her formative years among a clan of cannibals, is now under the guidance of a militaristic community, where she learns the ways of war.AYANNA may be read as a stand-alone story, or as a sequel to the novel, KINGS and CLANS of the Midwest..Independent States of America (Book 3): Long after the financial collapse, the last thing the rebuilding former United States nations wanted, or needed, was a major war. Yet, events kept dragging the ISA, the Independent States of America toward an all-out conflict with their ideological rival, Homeland. Independent States of America is the third novel in the Kings and Clans Trilogy ©, and includes many of the same characters found in the previous two novels.

国王与氏族三部曲-Kings and Clans Trilogy
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