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亚里士多德的思想与想象-Mind and Imagination in Aristotle

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标题(title):Mind and Imagination in Aristotle
作者(author):Michael V. Wedin
出版社(publisher):Yale University Press
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Aristotle invented the science of psychology and some of his works—particularly his remarks on mind and imagination—amount to early exercises in cognitive psychology. ... In so doing he offers a new perspective on the way imagination works with the cognitive soul as a whole.
Table of contents :
I. Aristotle on the Science of the Soul___1

1. Psychology as a Branch of Physics__3
2. Form and Function in the Aristotelian Soul___9
3. On Cognitivism in the Aristotelian Soul___18

II. The Canonical Theory of Imagination___23

1. The Canonical Text___24
2. Perception and Its Ingredients___30
3. Acquisition of [Relpresentational Structures___39
4. The Functional Incompleteness of Imagination___45
5. Functional Incompleteness and the
Ingredients of Imagination___57

III. The Consistency of the Canonical Theory___64
1. Metaphorical versus Canonical Imagination___64
2. Reconciling Theory and Practice in De Anima III.3___71
3. The Decaying Sense Interpretation of Imagination___84
4. What Images Are Not___90

IV The Relation between Thought and Imagination___100
1. Thought, Supposition, and Imagination___100
2. The Necessity of Images for Thought:
A Restricted Version___109
3. A General Version of IM___113
4. Images, Perceptual States, and Thoughts___116
5. Distinguishing Thoughts and Images___122
6. The Mechanics of [Relpresentation in De Memoria___136
7. Language and Thought___141

V. The Mind___160
1. Mind as a Faculty: De Anima III.4___162
2. The Functional Organization of Mind: De Anima III.5___168
3. Mind and Nature___172
4. The Analogy between Productive Mind and Light___177
5. The Attributes of Productive Mind___181
6. De Anima III.5 and the "Paradoxes" of Thought___195
7. Thinking and the Object of Thought___202

VI. Human and Divine Mind___209
1. Thought and the Language of Divinity___209
2. Separatist Passages in De Anima___211
3. Mind as a Self-Mover___216
4. The Alleged Isomorphism of Productive
and Divine Mind___220
5. The Supposed Sameness-in-Kind of Human
and Divine Thought___229
6. The Human Mind as a [Relpresentational System___245

Appendix A: Post-Aristotelian Evidence for
the Incompleteness Thesis___255

Appendix B: Apprehensive versus Autonomous Thinking___260

Appendix C: The Return of the Unmoved Mover___265

General Index___279
Index of Passages___287
亚里士多德的思想与想象-Mind and Imagination in Aristotle
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