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复合材料:科学与工程-Composite Materials: Science and Engineering

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标题(title):Composite Materials: Science and Engineering
作者(author):Krishan K. Chawla
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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The fourth edition of Krishan Chawla's widely used textbook, Composite Materials, offers integrated and completely up-to-date coverage of composite materials. The book focuses on the triad of processing, structure, and properties, while providing a well-balanced treatment of the materials science and mechanics of composites. In this edition of Composite Materials, revised and updated throughout, increasing use of composites in industry (especially aerospace and energy) and new developments in the field are highlighted. New material on the advances in non-conventional composites (which covers polymer, metal and ceramic matrix nanocomposites), self-healing composites, self-reinforced composites, biocomposites and laminates made of metals and polymer matrix composites is included. Examples of practical applications in various fields are provided throughout the book, with extensive references to the literature. The book is intended for use in graduate and upper-division undergraduate courses and as a reference for the practicing engineers and researchers in industry and academia.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xxx
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Introduction (Krishan K. Chawla)....Pages 3-6
Reinforcements (Krishan K. Chawla)....Pages 7-74
Matrix Materials (Krishan K. Chawla)....Pages 75-105
Interfaces (Krishan K. Chawla)....Pages 107-136
Front Matter ....Pages 137-137
Polymer Matrix Composites (Krishan K. Chawla)....Pages 139-198
Metal Matrix Composites (Krishan K. Chawla)....Pages 199-249
Ceramic Matrix Composites (Krishan K. Chawla)....Pages 251-296
Carbon Fiber/Carbon Matrix Composites (Krishan K. Chawla)....Pages 297-311
Multifilamentary Superconducting Composites (Krishan K. Chawla)....Pages 313-338
Front Matter ....Pages 339-339
Micromechanics of Composites (Krishan K. Chawla)....Pages 341-390
Macromechanics of Composites (Krishan K. Chawla)....Pages 391-424
Monotonic Strength and Fracture (Krishan K. Chawla)....Pages 425-453
Fatigue and Creep (Krishan K. Chawla)....Pages 455-489
Designing with Composites (Krishan K. Chawla)....Pages 491-501
Nonconventional Composites (Krishan K. Chawla)....Pages 503-516
Repair and Recycling of Composites (Krishan K. Chawla)....Pages 517-528
Back Matter ....Pages 529-560
复合材料:科学与工程-Composite Materials: Science and Engineering
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