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环境智能——软件与应用——第十届环境智能国际研讨会-Ambient Intelligence – Software and Applications –,10th International Symp

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标题(title):Ambient Intelligence – Software and Applications –,10th International Symposium on Ambient Intelligence
作者(author):Paulo Novais, Jaime Lloret, Pablo Chamoso, Davide Carneiro, Elena Navarro, Sigeru Omatu
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book presents the latest research on Ambient Intelligence including software and applications. Ambient Intelligence (AmI) is a paradigm emerging from Artificial Intelligence, in which computers are used as proactive tools for assisting people with their day-to-day activities, making everyone’s lives more comfortable. Another main concern of AmI originates from the human–computer interaction domain and focuses on offering ways to interact with systems in a more natural way by means of user-friendly interfaces. This field is evolving rapidly, as can be seen in emerging natural language and gesture-based types of interaction.

This symposium was jointly organized by the Universidade do Minho, Technical University of Valencia, Hiroshima University, and University of Salamanca. The latest installment was held in Ávila, Spain, from 26th to 28th June 2019. The authors wish to thank the sponsors: IEEE Systems Man and Cybernetics Society, Spain Section Chapter and the IEEE Spain Section (Technical Co-Sponsor), IBM, Indra, Viewnext, Global Exchange, AEPIA, APPIA and AIR Institute.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xv
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Computer-Aided Hepatocarcinoma Diagnosis Using Multimodal Deep Learning (Alan Baronio Menegotto, Carla Diniz Lopes Becker, Silvio Cesar Cazella)....Pages 3-10
Multi-Agent System and Classification Algorithms Applied for eHealth in Order to Support the Referral of Post-operative Patients (Tibério C. J. Loureiro, Afonso B. L. Neto, Francisco A. A. Rocha, Francisca A. R. Aguiar, Marcial P. Fernandez)....Pages 11-18
A Computing Framework to Check Real-Time Requirements in Ambient Intelligent Systems (Roua Jabla, Amani Braham, Félix Buendía, Maha Khemaja)....Pages 19-26
A Ubiquitous Computing Platform for Virtualizing Collective Human Eyesight and Hearing Capabilities (Risa Kimura, Tatsuo Nakajima)....Pages 27-35
A Recurrent Neural Network Approach to Improve the Air Quality Index Prediction (Fabio Cassano, Antonio Casale, Paola Regina, Luana Spadafina, Petar Sekulic)....Pages 36-44
Experiences in Context Aware-Services (Ichiro Satoh)....Pages 45-53
Gesture Control System for Industry 4.0 Human-Robot Interaction – A Usability Test (Luis Roda-Sanchez, Teresa Olivares, Arturo S. García, Celia Garrido-Hidalgo, Antonio Fernández-Caballero)....Pages 54-61
Attribute Grammar Applied to Human Activities Recognition in Intelligent Environments (Leandro O. Freitas, Pedro Rangel Henriques, Paulo Novais)....Pages 62-70
Capturing Play Activities of Young Children to Detect Autism Red Flags (Mariasole Bondioli, Stefano Chessa, Antonio Narzisi, Susanna Pelagatti, Dario Piotrowicz)....Pages 71-79
Social Robots with a Theory of Mind (ToM): Are We Threatened When They Can Read Our Emotions? (Jin Kang, S. Shyam Sundar)....Pages 80-88
Blockchain-Based Architecture: A MAS Proposal for Efficient Agri-Food Supply Chains (Yeray Mezquita, Alfonso González-Briones, Roberto Casado-Vara, Pablo Chamoso, Javier Prieto, Juan Manuel Corchado)....Pages 89-96
Sensing as a Service: An Architecture Proposal for Big Data Environments in Smart Cities (Diego Valdeolmillos, Yeray Mezquita, Alberto R. Ludeiro)....Pages 97-104
Design of an AI-Based Workflow-Guiding System for Stratified Sampling (G. Hernández, D. García-Retuerta, P. Chamoso, A. Rivas)....Pages 105-111
Internet Data Extraction and Analysis for Profile Generation (Álvaro Bartolomé, David García-Retuerta, Francisco Pinto-Santos, Pablo Chamoso)....Pages 112-119
Original Content Verification Using Hash-Based Video Analysis (David Garc­ía-Retuerta, Álvaro Bartolomé, Pablo Chamoso, Juan M. Corchado, Alfonso González-Briones)....Pages 120-127
ME3CA - Monitoring Environment Exercise and Emotion by a Cognitive Assistant (J. A. Rincon, A. Costa, P. Novais, V. Julian, C. Carrascosa)....Pages 128-135
A New Conductivity Sensor for Monitoring the Fertigation in Smart Irrigation Systems (Javier Rocher, Daniel A. Basterrechea, Lorena Parra, Jaime Lloret)....Pages 136-144
Dynamic Rules Extraction in Big Data Context for Knowledge Capitalization Systems (Badr Hirchoua, Brahim Ouhbi, Bouchra Frikh)....Pages 145-152
Real-Time Low-Cost Active and Assisted Living for the Elderly (António Henrique Almeida, Ivo Santos, Joel Rodrigues, Luis Frazão, José Ribeiro, Fernando Silva et al.)....Pages 153-161
System to Detect and Approach Humans from an Aerial View for the Landing Phase in a UAV Delivery Service (David Safadinho, João Ramos, Roberto Ribeiro, Vítor Filipe, João Barroso, António Pereira)....Pages 162-170
Smart Coach—A Recommendation System for Young Football Athletes (Paulo Matos, João Rocha, Ramiro Gonçalves, Ana Almeida, Filipe Santos, David Abreu et al.)....Pages 171-178
Functional Prototype for Intrusion Detection System Oriented to Intelligent IoT Models (Jose Aveleira-Mata, Hector Alaiz-Moreton)....Pages 179-186
Front Matter ....Pages 187-189
Continuous Authentication in Mobile Devices Using Behavioral Biometrics (Rodrigo Rocha, Davide Carneiro, Ricardo Costa, César Analide)....Pages 191-198
Improving Motivation in Wrist Rehabilitation Therapies (Miguel A. Teruel, Víctor López-Jaquero, Miguel A. Sánchez-Cifo, Elena Navarro, Pascual González)....Pages 199-206
Motorized Circular Rail with RGB-D Sensor on Cart for Physical Rehabilitation (Ramón Panduro, Lidia M. Belmonte, Eva Segura, Paulo Novais, José Pascual Molina, Pascual González et al.)....Pages 207-215
Assisting Dependent People at Home Through Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Lidia M. Belmonte, Rafael Morales, Arturo S. García, Eva Segura, Paulo Novais, Antonio Fernández-Caballero)....Pages 216-223
Back Matter ....Pages 225-226
环境智能——软件与应用——第十届环境智能国际研讨会-Ambient Intelligence – Software and Applications –,10th International Symp
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