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工程边值问题的MATLAB求解-Boundary Value Problems for Engineers: with MATLAB Solutions

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标题(title):Boundary Value Problems for Engineers: with MATLAB Solutions
作者(author):Ali Ümit Keskin
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book is designed to supplement standard texts and teaching material in the areas of differential equations in engineering such as in Electrical ,Mechanical and Biomedical engineering. Emphasis is placed on the Boundary Value Problems that are often met in these fields.This keeps the the spectrum of the book rather focussed .The book has basically emerged from the need in the authors lectures on “Advanced Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering” at Yeditepe University and it is aimed to assist the students in solving general and application specific problems in Science and Engineering at upper-undergraduate and graduate level.Majority of the problems given in this book are self-contained and have varying levels of difficulty to encourage the student. Problems that deal with MATLAB simulations are particularly intended to guide the student to understand the nature and demystify theoretical aspects of these problems. Relevant references are included at the end of each chapter. Here one will also find large number of software that supplements this book in the form of MATLAB script (.m files). The name of the files used for the solution of a problem are indicated at the end of each corresponding problem statement.There are also some exercises left to students as homework assignments in the book. An outstanding feature of the book is the large number and variety of the solved problems that are included in it. Some of these problems can be found relatively simple, while others are more challenging and used for research projects. All solutions to the problems and script files included in the book have been tested using recent MATLAB software.The features and the content of this book will be most useful to the students studying in Engineering fields, at different levels of their education (upper undergraduate-graduate).

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xv
Computing Zeros of Nonlinear Univariate Functions (Ali Ümit Keskin)....Pages 1-41
Solution of Nonlinear Systems of Equations (Ali Ümit Keskin)....Pages 43-88
Boundary Value Problems (BVPs) for ODEs (Ali Ümit Keskin)....Pages 89-136
Boundary Value Green’s Functions (Ali Ümit Keskin)....Pages 137-165
The Shooting Method for the Solution of One-Dimensional BVPs (Ali Ümit Keskin)....Pages 167-258
Finite Difference Methods for the Solution of BVPs (Ali Ümit Keskin)....Pages 259-309
Adomian Decomposition Method (ADM) (Ali Ümit Keskin)....Pages 311-359
Collocation, Galerkin, and Rayleigh–Ritz Methods (Ali Ümit Keskin)....Pages 361-389
Approximating Solutions of BVPs Using Cubic B-Splines (Ali Ümit Keskin)....Pages 391-415
Solution of BVPs Using bvp4c and bvp5c of MATLAB (Ali Ümit Keskin)....Pages 417-510
Back Matter ....Pages 511-517
工程边值问题的MATLAB求解-Boundary Value Problems for Engineers: with MATLAB Solutions
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