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中世纪欧洲史:从君士坦丁到圣路易斯-A History of Medieval Europe: from Constantine to Saint Louis

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标题(title):A History of Medieval Europe: from Constantine to Saint Louis
作者(author):R. H. C. Davis
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R.C. Davis provided the classic account of the European medieval world; equipping generations of undergraduate and ‘A’ level students with sufficient grasp of the period to debate diverse historical perspectives and reputations. His book has been important grounding for both modernists required to take a course in medieval history, and those who seek to specialise in the medieval period.
Table of contents :
Half Title
Title Page
Copyright Page
Table of Contents
List of plates
List of maps
List of figures
Preface to the Third Edition
Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the Revised Edition
Preface to the First Edition
Part One: The Dark Ages
1. Constantine the Great: the New Rome and Christianity
Further reading
2. The barbarian invasions
Appendix: Coping with the barbarians
Further reading
3. Three reactions to the barbarian invasions
1. St Augustine (354–430)
2. Theodoric the Ostrogoth
3. Reconquest: the Emperor Justinian (527–565)
Further reading
4. The Church and the Papacy
1. Development of ecclesiastical organization up to the end of the fifth century
2. Benedictine monasticism
3. Pope Gregory the Great (590–604)
Postscript: Gregory and Benedict
Further reading
5. Islam
1. The Prophet Mohammed (c. 570–632)
2. The conquests
3. The results of the conquests
Further reading
6. The Franks
1. The Merovingian Kingdom
2. The transference of power from the Merovingians to the Carolingians (639–751)
3. Charlemagne (768–814)
Further reading
7. The break-up of the Carolingian Empire
1. The sons and grandsons of Charlemagne
2. Vikings, Saracens and Hungarians
Appendix: The Battle of the Dyle (891)
Postscript: The Vikings
Further reading
8. Europe at the end of the ninth century: economic survey
1. Trade and commerce
2. Agrarian economy
Further reading
Postscript to Part One
Further reading
Part Two: The High Middle Ages (900–1250)
1. The Saxon Empire
Appendix: A bishop reproved
Further reading
2. The reform of the Papacy
1. Before Gregory VII
2. Gregory VII and the break with the Empire
3. War
Appendix: The eye of prudence
Further reading
3. Monasticism in the eleventh and twelfth centuries
Appendix: A miracle of St Bernard
Further reading
4. Jerusalem regained and lost: the first three Crusades
Further reading
5. Feudal monarchy and the French Kingdom (1066–1223)
Appendix: A charter of Philip Augustus
Postscript: a note on feudalism
Further reading
6. The Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa (1152–1190)
1. Germany
2. Italy
3. Revenge
Further reading
7. The crisis of the Church
1. Innocent III (1198–1216): orthodox reform
2. St Francis (1182–1226): inspiration and authority
Appendix I: The novice who wanted a psalter
Appendix II: Conversion without tears
Further reading
8. The new era in monarchy
1. Frederick II (1197–1250)
2. Louis IX (1226–1270)
Further reading
9. Europe in the middle of the thirteenth century:an economic survey
Postscript: Demography
Further reading
Epilogue: the Mongols
Further reading
Postscript to Part Two
中世纪欧洲史:从君士坦丁到圣路易斯-A History of Medieval Europe: from Constantine to Saint Louis
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