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智能地理:保加利亚地理学会100年-Smart Geography: 100 Years of the Bulgarian Geographical Society

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标题(title):Smart Geography: 100 Years of the Bulgarian Geographical Society
作者(author):Stoyan Nedkov, Georgi Zhelezov, Nadezhda Ilieva, Mariyana Nikolova, Boian Koulov, Kliment Naydenov, Steliyan Dimitrov
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book focuses on new and innovative spatial approaches based on smart solutions and developed in the field of geography and related interdisciplinary fields such as urban and regional studies, landscape ecology and ecosystem services. It includes contributions from a conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Bulgarian Geographical Society.
In turn, the book reveals how 21st-century geography is expected to facilitate the development of human capital and the knowledge society, while also offering place-specific solutions for sustainable regional development and utilization of the planet’s natural and human capital to improve social wellbeing. This volume is intended for the global geographical research community, as well as professionals and practitioners in all fields that deal with space, including regional planners and environmental managers.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-viii
Editorial: Smart Geography: 100 Years Bulgarian Geographical Society (Stoyan Nedkov, Boian Koulov, Mariyana Nikolova, Nadezhda Ilieva, Georgi Zhelezov, Kliment Naydenov)....Pages 1-9
Front Matter ....Pages 11-11
BGS and the Contemporary Progress of the Geographical Science Towards Smart Geography (Mariyana Nikolova, Stoyan Nedkov, Kliment Naydenov, Svetla Stankova, Dimitar Simeonov, Krasimir Stoyanov)....Pages 13-28
Smart Geographies and the Political Economy of Innovation and Inequality (John Pickles)....Pages 29-39
Evaluate Turkey’s Climate Classification by Clustering Analysis Method (Barbaros Gönençgil)....Pages 41-53
Using Web 2.0 Tools in Teaching Spatial Statistics: Secondary Teachers’ Views from Greece (Ourania Rizou, Aikaterini Klonari)....Pages 55-63
Front Matter ....Pages 65-65
First Results from the Instrumental 3D Monitoring of Microdisplacements Along West Pirin Fault, SW Bulgaria (Nikolai Dobrev, Valentin Nikolov, Plamen Ivanov)....Pages 67-74
Climate Change: Human Health-Related Risks and Vulnerability—Some Global and Local (Bulgarian) Pictures (Zoya Mateeva)....Pages 75-89
The Use of Microclimatic Data in Authentic Learning: A Two-Site Case Study Between Hanoi and Singapore (Kenneth Y. T. Lim, Hieu Nguyen Vu, Jun You Sim, Ming De Yuen, Joshua Lee)....Pages 91-104
Climate Elasticity of Annual Streamflow in Northwest Bulgaria (Kalin Seymenov)....Pages 105-115
Hydrological Aspects of the Floods in the Kolubara River Basin (Serbia)—Analyses and Flood Mitigation Measures (Ana Milanović Pešić)....Pages 117-127
Assessment of Physicochemical Properties and Water Quality of the Lom River (NW Bulgaria) (Kalina Radeva, Kalin Seymenov)....Pages 129-140
Front Matter ....Pages 141-141
“Shrinking Cities” in Bulgaria: An Attempt for Defining the Models of “Urban Shrinkage” (Velislava Simeonova, Kalina Milkova)....Pages 143-153
Regional Spatial and Statistical Analyses of the Urban-Rural Relationships in Romania. Case Study: Romanian Plain (Ines Grigorescu, Gheorghe Kucsicsa, Bianca Mitrică, Irena Mocanu, Monica Dumitraşcu)....Pages 155-173
Dynamics of the Internal Structure and Habitation Conditions of the Ghettoized Urban Structure of Harman Mahala Quarter—Plovdiv, Bulgaria (Through Combined Application of Remote Sensing and Field Research Methods) (Nadezhda Ilieva, Krasimir Asenov, Boris Kazakov, Todor Lubenov)....Pages 175-191
Policies and Measures for Roma Integration—The European Experience (Georgi Bardarov, Kaloyan Tsvetkov)....Pages 193-200
School Segregation of the Roma Ethnic Group: A Case Study of Harman Mahala Roma Quarter, Plovdiv (Aleksandra Ravnachka, Boris Kazakov, Nadezhda Ilieva, Krasimir Asenov)....Pages 201-216
Orania—24 Years After Apartheid: The Sociopolitical Reanimation of a Small Rural Town in South Africa (Nico Kotze, Ruan Schoeman, Sanet Carow, Peter Schmitz)....Pages 217-230
Socio-geographic Assessment of the Quality of Life in North Central Bulgaria (Dimitar Simeonov, Desislava Simeonova, Petya Kancheva)....Pages 231-236
The Innovative Approaches for the Development of Smart Cities (Antonina Atanasova, Kliment Naydenov)....Pages 237-245
Spas as a Potential for the Sustainable Functional Development—A Case Study of the East Region in the Republic of North Macedonia (Biljana Apostolovska Toshevska, Mirjanka Madjevikj, Marija Ljakoska)....Pages 247-261
Front Matter ....Pages 263-263
Tree Cover and Biomass Carbon on Agricultural Land in Mala Planina (Borislav Grigorov, Assen Assenov)....Pages 265-274
Multiannual Monitoring of Heavy Metals in the Bottom Sediments of the Blagoevgrad Bistritsa River Basin (Nadezhda Nikolova)....Pages 275-287
Structure and Peculiarities of the Karst Landscapes in the Besaparski Ridges (Ilia Tamburadzhiev, Zornitza Cholakova)....Pages 289-302
Reconstruction Models of the Landscapes in Aydemirska Wetland System (Georgi Zhelezov)....Pages 303-312
Empirical Study of the Geoecological State of Selected Landscapes in North-Central Bulgaria (Hristina Prodanova)....Pages 313-328
Front Matter ....Pages 329-329
Climate Change and Ecosystem Services in Bulgaria, or What We Lose When We Win (Svetla Bratanova-Doncheva, Kremena Gocheva)....Pages 331-355
Mapping and Assessment of Wetland Ecosystems Beyond Boundaries. A Pilot Demonstration in the Transboundary Nestos/Mesta River Basin (Eleni Fitoka, Lena Hatziiordanou)....Pages 357-372
Integrated Assessment and Modelling of the Spatially Explicit Perceptions of Social Demands for Ecosystem Services (Rositsa Yaneva, Joan Cortinas Muñoz)....Pages 373-390
Flood Regulating Ecosystem Services—Mapping and Assessment Tool Based on ArcSWAT Output Data (Petar Nikolov, Stoyan Nedkov)....Pages 391-404
Assessment of Pollination Ecosystem Service Provided of Urban Ecosystems in Bulgaria (Mariyana Lyubenova, Stoyan Nedkov, Miglena Zhiyanski, Georgi Popchev, Petar Petrov)....Pages 405-415
Forest Ecosystems in Bulgaria Under Environmental Change—Carbon Sequestration Potential and Vulnerability Zones (Miglena Zhiyanski)....Pages 417-441
Erosion Control Service of Forest Ecosystems: A Case Study from Northeastern Turkey (Can Vatandaşlar, Mehmet Yavuz, Michael Leuchner)....Pages 443-455
智能地理:保加利亚地理学会100年-Smart Geography: 100 Years of the Bulgarian Geographical Society
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