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商业、政府和组织中的HCI。电子商务与消费者行为:第6届国际会议,HCIBGO 2019,作为第21届HCI国际会议的一部分举行,HCII 2019,奥兰多,佛罗里达州,美国,2019年7月26-31

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标题(title):HCI in Business, Government and Organizations. eCommerce and Consumer Behavior: 6th International Conference, HCIBGO 2019, Held as Part of the 21st HCI International Conference, HCII 2019, Orlando, FL, USA, July 26-31, 2019, Proceedings, Part I
商业、政府和组织中的HCI。电子商务与消费者行为:第6届国际会议,HCIBGO 2019,作为第21届HCI国际会议的一部分举行,HCII 2019,奥兰多,佛罗里达州,美国,2019年7月26-31日,会议记录,第一部分
作者(author):Fiona Fui-Hoon Nah, Keng Siau
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This two-volume set LNCS 11588 and 11589 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Business, Government, and Organizations, HCIBGO 2019, held in July 2019 as part of HCI International 2019 in Orlando, FL, USA. HCII 2019 received a total of 5029 submissions, of which 1275 papers and 209 posters were accepted for publication after a careful reviewing process. The 63 papers presented in these two volumes are organized in topical sections named: Electronic, Mobile and Ubiquitous Commerce, eBanking and Digital Money, Consumer Behaviour, Business Information Systems, Dashboards and Visualization, Social Media and Big Data Analytics in B

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xxiv
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
A Study of Models for Forecasting E-Commerce Sales During a Price War in the Medical Product Industry (Pei-Hsuan Hsieh)....Pages 3-21
Current State of Mixed Reality Technology for Digital Retail: A Literature Review (Shubham Jain, Dirk Werth)....Pages 22-37
Key Success Factors Analysis of Integration of O2O into 7-Eleven Convenient Store (Chung-Chi Kao, Che-Hung Liu, Yang-Ming Lu, Chia-Fen Hsieh)....Pages 38-50
Human-Computer Interaction in Physical Retail Environments and the Impact on Customer Experience: Systematic Literature Review and Research Agenda (Gabriele Obermeier, Andreas Auinger)....Pages 51-66
Modifying e-Service Quality for Automotive Repair Shops (Canveet Randhawa, Norman Shaw)....Pages 67-81
Smartphones as an Opportunity to Increase Sales in Brick-and-Mortar Stores: Identifying Sales Influencers Based on a Literature Review (Robert Zimmermann, Andreas Auinger, René Riedl)....Pages 82-98
Front Matter ....Pages 99-99
The Value of Bank Relationship: Evidence from China (Chyi-Lun Chiou)....Pages 101-118
The Role of Mobile Money in Somalia’s Remittance System (Mohamed Elmi, Ojelanki Ngwenyama)....Pages 119-136
Interactional Aesthetics of Blockchain Technology (Michael Heidt, Andreas Bischof, Arne Berger)....Pages 137-147
Blockchain and Trust: A Practice-Based Inquiry (Michael Heidt, Arne Berger, Andreas Bischof)....Pages 148-158
Interactive Systems in the Student-Bank Relationship: A Research on the Views of the University of Bucharest Students on the Utility and Adaptability of HCI Technologies (Valentin Mihai Leoveanu, Mihaela Cornelia Sandu, Adela Coman)....Pages 159-173
Front Matter ....Pages 175-175
The Role of User Emotions for Content Personalization in e-Commerce: Literature Review (Artem Bielozorov, Marija Bezbradica, Markus Helfert)....Pages 177-193
Ad Click Prediction: Learning from Cognitive Style (Tingting Cha, Shaohua Lian, Chenghong Zhang)....Pages 194-205
Presenting Your Products in Virtual Reality: Do not Underestimate Cybersickness (Kai Israel, Christopher Zerres, Dieter K. Tscheulin, Lea Buchweitz, Oliver Korn)....Pages 206-224
Transforming User Experience of Nutrition Facts Label - An Exploratory Service Innovation Study (Prateek Jain, Soussan Djamasbi)....Pages 225-237
Exploring Relationships Between e-Tailing Website Quality and Purchase Intention (Hibah Khalil, Karthikeyan Umapathy, Lakshmi C. Goel, Sandeep Reddivari)....Pages 238-256
Adding ‘Social’ to Commerce to Influence Purchasing Behaviour (Zainab Mehdi Hussain Khan, Norman Shaw)....Pages 257-273
The Effect of Internet Celebrity’s Endorsement on Consumer Purchase Intention (Yi-Cheng Ku, Yie-Fang Kao, MingJiao Qin)....Pages 274-287
Moderating Effect of Country of Origin to the Evaluation of Cellphones (Chih-Chin Liang)....Pages 288-297
How Does Social Tie Influence the User Information Sharing Behavior in Social Commerce Sites (Libo Liu, Yani Shi, Xuemei Tian, Jiaqi Yan)....Pages 298-305
Avoiding Mistakes in Medical High-Tech Treatments and E-Commerce Applications – a Salutary UX-Research Innovation (Christina Miclau, Oliver Gast, Julius Hertel, Anja Wittmann, Achim Hornecker, Andrea Mueller)....Pages 306-322
Persuaded by Electronic Word of Mouth (eWOM): Network Coproduction Model on Chinese Social-Ecommerce App (Haoning Xue)....Pages 323-332
Online Shopping Motives - An Empirical Investigation of Consumer Buying Behavior in Germany’s Main Online Retail Segments (Silvia Zaharia)....Pages 333-349
User Experience Study: The Service Expectation of Hotel Guests to the Utilization of AI-Based Service Robot in Full-Service Hotels (Yaozhi Zhang, Shanshan Qi)....Pages 350-366
Effects of Conscientiousness on Users’ Eye-Movement Behaviour with Recommender Interfaces (Lin Zhang, Heshan Liu)....Pages 367-376
Correction to: HCI in Business, Government and Organizations (Fiona Fui-Hoon Nah, Keng Siau)....Pages C1-C1
Back Matter ....Pages 377-378
商业、政府和组织中的HCI。电子商务与消费者行为:第6届国际会议,HCIBGO 2019,作为第21届HCI国际会议的一部分举行,HCII 2019,奥兰多,佛罗里达州,美国,2019年7月26-31
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