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高级混合信息处理:第三届EAI国际会议,ADHIP 2019,中国南京,2019年9月21-22日,会议记录,第一部分-Advanced Hybrid Information Processing:

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标题(title):Advanced Hybrid Information Processing: Third EAI International Conference, ADHIP 2019, Nanjing, China, September 21–22, 2019, Proceedings, Part I
高级混合信息处理:第三届EAI国际会议,ADHIP 2019,中国南京,2019年9月21-22日,会议记录,第一部分
作者(author):Guan Gui, Lin Yun
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
大小(size):23 MB (24465691 bytes)

This two-volume set LNICST 301 -302 constitutes the post-conference proceedings of the Third EAI International Conference on Advanced Hybrid Information Processing, ADHIP 2019, held in Nanjing, China, in September 2019. The 101 papers presented were selected from 237 submissions and focus on hybrid big data processing. Since information processing has acted as an important research domain in science and technology today, it is now to develop deeper and wider use of hybrid information processing, especially information processing for big data. There are more remaining issues waiting for solving, such as classification and systemization of big data, objective tracking and behavior understanding in big multimedia data, encoding and compression of big data.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xx
Modeling Analysis of Network Spatial Sensitive Information Detection Driven by Big Data (Ruijuan Liu, Bin Yang, Shuai Liu)....Pages 1-11
Research on Communication Individual Identification Method Based on PCA-NCA and CV-SVM (Xinghao Guo, Shuai Liu)....Pages 12-19
Termination for Belief Propagation Decoding of Polar Codes in Fading Channels (Chen Zhang, Yangzhi Luo, Liping Li)....Pages 20-30
Secrecy Capacity Analysis for Indoor Visible Light Communications with Input-Dependent Gaussian Noise (Bo Huang, Jianxin Dai)....Pages 31-46
The Recursive Spectral Bisection Probability Hypothesis Density Filter (Ding Wang, Xu Tang, Qun Wan)....Pages 47-56
Research on LAN Network Malicious Code Intrusion Active Defense Technology (Lei Ma, Ying-jian Kang, Hua Han)....Pages 57-64
Network Information Security Privacy Protection System in Big Data Era (Lei Ma, Ying-jian Kang, Jian-ping Liu)....Pages 65-73
Multi-path Channel Modeling and Analysis of Embedded LTE Wireless Communication Network Under Cloud Computing (Yanhua Qiao, Lin Zhao, Jianna Li)....Pages 74-83
Layered Encryption Method for Monitoring Network User Data for Big Data Analysis (Yanhua Qiao, Lin Zhao, Jianna Li)....Pages 84-93
Research on Emergency Communication Command and Scheduling Algorithm Based on Pattern Recognition (Jun Li, Jun Xing)....Pages 94-103
Multi-source Heterogeneous Data Acquisition Algorithm Design Different Time Periods (Jun Li, Jun Xing)....Pages 104-111
Research on Data Security Acquisition System Based on Artificial Intelligence (Yingjian Kang, Lei Ma, Leiguang Liu)....Pages 112-119
Weak Coverage Area Detection Algorithms for Intelligent Networks Based on Large Data (Ying-jian Kang, Lei Ma, Ge-cui Gong)....Pages 120-128
Research on RF Fingerprinting Extraction of Power Amplifier Based on Multi-domain RF-DNA Fingerprint (Yihan Xiao, Xinyu Li)....Pages 129-142
Fault Feature Analysis of Power Network Based on Big Data (Cai-yun Di)....Pages 143-151
Design of All-Pass Filter System for Power Communication with High Anti-harmonic Interference (Caiyun Di, Zhi Zhao)....Pages 152-160
Improved Design of Classification Algorithm in Cloud Computing and Big Data Environment (Yihuo Jiang)....Pages 161-170
Research on Dynamic Access Control Model of Distributed Network Under Big Data Technology (Yi-huo Jiang)....Pages 171-180
Intelligent Data Acquisition Method for Cross-border E-commerce Guidance and Purchase Considering User Demand (Jiahua Li)....Pages 181-188
Optimization Design of Cross-Border E-commerce Shopping Guide System Combining Big Data and AI Technology (Jiahua Li)....Pages 189-196
Research on Balanced Scheduling Algorithm of Big Data in Network Under Cloud Computing (Lunqiang Ye)....Pages 197-206
Optimization of Rational Scheduling Method for Cloud Computing Resources Under Abnormal Network (Lunqiang Ye)....Pages 207-215
Design of Agricultural Product Quality and Safety Big Data Fusion Model Based on Blockchain Technology (Kun Wang)....Pages 216-225
Artificial Intelligence Integration Method for Agricultural Product Supply Chain Quality Data Based on Block Chain (Kun Wang)....Pages 226-234
Research on Adaptive Scheduling Method of Communication Resource Information in Internet of Things Environment (Chao Wang)....Pages 235-244
Research on Dynamic Network Load Evaluation Algorithm Based on Throughput Monitoring (Chao Wang)....Pages 245-253
Research on the Classification Method of Network Abnormal Data (Bozhong Liu)....Pages 254-262
Research on Key Information Retrieval Method of Complex Network Based on Artificial Intelligence (Bozhong Liu)....Pages 263-270
Optimized PointNet for 3D Object Classification (Zhuangzhuang Li, Wenmei Li, Haiyan Liu, Yu Wang, Guan Gui)....Pages 271-278
Deep Learning Based Adversarial Images Detection (Haiyan Liu, Wenmei Li, Zhuangzhuang Li, Yu Wang, Guan Gui)....Pages 279-286
Detection for Uplink Massive MIMO System: A Survey (Lin Li, Weixiao Meng)....Pages 287-299
Big Data-Based User Data Intelligent Encryption Method in Electronic Case System (Xin Liu)....Pages 300-309
Research on Intelligent Retrieval Technology of User Information in Medical Information System Under the Background of Big Data (Xin Liu)....Pages 310-316
Research on Embedded Innovation and Entrepreneurship Sharing Platform for College Students Under the Internet of Things (Xiao-hui Zhang, Li-wei Jia, Wei Wu)....Pages 317-325
Research on Automatic Estimation Method of College Students’ Employment Rate Based on Internet Big Data Analysis (Xiao-hui Zhang, Li-wei Jia, Fa-wei Zhou)....Pages 326-335
Research on Demand Response Model of Electric Power Interruptible Load Based on Big Data Analysis (Chengliang Wang, Hong Sun, Yong-biao Yang)....Pages 336-345
Research on Interruptible Scheduling Algorithm of Central Air Conditioning Load Under Big Data Analysis (Cheng-liang Wang, Yong-biao Yang)....Pages 346-354
Simulation Study on Pedestrian Road Planning in Ancient Building Groups Under Cloud Computing Environment (En-mao Qiao, Da-wei Shang)....Pages 355-363
Design of 3D Reconstruction Model of Complex Surfaces of Ancient Buildings Based on Big Data (Enmao Qiao, Dawei Shang)....Pages 364-373
3D Human Motion Information Extraction Based on Vicon Motion Capture in Internet of Things (Ze-guo Liu)....Pages 374-382
Human Motion Attitude Tracking Method Based on Vicon Motion Capture Under Big Data (Ze-guo Liu)....Pages 383-391
Simulation of Differential Expression in Root, Stem and Leaf of Ornamental Cunninghamia Lanceolata Under Internet of Things Environment (Hui Liu)....Pages 392-400
Design of Statistical Model for Difference of Leaf Color of Ornamental Begonia Based on Big Data Analysis (Hui Liu)....Pages 401-409
Research on Radiation Damage Characteristics of Optical Fiber Materials Based on Data Mining and Machine Learning (Ang Li, Tian-hui Wang)....Pages 410-418
Analysis of Surface Compressive Strength of Optical Fiber Composites Under Low Velocity Impact Damage Based on Big Data (Ang Li)....Pages 419-428
Research on Data Mining Algorithm for Regional Photovoltaic Generation (Zhen Lei, Yong-biao Yang)....Pages 429-438
Distributed Learning Algorithm for Distributed PV Large-Scale Access to Power Grid Based on Machine Learning (Zhen Lei, Yong-biao Yang, Xiao-hui Xu)....Pages 439-447
A Homomorphic Encryption Algorithm for Chaotic Image Coding Data in Cloud Computing (Bin-bin Jiang)....Pages 448-457
Quantitative Evaluation Model for Information Security Risk of Wireless Communication Networks Under Big Data (Bin-bin Jiang)....Pages 458-468
Intelligent Recognition Method of Short Wave Communication Transmission Signal Based on the Blind Separation Algorithm (Yan-song Hu)....Pages 469-477
Research on Active Push Method of Multi-source Patrol Information in Large-Capacity Communication Network (Yan-song Hu)....Pages 478-487
Research on Multi-master-slave Hybrid Coordinated Control Method in VANET Environment (Chao Song)....Pages 488-497
Design of Power Intelligent Control DCS Module Based on Improved PID (Chao Song)....Pages 498-506
Identification of Wireless User Perception Based on Unsupervised Machine Learning (Kaixuan Zhang, Guanghui Fan, Jun Zeng, Guan Gui)....Pages 507-515
Back Matter ....Pages 517-518


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高级混合信息处理:第三届EAI国际会议,ADHIP 2019,中国南京,2019年9月21-22日,会议记录,第一部分-Advanced Hybrid Information Processing:
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