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将软计算整合到战略前瞻性方法中:面向未来研究支持的适应性学习环境-Integrating Soft Computing into Strategic Prospective Methods: Towa

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标题(title):Integrating Soft Computing into Strategic Prospective Methods: Towards an Adaptive Learning Environment Supported by Futures Studies
作者(author):Raúl Trujillo-Cabezas, José Luis Verdegay
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
大小(size):5 MB (5474916 bytes)

This book discusses how to build optimization tools able to generate better future studies. It aims at showing how these tools can be used to develop an adaptive learning environment that can be used for decision making in the presence of uncertainties. The book starts with existing fuzzy techniques and multicriteria decision making approaches and shows how to combine them in more effective tools to model future events and take therefore better decisions. The first part of the book is dedicated to the theories behind fuzzy optimization and fuzzy cognitive map, while the second part presents new approaches developed by the authors with their practical application to trend impact analysis, scenario planning and strategic formulation. The book is aimed at two groups of readers, interested in linking the future studies with artificial intelligence. The first group includes social scientists seeking for improved methods for strategic prospective. The second group includes computer scientists and engineers seeking for new applications and current developments of Soft Computing methods for forecasting in social science, but not limited to this.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xxii
Front Matter ....Pages 1-2
Brief History (Raúl Trujillo-Cabezas, José Luis Verdegay)....Pages 3-28
Strategic Prospective: Definitions and Key Concepts (Raúl Trujillo-Cabezas, José Luis Verdegay)....Pages 29-41
Fuzzy Optimization and Reasoning Approaches (Raúl Trujillo-Cabezas, José Luis Verdegay)....Pages 43-66
Front Matter ....Pages 67-69
Constructing Models (Raúl Trujillo-Cabezas, José Luis Verdegay)....Pages 71-111
Modeling and Simulation of the Future (Raúl Trujillo-Cabezas, José Luis Verdegay)....Pages 113-147
Experimental Applications: An Overview of New Ways (Raúl Trujillo-Cabezas, José Luis Verdegay)....Pages 149-177
Front Matter ....Pages 179-180
Meta-Prospective Toolbox (Raúl Trujillo-Cabezas, José Luis Verdegay)....Pages 181-201
A Cloud Environment: A First Demo (Raúl Trujillo-Cabezas, José Luis Verdegay)....Pages 203-212
Back Matter ....Pages 213-230
将软计算整合到战略前瞻性方法中:面向未来研究支持的适应性学习环境-Integrating Soft Computing into Strategic Prospective Methods: Towa
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