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黑土耕作:黑钙土的可持续和气候智能管理-Farming the Black Earth: Sustainable and Climate-Smart Management of Chernozem S

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标题(title):Farming the Black Earth: Sustainable and Climate-Smart Management of Chernozem Soils
作者(author):Boris Boincean, David Dent
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book deals with the sustainability of agriculture on the Black Earth by drawing on data from long-term field experiments. It emphasises the opportunities for greater food and water security at local and regional levels.

The Black Earth, Chernozem in Russian, is the best arable soil in the world and the breadbasket of Europe and North America. It was the focus of scientific study at the very beginnings of soil science in the late 19th century—as a world in itself, created by the roots of the steppe grasses building a water-stable granular structure that holds plentiful water, allows rapid infiltration of rain and snow melt, and free drainage of any surplus.

Under the onslaught of industrial farming, Chernozem have undergone profound but largely unnoticed changes with far-reaching consequences—to the point that agriculture on Chernozem is no longer sustainable. The effects of agricultural practices on global warming, the diversion of rainfall away from replenishment of water resources to destructive runoff, and the pollution of streams and groundwater are all pressing issues. Sustainability absolutely requires that these consequences be arrested.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xxvii
Changing the Farming Paradigm (Boris Boincean, David Dent)....Pages 1-18
Agroecology: Science for Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture (Boris Boincean, David Dent)....Pages 19-27
Land Use, Soil Quality and Management of Soil Organic Matter (Boris Boincean, David Dent)....Pages 29-51
Carbon Sequestration and Climate Change (Boris Boincean, David Dent)....Pages 53-87
Crop Rotation (Boris Boincean, David Dent)....Pages 89-124
Tillage and Conservation Agriculture (Boris Boincean, David Dent)....Pages 125-149
Soil Fertility, Fertilization and Nutrient Cycling (Boris Boincean, David Dent)....Pages 151-188
Potential of Chernozem to Increase Food Security and Mitigate Global Warming (Boris Boincean, David Dent)....Pages 189-204
Gaps and Bridges (Boris Boincean, David Dent)....Pages 205-209
Back Matter ....Pages 211-226
黑土耕作:黑钙土的可持续和气候智能管理-Farming the Black Earth: Sustainable and Climate-Smart Management of Chernozem S
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