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音频水印的先进技术-Advanced Techniques for Audio Watermarking

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标题(title):Advanced Techniques for Audio Watermarking
作者(author):Rohit M. Thanki
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book provides information on digital audio watermarking, its applications, and its evaluation for copyright protection of audio signals – both basic and advanced. The author covers various advanced digital audio watermarking algorithms that can be used for copyright protection of audio signals. These algorithms are implemented using hybridization of advanced signal processing transforms such as fast discrete curvelet transform (FDCuT), redundant discrete wavelet transform (RDWT), and another signal processing transform such as discrete cosine transform (DCT). In these algorithms, Arnold scrambling is used to enhance the security of the watermark logo. This book is divided in to three portions: basic audio watermarking and its classification, audio watermarking algorithms, and audio watermarking algorithms using advance signal transforms. The book also covers optimization based audio watermarking.

Describes basic of digital audio watermarking and its applications, including evaluation parameters for digital audio watermarking algorithms;Provides audio watermarking algorithms using advanced signal transformations;Provides optimization based audio watermarking algorithms.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xv
Introduction (Rohit M. Thanki)....Pages 1-6
Mathematical Preliminaries (Rohit M. Thanki)....Pages 7-24
Fundamental of Audio Watermarking (Rohit M. Thanki)....Pages 25-46
Blind Audio Watermarking (Rohit M. Thanki)....Pages 47-58
Audio Watermarking with Encryption (Rohit M. Thanki)....Pages 59-81
Optimization-Based Audio Watermarking (Rohit M. Thanki)....Pages 83-95
Summary of Book (Rohit M. Thanki)....Pages 97-98
Back Matter ....Pages 99-101
音频水印的先进技术-Advanced Techniques for Audio Watermarking
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