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湍流中非球形粒子的动力学-Dynamics of Non-Spherical Particles in Turbulence

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标题(title):Dynamics of Non-Spherical Particles in Turbulence
作者(author):Luis Blay Esteban
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book studies the dynamics of 2D objects moving through turbulent fluids. It examines the decay of turbulence over extended time scales, and compares the dynamics of non-spherical particles moving through still and turbulent fluids.

The book begins with an introduction to the project, its aims, and its relevance for industrial applications. It then discusses the movement of planar particles in quiescent fluid, and presents the numerous methodologies used to measure it. The book also presents a detailed analysis of the falling style of irregular particles, which makes it possible to estimate particle trajectory and wake morphology based on frontal geometry. In turn, the book provides the results of an analysis of physically constrained decaying turbulence in a laboratory setting. These results suggest that large-scale cut-off in numerical simulations can result in severe bias in the computed turbulent kinetic energy for long waiting times.

Combining the main text with a wealth of figures and sketches throughout, the book offers an accessible guide for all engineering students with a basic grasp of fluid mechanics, while the key findings will also be of interest to senior researchers.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xxix
Introduction (Luis Blay Esteban)....Pages 1-36
Planar Particles in Quiescent Fluid (Luis Blay Esteban)....Pages 37-88
Facility for Turbulence Generation (Luis Blay Esteban)....Pages 89-119
Disks Falling Under Background Turbulence (Luis Blay Esteban)....Pages 121-155
Conclusions (Luis Blay Esteban)....Pages 157-159
Back Matter ....Pages 161-163
湍流中非球形粒子的动力学-Dynamics of Non-Spherical Particles in Turbulence
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