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Python自动化菜谱:使用Python菜谱探索自动化世界,这将提高您的技能-Python Automation Cookbook: Explore the world of automation u

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标题(title):Python Automation Cookbook: Explore the world of automation using Python recipes that will enhance your skills
作者(author):Jaime Buelta
出版社(publisher):Packt Publishing
大小(size):17 MB (17348477 bytes)

Step-by-step instructions which take you through each program to automate monotonous tasks with Python 3.7

Key Features
• Automate integral business processes such as report generation, email marketing, and lead generation
• Build your first web application that scrapes data and accesses websites' APIs
• Create graphic-rich charts, graphs, and maps using Matplotlib

Book Description
Have you been doing the same old monotonous office work over and over again? Or have you been trying to find an easy way to make your life better by automating some of your repetitive tasks? Through a tried and tested approach, understand how to automate all the boring stuff using Python.
The Python Automation Cookbook helps you develop a clear understanding of how to automate your business processes using Python, including detecting opportunities by scraping the web, analyzing information to generate automatic spreadsheets reports with graphs, and communicating with automatically generated emails.
You'll learn how to get notifications via text messages and run tasks while your mind is focused on other important activities, followed by understanding how to scan documents such as resumes. Once you've gotten familiar with the fundamentals, you'll be introduced to the world of graphs, along with studying how to produce organized charts using Matplotlib. In addition to this, you'll gain in-depth knowledge of how to generate rich graphics showing relevant information.
By the end of this book, you'll have refined your skills by attaining a sound understanding of how to identify and correct problems to produce superior and reliable systems.

What you will learn
• Get to grips with scraping a website to detect changes
• Search and process raw sales files to aggregate information in spreadsheets
• Explore techniques to extract information from an Excel spreadsheet and generate exciting reports with graphs
• Discover the techniques required to generate random, print-friendly codes to be used as single-use coupons
• Automatically generate a marketing campaign, contacting the recipients over different channels
• Identify and implement precise solutions

Who this book is for
The Python Automation Cookbook is for you if you are a developer or anyone who wants to automate monotonous manual tasks related to fields such as finance, sales, and HR, among others.
Table of contents :
1. Let Us Begin Our Automation Journey
2. Automating Tasks Made Easy
3. Building Your First Web Scraping Application
4. Searching and Reading Local Files
5. Generating Fantastic Reports
6. Fun with Spreadsheets
7. Developing Stunning Graphs
8. Dealing with Communication Channels
9. Why Not Automate Your Marketing Campaign?
10. Debugging Techniques
Python自动化菜谱:使用Python菜谱探索自动化世界,这将提高您的技能-Python Automation Cookbook: Explore the world of automation u
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