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曹丕超越政治文化与汉末中国王朝的建立-Ts’ao P’i Transcendent Political Culture and Dynasty-Founding in China at the End

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标题(title):Ts’ao P’i Transcendent Political Culture and Dynasty-Founding in China at the End of the Han
作者(author):Goodman, Howard L.
出版社(publisher):Taylor and Francis
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Cover -- Half Title -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Table of Contents -- Introduction to Strategy and Subject Matter -- Writing Strategy -- The Historical Subject Matter -- Part I Ruling Authority and Legitimacy Before The Han-Wei Transition -- Chapter One. The Early Culture of Authority and Legitimation and the Chin and Han models -- Modern Approaches to the Study of Authority and Legitimation -- Developments in the Ancient Period: Revelation, Divination, Philosophy -- The Culture of Legitimation as a Tool of Dynasty-Founding
Chapter Two. Steps Towards Dynasty-Founding: Ts'ao and Ssu-ma Family, Local, and National Power -- The Ts'ao and Ssu-ma Families: Northern Military Leaders -- Setting the Stage for a New Authority and Legitimacy -- Part II November 19 to December 11: A Mess of Ink -- Chapter Three. November 19: An Announcement in the Han Imperial Cult -- Wei Chi's Text of the Emperor's Shrine Speech -- A Scholar Specializing in Antique Scripts and and Legitimation Texts -- Chapter Four Undated : Celestial-Master Taoists Deliver a Pro-Ts'ao P'i Oracle -- ""Hsien-t i chuan
Chang Lu and the Five-Peck, or Celestial-Master, Taoist s -- Ts'ao P'i Accepts the Oracle-Text and Its Prediction -- Chapter Five November 20-22: A Core Group of Legitimation Experts -- Former Southerners at the Ts'ao Court -- Eminent Northerners and the Ying-ch'uan Contingent -- The Core Group Explains Oracle-Text -- The Testimony of Crucial Specialists -- Chapter Six November 23-24: Ssu-ma l's Philosophy of Political Action and Ts'ao P'i's Hero-Refusers -- Landed General, Local Defender, and Military Ritualist -- Chapter Seven November 25-29: Ts'ao P'i's Emblems of Transcendent Rule
The Han Emperor Makes an Excuse -- Ts'ao P'i Castigates the Core Group -- A Chuang-tzu Emblem of the Transcendent-Refuser -- Ts'ao P'i Calls upon Divine Omens -- Collecting and Alluding: Literature as Political Jousting -- Chapter Eight November 30 - December 7: Ritual Chronology Links the Ts'ao House with Chuan Hsü and the Yellow Emperor -- Tung Pa's Theory of a Chuan Hsü Calendar -- A Yellow Emperor Genealogy -- An l-Ching Pep-Talk -- Chapter Nine December 7-10: The Highest Officials and the Core Group Facilitate the Accession -- The Three Excellencies -- The Ethics of Political Sharing
Philosophy, Souls of Deceased Rulers, and Omens -- Part III Reverberations -- Chapter Ten December 11: The Unfolding of Ts'ao-Wei Court Ritual -- December 11: The Han Emperor's Invocation -- Ts'ao P'i's (Wen-ti's) Ceremonies and Proposals for Court Ritual -- Trouble Ahead for Wen-ti and the Dynasty -- Chapter Eleven. The Stele of 221 A.D.: Ts'ao Ts'ao's Generals Sign On to the New Dynasty -- The Stele at Fan-Yang -- Translation and Provenance of the Stele Text -- Ts'ao P'i's Military Underpinning -- Gesture and Historiography -- Conclusion -- Pioneers in the Study of Dynastic Legitimation
Appendix: The Reliability of the Sources 

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曹丕超越政治文化与汉末中国王朝的建立-Ts’ao P’i Transcendent Political Culture and Dynasty-Founding in China at the End
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