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燃气轮机联合循环发电厂。-Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plants.

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标题(title):Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plants.
作者(author):Gulen, S. Can
出版社(publisher):CRC Press
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Table of contents :
1 Introduction1.1 Note on Units2 Prerequisites2.1 Books And Periodicals2.2 Software Tools2.3 Codes And Standards2.4 References3 Bare Necessities3.1 Why Combined Cycle?3.2 Combined Cycle Classification3.3 Simple Calculations3.4 Operability3.5 References4 Gas Turbine4.1 Brief Overview4.2 Rating Performance4.3 Technology Landscape4.4 Basic Calculations4.5 Fuel Flexibility4.6 References5 Steam Turbine5.1 Impulse vs. Reaction5.2 Last Stage Bucket5.3 Basic Calculations5.4 References6 Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)6.1 Fundamentals of Heat Recovery6.2 HRSG Performance Calculations6.3 Supplementary (Duct) Firing6.4 Supercritical Bottoming Steam Cycle6.5 References7 Heat Sink Options7.1 Water-Cooled Surface Condenser7.2 Wet Cooling Tower7.3 Circulating Water Pumps And Piping7.4 Air-Cooled (Dry) Condenser7.5 Heat Sink System Selection7.6 Heat Sink Optimization7.7 References8 Combining The Pieces8.1 Topping Cycle8.2 Bottoming Cycle 8.3 Combined Cycle8.4 History8.5 State Of The Art8.6 The Hall of Fame8.7 References9 Major Equipment9.1 Gas Turbine Package9.2 Steam Turbine Package9.3 Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)9.4 AC Generator9.5 Scope of Supply9.6 References10 Balance of Plant10.1 Electrical Equipment10.2 Pipes and Valves10.3 Pumps10.4 Tanks10.5 Auxiliary Boiler10.6 Fuel Gas Booster Compressor10.7 Fuel Gas Heating And Conditioning System10.8 Closed Cooling Water (CCW) System10.9 Water Facilities10.10 References11 Construction And Commissioning11.1 Procurement11.2 Construction11.3 Startup and Commissioning11.4 Acceptance Tests11.5 General Arrangement12 Environmental Considerations12.1 Air Permits12.2 CEMS System12.3 Noise Abatement12.4 Selective Catalytic Reduction12.5 References13 Economics13.1 Price vs. Cost13.2 Cost Estimation13.3 Cost of Electricity13.4 Value of 1 Btu/kWh of Heat Rate13.5 Bottoming Cycle "Optimization"13.6 References14 Cogeneration15 Operability15.1 Steady State Operation15.2 Transient Operation15.3 GTCC Startup - Basics15.4 GTCC Startup - Practical Considerations15.5 GTCC Shutdown15.6 Emergencies15.7 Grid Code Compliance15.8 References16 Maintenance16.1 Maintenance Costs16.2 Important Metrics16.3 Failure Mechanisms16.4 References17 Repowering17.1 Which Repowering?17.2 Cost of Repowering17.3 An Example Calculation17.4 Takeaways17.5 References18 Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle18.1 Syngas-Fired Gas Turbine18.2 Bottoming Cycle18.3 Gasification18.4 Example18.5 References19 Carbon Capture19.1 Post-Combustion Carbon Capture Basics19.2 Simple Calculations19.3 References20 What Next?AppendixA. Property CalculationsB. Standard Conditions For Temperature And PressureC. Exergetic EfficiencyC.1 Bottoming Cycle Exergy BalanceD. Thermal Response BasicsE. Steam Turbine Stress BasicsE.1 Differential ExpansionE.2 Rotor Thermal StressE.3. ReferencesF. Carbon Capture
燃气轮机联合循环发电厂。-Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plants.
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