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非相干地震噪声的衰减-Attenuation of Incoherent Seismic Noise

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标题(title):Attenuation of Incoherent Seismic Noise
作者(author):Abdullatif Al-Shuhail, Saleh Al-Dossary
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
大小(size):25 MB (26638352 bytes)

This book examines the effects of incoherent noise and how it leads to the misinterpretation of seismic data. It also reviews common noise reduction approaches and their drawbacks, focusing on developments that have occurred in the past decade.
The main features of this book include:

• Hands-on implementation in MATLAB and/or C

• In-depth discussions of both theoretical and practical aspects of the subject

• Supplementary, real-world seismic data

• Detailed descriptions of structure-enhancing filters.
Connecting the theory and practical implementation of noise reduction, the book helps readers fill the gap from equations to code, and from classical filters to the preservation and enhancement of a robust structure. Lastly, it highlights cutting-edge research in the area.

As such, it is of interest to researchers in the fields of petroleum engineering, exploration seismology, and geophysics, as well as to practitioners working in the petroleum industry.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xiv
Introduction to Seismic Exploration (Abdullatif Al-Shuhail, Saleh Al-Dossary)....Pages 1-39
Noise in Seismic Image (Abdullatif Al-Shuhail, Saleh Al-Dossary)....Pages 41-50
Classical Filters (Abdullatif Al-Shuhail, Saleh Al-Dossary)....Pages 51-60
Robust Filter—Dealing with Impulse Noise (Abdullatif Al-Shuhail, Saleh Al-Dossary)....Pages 61-80
Edge-Preserving Smoothing (Abdullatif Al-Shuhail, Saleh Al-Dossary)....Pages 81-88
Structure-Enhancing Filtering (Abdullatif Al-Shuhail, Saleh Al-Dossary)....Pages 89-127
Denoising Using Signal Model (Abdullatif Al-Shuhail, Saleh Al-Dossary)....Pages 129-151
Advanced Topics (Abdullatif Al-Shuhail, Saleh Al-Dossary)....Pages 153-170
Back Matter ....Pages 171-182
非相干地震噪声的衰减-Attenuation of Incoherent Seismic Noise
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