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医学与教育人工系统研究进展2-Advances in Artificial Systems for Medicine and Education II

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标题(title):Advances in Artificial Systems for Medicine and Education II
作者(author):Zhengbing Hu, Sergey V. Petoukhov, Matthew He
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book includes the proceedings of the Second International Conference of Artificial Intelligence, Medical Engineering, Education (AIMEE2018), held in Moscow, Russia, on 6–8 October 2018. The conference covered advances in the development of artificial intelligence systems and their applications in various fields, from medicine and technology to education. The papers presented in the book discuss topics in mathematics and biomathematics; medical approaches; and technological and educational approaches. Given the rapid development of artificial intelligence systems, the book highlights the need for more intensive training for a growing number of specialists, particularly in medical engineering, to increase the effectiveness of medical diagnosis and treatment. The book is intended for specialists, students and other readers who would like to know where artificial intelligence systems can beneficially be applied in the future.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xix
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
The Technology for Development of Decision-Making Support Services with Components Reuse (Valeriya Gribova, Alexander Kleschev, Philip Moskalenko, Vadim Timchenko, Elena Shalfeeva)....Pages 3-13
A Life Ecosystem Management with DNA Base Complementarity (Moon Ho Lee, Sung Kook Lee, K. M. Cho)....Pages 15-23
Standard Genetic Code and Golden Ratio Cubes (Matthew He, Z. B. Hu, Sergey V. Petoukhov)....Pages 25-36
The Technique for Data Parallelism in Neural Processing Units (Vitaliy A. Romanchuk, Ruslan I. Bazhenov)....Pages 37-45
Algebra for Transforming Genetic Codes Based on Matrices Applied in Quantum Field Theories (György Darvas, Sergey V. Petoukhov)....Pages 47-55
Development of Methods for Solving Ill-Posed Inverse Problems in Processing Multidimensional Signals in Problems of Artificial Intelligence, Radiolocation and Medical Diagnostics (Alexander A. Potapov, Andrey A. Pakhomov, Vladimir I. Grachev)....Pages 57-67
Numerical Approach to Solving the Problem of Choosing the Rational Values of Parameters of Dynamic Systems (I. N. Statnikov, G. I. Firsov)....Pages 69-79
Algorithms for Topological Analysis of Spatial Data (Sergey Eremeev, Ekaterina Seltsova)....Pages 81-92
Code Biology and Kolmogorov Complexity (Sergei V. Kozyrev)....Pages 93-101
On Genetic Unitary Matrices and Quantum-Algorithmic Genetics (Sergey V. Petoukhov, Elena S. Petukhova)....Pages 103-115
Genetic Code Modelling from the Perspective of Quantum Informatics (Elena Fimmel, Sergey V. Petoukhov)....Pages 117-125
Focal Model in the Pattern Recognition Problem (T. Rakcheeva)....Pages 127-138
Experimental Detection of the Parallel Organization of Mental Calculations of a Person on the Basis of Two Algebras Having Different Associativity (A. V. Koganov, T. A. Rakcheeva)....Pages 139-149
Determinant Optimization Method (Nikolay A. Balonin, Mikhail B. Sergeev)....Pages 151-160
Analysis of Oscillator Ensemble with Dynamic Couplings (M. M. Gourary, S. G. Rusakov)....Pages 161-172
The Genetic Language: Natural Algorithms, Developmental Patterns, and Instinctive Behavior (Nikita E. Shklovskiy-Kordi, Victor K. Finn, Lev I. Ehrlich, Abir U. Igamberdiev)....Pages 173-182
Front Matter ....Pages 183-183
Planck–Shannon Classifier: A Novel Method to Discriminate Between Sonified Raman Signals from Cancer and Healthy Cells (Sungchul Ji, Beum Jun Park, John Stuart Reid)....Pages 185-195
ECG Signal Spectral Analysis Approaches for High-Resolution Electrocardiography (A. V. Baldin, S. I. Dosko, K. V. Kucherov, Liu Bin, A. Yu. Spasenov, V. M. Utenkov et al.)....Pages 197-209
Intelligent System for Health Saving (V. N. Krut’ko, V. I. Dontsov, A. M. Markova)....Pages 211-219
Novel Approach to a Creation of Probe to Stop Bleeding from Esophageal Varicose Veins Based on Spiral-Compression Method (Sergey N. Sayapin, Pavel M. Shkapov, Firuz G. Nazyrov, Andrey V. Devyatov)....Pages 221-229
Parallel Mechanisms in Layout of Human Musculoskeletal System (A. V. Kirichenko, P. A. Laryushkin)....Pages 231-240
Methods of Mutual Analysis of Random Oscillations in the Problems of Research of the Vertical Human Posture (G. I. Firsov, I. N. Statnikov)....Pages 241-250
Verification of Mathematical Model for Bioimpedance Diagnostics of the Blood Flow in Cerebral Vessels (Anna A. Kiseleva, Petr V. Luzhnov, Dmitry M. Shamaev)....Pages 251-259
Evaluation of Adhesive Bond Strength of Dental Fiber Posts by “Torque-Out” Test (Anna S. Bobrovskaia, Sergey S. Gavriushin, Alexander V. Mitronin)....Pages 261-270
Image Segmentation Method Based on Statistical Parameters of Homogeneous Data Set (Oksana Shkurat, Yevgeniya Sulema, Viktoriya Suschuk-Sliusarenko, Andrii Dychka)....Pages 271-281
Steganographic Protection Method Based on Huffman Tree (Yevgen Radchenko, Ivan Dychka, Yevgeniya Sulema, Viktoriya Suschuk-Sliusarenko, Oksana Shkurat)....Pages 283-292
The Role of Hybrid Classifiers in Problems of Chest Roentgenogram Classification (Rimma Tomakova, Sergey Filist, Roman Veynberg, Alexey Brezhnev, Alexandra Brezhneva)....Pages 293-303
Patient-Specific Biomechanical Analysis in Computer Planning of Dentition Restoration with the Use of Dental Implants (I. N. Dashevskiy, D. A. Gribov)....Pages 305-314
A Viscoelastic Model of the Long-Term Orthodontic Tooth Movement (Eduard B. Demishkevich, Sergey S. Gavriushin)....Pages 315-322
Metric Properties of the Visual Illusion of Intersection (T. Rakcheeva)....Pages 323-332
Method of the Data Adequacy Determination of Personal Medical Profiles (Yuriy Syerov, Natalia Shakhovska, Solomiia Fedushko)....Pages 333-343
Experimental Method for Biologically Active Frequencies Determination (Victor A. Panchelyuga, Victor L. Eventov, Maria S. Panchelyuga)....Pages 345-354
From the Golem to the Robot and Beyond to the Smart Prostheses (Anatoly K. Skvorchevsky, Alexander M. Sergeev, Nikita S. Kovalev)....Pages 355-365
Front Matter ....Pages 367-367
Lifelong Education of Sports Media Professionals Based on System Theory (Ziye Wang, Qingying Zhang, Mengya Zhang)....Pages 369-377
Fuzzy Classification on the Base of Convolutional Neural Networks (A. Puchkov, M. Dli, M. Kireyenkova)....Pages 379-391
Modeling of Intellect with the Use of Complex Conditional Reflexes and Selective Neural Network Technologies (M. Mazurov)....Pages 393-404
Phase Equilibria in Fractal Core-Shell Nanoparticles of the Pb5(VO4)3Cl–Pb5(PO4)3Cl System: The Influence of Size and Shape (Alexander V. Shishulin, Alexander A. Potapov, Victor B. Fedoseev)....Pages 405-413
Application of Neural Networks for Controlling the Vibrational System Based on Electric Dynamic Drive (R. F. Ganiev, S. S. Panin, M. S. Dovbnenko, E. A. Bryzgalov)....Pages 415-424
A Dynamic Power Flow Model Considering the Uncertainty of Primary Frequency Regulation of System (Daojun Chen, Nianguang Zhou, Chenkun Li, Hu Guo, Ting Cui)....Pages 425-438
A Data Model of the Internet Social Environment (Andriy Peleshchyshyn, Oleg Mastykash)....Pages 439-448
Anomaly Detection of Distribution Network Synchronous Measurement Data Based on Large Dimensional Random Matrix (Zhongming Chen, Yaoyu Zhang, Chuan Qing, Jierong Liu, Jiaqi Tang, Jingzhi Pang)....Pages 449-458
The Hurst Exponent Application in the Fractal Analysis of the Russian Stock Market (Alexander Laktyunkin, Alexander A. Potapov)....Pages 459-471
Development of Models and Methods of Virtual Community Life Cycle Organization (Olha Trach, Andriy Peleshchyshyn)....Pages 473-483
A Formal Approach to Modeling the Characteristics of Users of Social Networks Regarding Information Security Issues (Andriy Peleshchyshyn, Volodymyr Vus, Solomiia Albota, Oleksandr Markovets)....Pages 485-494
Advanced Morphological Approach for Knowledge-Based Engineering (KBE) in Aerospace (A. Bardenhagen, M. Pecheykina, D. Rakov)....Pages 495-505
Problems of Intelligent Automation of Unmanned Underground Coal Mining (Andrey M. Valuev, Ludmila P. Volkova)....Pages 507-516
Structural and Parametric Control of a Signalized Intersection with Real-Time “Education” of Drivers (Anatoliy A. Solovyev, Andrey M. Valuev)....Pages 517-526
Some Aspects of the Method for Tourist Route Creation (Nataliya Shakhovska, Khrystyna Shakhovska, Solomia Fedushko)....Pages 527-537
Experimental Substantiation of Soft Cutting Modes Method (P. A. Eremeykin, A. D. Zhargalova, S. S. Gavriushin)....Pages 539-547
Design of Oxidative Pyrolysis Control Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Safety Area and Center Definition (G. N. Sanayeva, I. E. Kirillov, A. E. Prorokov, V. N. Bogatikov, D. P. Vent)....Pages 549-559
Secure Hash Function Constructing for Future Communication Systems and Networks (Sergiy Gnatyuk, Vasyl Kinzeryavyy, Karina Kyrychenko, Khalicha Yubuzova, Marek Aleksander, Roman Odarchenko)....Pages 561-569
Code Obfuscation Technique for Enhancing Software Protection Against Reverse Engineering (Sergiy Gnatyuk, Vasyl Kinzeryavyy, Iryna Stepanenko, Yana Gorbatyuk, Andrii Gizun, Vitalii Kotelianets)....Pages 571-580
Modern Method and Software Tool for Guaranteed Data Deletion in Advanced Big Data Systems (Sergiy Gnatyuk, Vasyl Kinzeryavyy, Tetyana Sapozhnik, Iryna Sopilko, Nurgul Seilova, Anatoliy Hrytsak)....Pages 581-590
Computer Implementation of the Fuzzy Model for Evaluating the Educational Activities of the University (N. Yu. Mutovkina)....Pages 591-600
Temperature Field Simulation of Gyro Unit-Platform Assembly Accounting for Thermal Expansion and Roughness of Contact Surfaces (Mikhail V. Murashov)....Pages 601-616
The Primary Geo-electromagnetic Data Preprocessing Received from a Modified Geophysical Automatic Station (Roman Kaminskyj, Nataliya Shakho
医学与教育人工系统研究进展2-Advances in Artificial Systems for Medicine and Education II
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