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奥古斯丁与美德的限度-Augustine and the Limits of Virtue

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标题(title):Augustine and the Limits of Virtue
作者(author):James Wetzel
出版社(publisher):Cambridge University Press
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Augustine's moral psychology was one of the richest in late antiquity, and in this book James Wetzel evaluates its development, indicating that the insights offered by Augustine on free-will have been prevented from receiving full appreciation as the result of an anachronistic distinction between theology and philosophy. He shows that it has been commonplace to divide Augustine's thought into earlier and later phases, the former being more philosophically informed than the latter. Wetzel's contention is that this division is less pronounced than it has been made out to be. The author shows that, while Augustine clearly acknowledges his differences with philosophy, he never loses his fascination with the Stoic concepts of happiness and virtue, and of the possibility of their attainment by human beings. This fascination is seen by Wetzel to extend to Augustine's writings on grace, where freedom and happiness are viewed as a recovery of virtue. The notorious dismissal of pagan virtue in 'The City of God' is part of Augustine's family quarrel with philosophers, not a rejection of philosophy per se. Augustine the theologian is thus seen to be a Platonist philosopher with a keen sense of the psychology of moral struggle.
Table of contents :
Preface page xi
List of abbreviations xiv
Introduction: Augustine and philosophy i
1 Time-bound 17
The entropy of personal identity 26
Sin and entropy 37
2 The discipline of virtue 45
Virtue and external goods 55
The disenfranchisement of the affections 68
Voluntary sin 76
3 Wisdom's grief 86
Involuntary sin 88
The rehabilitation of the affections 98
4 Grace and conversion 112
Two wills at war 126
Fugitive beginnings 138
5 Virtue in retrospect 161
Conversion's persona 169
Mixing memory and desire 187
Irresistible grace 197
Alienation and autonomy 206
Conclusion: Free will 219
Editions 236
Translations 238
References 239
Index 244
奥古斯丁与美德的限度-Augustine and the Limits of Virtue
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