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人因失误、可靠性、恢复力和绩效的进展:AHFE 2019人因失误、可靠性、恢复力和绩效国际会议记录,2019年7月24-28日,美国华盛顿特区-Advances in Human Error, Rel

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标题(title):Advances in Human Error, Reliability, Resilience, and Performance: Proceedings of the AHFE 2019 International Conference on Human Error, Reliability, Resilience, and Performance, July 24-28, 2019, Washington D.C., USA
人因失误、可靠性、恢复力和绩效的进展:AHFE 2019人因失误、可靠性、恢复力和绩效国际会议记录,2019年7月24-28日,美国华盛顿特区
作者(author):Ronald L. Boring
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book brings together studies broadly addressing human error from different disciplines and perspectives. It discusses topics such as human performance; human variability and reliability analysis; medical, driver and pilot error, as well as automation error; root cause analyses; and the cognitive modeling of human error. In addition, it highlights cutting-edge applications in safety management, defense, security, transportation, process controls, and medicine, as well as more traditional fields of application. Based on the AHFE 2019 International Conference on Human Error, Reliability, Resilience, and Performance, held on July 24-28, 2019, Washington D.C., USA, the book includes experimental papers, original reviews, and reports on case studies, as well as meta-analyses, technical guidelines, best practice and methodological papers. It offers a timely reference guide for researchers and practitioners dealing with human error in a diverse range of fields.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xiv
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Investigating Collective Mindfulness in Mining: A Prospective Study in High-Reliability Organizations (Manikam Pillay, Michael Tuck, Karen Klockner)....Pages 3-12
Management Tool for Reliability Analysis in Socio-Technical Systems - A Case Study (Salvador Ávila Filho, Cassio Brunoro Ahumada, Érica Cayres, Adriano Puglia Lima, Cesar Malpica, Camille Peres et al.)....Pages 13-25
Formerly Unrevealed Public Records Should Change the Account of What Occurred on June 30, 2013 (Fred J. Schoeffler, Lance Honda, Joy A. Collura)....Pages 26-39
Winning Hearts and Minds in High-Reliability Industries: The Role of Human Performance in Persistent Front-Line Behavior Change (Damien Armenis)....Pages 40-49
Front Matter ....Pages 51-51
Relating the Learning Styles, Dependency, and Working Memory Capacity to Performance Effectiveness in Collaborative Problem Solving (Kaveh Sheikhrezaei, Craig Harvey)....Pages 53-64
Research on Human Error in Operation Task Under the Coupling of Time of Day and Stress (Xing Pan, Xianheng Zhao, Wenjin Zhang, Yuhang Jiang)....Pages 65-74
Organizational Risk Dynamics Archetypes for Unmanned Aerial System Maintenance and Human Error Shaping Factors (Yi Lu, Huayan Huangfu, Shuguang Zhang, Shan Fu)....Pages 75-87
Time-Reliability Correlation for the Human Reliability Analysis of a Digitalized Main Control Room (Wondea Jung, Jinkyun Park)....Pages 88-94
Human Performance in the Simulated Multiple Asset Routing Testbed (SMART): An Individual Differences Approach (Noelle Brown, Joseph Coyne, Ciara Sibley, Cyrus Foroughi)....Pages 95-105
Shared Spatial Situation Awareness as a Team Performance Indicator in Collaborative Spatial Orientation Task (Baptiste Prebot, Jean-Marc Salotti, Coralie Vennin, Bernard Claverie)....Pages 106-115
Front Matter ....Pages 117-117
A Risk Analysis Method for Human-Machine System Based on Risk Scenario and Interaction Interface Analysis (Xing Pan, Yuhang Jiang, Wenjin Zhang, Xianheng Zhao)....Pages 119-130
Human Factors Engineering Analysis for Human System Interface of Severe Accident Management Support System Based on Human Factors Engineering Program (Sungheon Lee, Jonghyun Kim)....Pages 131-141
Optimization of Information Interaction Interface Based on Error-Cognition Mechanism (Xiaoli Wu, Chengqi Xue, Feng Zhou, Linlin Wang, Weiwei Zhang, Tingting Zhang et al.)....Pages 142-154
A Pilot Error Analysis Method for the Human-Machine Interface Design Process of Civil Aircraft Cockpit (Shasha Lu, Yang Zhou, Hongtao Liu, Zhefeng Jin)....Pages 155-161
Front Matter ....Pages 163-163
Training for Readiness and Resilience: Supplemental Findings (Lauren Hallal-Kirk, Debra J. Patton, Joan Johnston, Laura Milham, Lisa Townsend, Dawn Riddle)....Pages 165-175
Physical Readiness is More Than Physical Fitness: Relationships Between Army Physical Fitness Test Scores and Self-reports of Physical and Psychological Fitness (Gary L. Boykin Sr., Valerie J. Rice)....Pages 176-183
Which Mindfulness Meditation Delivery Method Yields the Greatest Benefits? (Valerie J. Rice, Cory Overby)....Pages 184-195
Front Matter ....Pages 197-197
Experimental Research on Measurement of Team Situation Awareness in Nuclear Power Plants (Guimei Zuo, Jianhua Chen, Licao Dai)....Pages 199-213
A Simulator Experimental Study on Individual SA and Team SSA in Digital MCRs of NPPs (Pengcheng Li, Xiao Jin, Yanxing Wang, Jianhua Chen, Licao Dai)....Pages 214-224
Method for Crew Human Reliability Analysis Based on CREAM (Xiaoxia Wang, Wenjin Zhang, Xing Pan, Tun Liu)....Pages 225-234
Organizational Resilience Model in a Nuclear Power Plant (Dai Licao, Li Hu, Chen Jianhua, Lu Wenjie, Li Pengcheng)....Pages 235-243
Front Matter ....Pages 245-245
An Estimation and Comparison of Human Abilities to Communicate Information Through Pursuit Tracking vs. Pointing on a Single Axis (Michael Blandino, Edgar Berdahl, R. William Soukoreff)....Pages 247-257
Linguistic Approach to Support Human Reliability Analysis and Validation Work in Advanced Radiotherapy Technologies (Mariarosa Giardina, Pietro Buffa, Pablo Cirrone, Luigi Raffaele, Vincenzo Salamone)....Pages 258-270
Proposal of Information Analysis System on Latent Human Error (Tatsuya Shimada, Riku Tsunori, Kasumi Koike, Yusaku Okada)....Pages 271-275
Mining Human Error Incident Patterns with Text Classification (Toru Nakata)....Pages 276-285
Front Matter ....Pages 287-287
Human Reliability Research Needs for Long-Duration Spaceflight (Ronald L. Boring, David I. Gertman, Thomas A. Ulrich)....Pages 289-297
A Management Science Perspective on Resilience (Kimberly Stowers, Yash Mehta, Youjeong Huh, Lisa Brady, Nicholas Kasdaglis)....Pages 298-309
Alternatives for Scheduling Departures for Efficient Surface Metering in ATD-2: Exploration in a Human-in-the-Loop Simulation (Bonny K. Parke, Lindsay K. S. Stevens, William J. Coupe, Hanbong Lee, Yoon C. Jung, Deborah L. Bakowski et al.)....Pages 310-320
Safety Risk Assessment of Space Launch Site Considering Human Reliability (Tun Liu, Wenjin Zhang, Xing Pan, Xiaoxia Wang)....Pages 321-331
Back Matter ....Pages 333-334
人因失误、可靠性、恢复力和绩效的进展:AHFE 2019人因失误、可靠性、恢复力和绩效国际会议记录,2019年7月24-28日,美国华盛顿特区-Advances in Human Error, Rel
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