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信息安全:第22届国际会议,ISC 2019,纽约市,纽约,美国,2019年9月16-18日,会议记录-Information Security: 22nd International Confere

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标题(title):Information Security: 22nd International Conference, ISC 2019, New York City, NY, USA, September 16–18, 2019, Proceedings
信息安全:第22届国际会议,ISC 2019,纽约市,纽约,美国,2019年9月16-18日,会议记录
作者(author):Zhiqiang Lin, Charalampos Papamanthou, Michalis Polychronakis
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
大小(size):26 MB (27661278 bytes)

This book constitutes the proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Information Security, ISC 2019, held in New York City, NY, USA, in September 2019.

The 23 full papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 86 submissions. The papers were organized in topical sections named: Attacks and Cryptanalysis; Crypto I: Secure Computation and Storage; Machine Learning and Security; Crypto II: Zero-Knowledge Proofs; Defenses; Web Security; Side Channels; Malware Analysis; Crypto III: Signatures and Authentication.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xi
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
IBWH: An Intermittent Block Withholding Attack with Optimal Mining Reward Rate (Junming Ke, Pawel Szalachowski, Jianying Zhou, Qiuliang Xu, Zheng Yang)....Pages 3-24
Full Database Reconstruction with Access and Search Pattern Leakage (Evangelia Anna Markatou, Roberto Tamassia)....Pages 25-43
Cube Cryptanalysis of Round-Reduced ACORN (Jingchun Yang, Meicheng Liu, Dongdai Lin)....Pages 44-64
Front Matter ....Pages 65-65
Auditable Compressed Storage (Iraklis Leontiadis, Reza Curtmola)....Pages 67-86
Decentralized Evaluation of Quadratic Polynomials on Encrypted Data (Chloé Hébant, Duong Hieu Phan, David Pointcheval)....Pages 87-106
Robust Distributed Pseudorandom Functions for mNP Access Structures (Bei Liang, Aikaterini Mitrokotsa)....Pages 107-126
Front Matter ....Pages 127-127
Can Today’s Machine Learning Pass Image-Based Turing Tests? (Apostolis Zarras, Ilias Gerostathopoulos, Daniel Méndez Fernández)....Pages 129-148
PD-ML-Lite: Private Distributed Machine Learning from Lightweight Cryptography (Maksim Tsikhanovich, Malik Magdon-Ismail, Muhammad Ishaq, Vassilis Zikas)....Pages 149-167
Front Matter ....Pages 169-169
Code-Based Zero Knowledge PRF Arguments (Carlo Brunetta, Bei Liang, Aikaterini Mitrokotsa)....Pages 171-189
On New Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Lattice-Based Group Signatures with Verifier-Local Revocation (Yanhua Zhang, Yupu Hu, Qikun Zhang, Huiwen Jia)....Pages 190-208
Front Matter ....Pages 209-209
When the Attacker Knows a Lot: The GAGA Graph Anonymizer (Arash Alavi, Rajiv Gupta, Zhiyun Qian)....Pages 211-230
Mitigation Techniques for Attacks on 1-Dimensional Databases that Support Range Queries (Evangelia Anna Markatou, Roberto Tamassia)....Pages 231-251
Front Matter ....Pages 253-253
Getting Under Alexa’s Umbrella: Infiltration Attacks Against Internet Top Domain Lists (Walter Rweyemamu, Tobias Lauinger, Christo Wilson, William Robertson, Engin Kirda)....Pages 255-276
Truth in Web Mining: Measuring the Profitability and the Imposed Overheads of Cryptojacking (Panagiotis Papadopoulos, Panagiotis Ilia, Evangelos Markatos)....Pages 277-296
Front Matter ....Pages 297-297
LightSense: A Novel Side Channel for Zero-permission Mobile User Tracking (Quanqi Ye, Yan Zhang, Guangdong Bai, Naipeng Dong, Zhenkai Liang, Jin Song Dong et al.)....Pages 299-318
Robust Covert Channels Based on DRAM Power Consumption (Thales Bandiera Paiva, Javier Navaridas, Routo Terada)....Pages 319-338
Front Matter ....Pages 339-339
Barnum: Detecting Document Malware via Control Flow Anomalies in Hardware Traces (Carter Yagemann, Salmin Sultana, Li Chen, Wenke Lee)....Pages 341-359
An Analysis of Malware Trends in Enterprise Networks (Abbas Acar, Long Lu, A. Selcuk Uluagac, Engin Kirda)....Pages 360-380
L(a)ying in (Test)Bed (Tamy Beppler, Marcus Botacin, Fabrício J. O. Ceschin, Luiz E. S. Oliveira, André Grégio)....Pages 381-401
Automated Reconstruction of Control Logic for Programmable Logic Controller Forensics (Syed Ali Qasim, Juan Lopez Jr., Irfan Ahmed)....Pages 402-422
Front Matter ....Pages 423-423
Secure Stern Signatures in Quantum Random Oracle Model (Hanwen Feng, Jianwei Liu, Qianhong Wu)....Pages 425-444
Adding Linkability to Ring Signatures with One-Time Signatures (Xueli Wang, Yu Chen, Xuecheng Ma)....Pages 445-464
Cryptographic Authentication from the Iris (Sailesh Simhadri, James Steel, Benjamin Fuller)....Pages 465-485
Back Matter ....Pages 487-488
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信息安全:第22届国际会议,ISC 2019,纽约市,纽约,美国,2019年9月16-18日,会议记录-Information Security: 22nd International Confere
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