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水遗产的适应策略:过去、现在和未来-Adaptive Strategies for Water Heritage: Past, Present and Future

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标题(title):Adaptive Strategies for Water Heritage: Past, Present and Future
作者(author):Carola Hein
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This Open Access book, building on research initiated by scholars from the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Global Heritage and Development (CHGD) and ICOMOS Netherlands, presents multidisciplinary research that connects water to heritage. Through twenty-one chapters it explores landscapes, cities, engineering structures and buildings from around the world. It describes how people have actively shaped the course, form and function of water for human settlement and the development of civilizations, establishing socio-economic structures, policies and cultures; a rich world of narratives, laws and practices; and an extensive network of infrastructure, buildings and urban form.

The book is organized in five thematic sections that link practices of the past to the design of the present and visions of the future: part I discusses drinking water management; part II addresses water use in agriculture; part III explores water management for land reclamation and defense; part IV examines river and coastal planning; and part V focuses on port cities and waterfront regeneration.

Today, the many complex systems of the past are necessarily the basis for new systems that both preserve the past and manage water today: policy makers and designers can work together to recognize and build on the traditional knowledge and skills that old structure embody. This book argues that there is a need for a common agenda and an integrated policy that addresses the preservation, transformation and adaptive reuse of historic water-related structures. Throughout, it imagines how such efforts will help us develop sustainable futures for cities, landscapes and bodies of water.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xix
Introduction: Connecting Water and Heritage for the Future (Carola Hein, Henk van Schaik, Diederik Six, Tino Mager, Jan (J. C. A.) Kolen, Maurits Ertsen et al.)....Pages 1-18
Front Matter ....Pages 19-19
Silent and Unseen: Stewardship of Water Infrastructural Heritage ( Meisha Hunter Burkett)....Pages 20-39
The Qanat System: A Reflection on the Heritage of the Extraction of Hidden Waters (Negar Sanaan Bensi)....Pages 40-57
Studying Ancient Water Management in Monte Albán, Mexico, to Solve Water Issues, Improve Urban Living, and Protect Heritage in the Present (Araceli Rojas, Nahuel Beccan Dávila)....Pages 58-77
Thirsty Cities: Learning from Dutch Water Supply Heritage (Suzanne Loen)....Pages 78-103
Front Matter ....Pages 105-105
Water Meadows as European Agricultural Heritage (Hans Renes, Csaba Centeri, Sebastian Eiter, Bénédicte Gaillard, Alexandra Kruse, Zdeněk Kučera et al.)....Pages 106-131
Holler Colonies and the Altes Land: A Vivid Example of the Importance of European Intangible and Tangible Heritage (Alexandra Kruse, Bernd Paulowitz)....Pages 132-151
Archaic Water: The Role of a Legend in Constructing the Water Management Heritage of Sanbonkihara, Japan (Izumi Kuroishi)....Pages 152-171
How Citizens Reshaped a Plan for an Aerotropolis and Preserved the Water Heritage System of the Taoyuan Tableland (Sinite Yu, Chung-Hsi Lin, Hsiaoen Wu, Wenyao Hsu, Yu-Chuan Chang)....Pages 172-189
Front Matter ....Pages 191-191
Reassessing Heritage: Contradiction and Discrepancy Between Fishery and Agriculture in Planning the Hachirogata Polder and Its Surrounding Lagoon in Mid-Twentieth Century Japan (Yasunori Kitao)....Pages 192-211
The Noordoostpolder: A Landscape Planning Perspective on the Preservation and Development of Twentieth-Century Polder Landscapes in the Netherlands (Steffen Nijhuis)....Pages 212-229
Europolders a European Program on Polder Landscape, Heritage, and Innovation (Hildebrand P. G. de Boer)....Pages 230-249
Hold the Line: The transformation of the New Dutch Waterline and the Future Possibilities of Heritage (Gerdy Verschuure-Stuip)....Pages 250-269
Front Matter ....Pages 271-271
‘Absent–Present’ Heritage: The Cultural Heritage of Dwelling on the Changjian (Yangtze) River (Andrew M. Law, Xi Chen)....Pages 272-289
Neglected and Undervalued Cultural Heritage: Waterfronts and Riverbanks of Alblasserwaard, The Netherlands (Arie den Boer)....Pages 290-307
Room for the River: Innovation, or Tradition? The Case of the Noordwaard (Sander van Alphen)....Pages 308-323
Heritage in European Coastal Landscapes—Four Reasons for Inter-regional Knowledge Exchange (Linde Egberts)....Pages 324-341
Front Matter ....Pages 343-343
The Impact of Planning Reform on Water-Related Heritage Values and on Recalling Collective Maritime Identity of Port Cities: The Case of Rotterdam (Azadeh Arjomand Kermani, Wout van der Toorn Vrijthoff, Arash Salek)....Pages 344-361
From HERITAGE to Feritage: How Economic Path Dependencies in the Caribbean Cruise Destinations Are Distorting the Uses of Heritage Architecture and Urban Form (Supersudaca, Sofia Saavedra Bruno, Martin Delgado, Felix Madrazo)....Pages 362-381
Using Heritage to Develop Sustainable Port–City Relationships: Lisbon’s Shift from Object-Based to Landscape Approaches (José M. Pagés Sánchez, Tom A. Daamen)....Pages 382-399
Toward a Cultural Heritage of Adaptation: A Plea to Embrace the Heritage of a Culture of Risk, Vulnerability and Adaptation (Han Meyer)....Pages 400-419
Back Matter ....Pages 421-435
水遗产的适应策略:过去、现在和未来-Adaptive Strategies for Water Heritage: Past, Present and Future
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