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高级混合信息处理:第三届EAI国际会议,ADHIP 2019,中国南京,2019年9月21-22日,会议记录,第二部分-Advanced Hybrid Information Processing:

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标题(title):Advanced Hybrid Information Processing: Third EAI International Conference, ADHIP 2019, Nanjing, China, September 21–22, 2019, Proceedings, Part II
高级混合信息处理:第三届EAI国际会议,ADHIP 2019,中国南京,2019年9月21-22日,会议记录,第二部分
作者(author):Guan Gui, Lin Yun
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
大小(size):39 MB (40706229 bytes)

This two-volume set LNICST 301 -302 constitutes the post-conference proceedings of the Third EAI International Conference on Advanced Hybrid Information Processing, ADHIP 2019, held in Nanjing, China, in September 2019. The 101 papers presented were selected from 237 submissions and focus on hybrid big data processing. Since information processing has acted as an important research domain in science and technology today, it is now to develop deeper and wider use of hybrid information processing, especially information processing for big data. There are more remaining issues waiting for solving, such as classification and systemization of big data, objective tracking and behavior understanding in big multimedia data, encoding and compression of big data.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xix
Research on the Large Data Intelligent Classification Method for Long-Term Health Monitoring of Bridge (Xiaojiang Hong, Mingdong Yu)....Pages 1-10
Construction Quality Inspection Method of Building Concrete Based on Big Data (Mingdong Yu, Xiaojiang Hong)....Pages 11-21
Research on Visual Display Method of Virtual Experimental Elements Based on Big Data Technology (Wei-wei Xu, Chen-guang Bai)....Pages 22-31
Research on Distributed Power Energy Grid-Connected Control Method Based on Big Data (Chen-guang Bai)....Pages 32-40
Blind Identification of Sparse Multipath Channels Under the Background of Internet of Things (Ying Li, Feng Jin, Qi Liu)....Pages 41-51
Design of Anti-Co-Frequency Interference System for Wireless Spread Spectrum Communication Based on Internet of Things Technology (Feng Jin, Ying Li, Wu-lin Liu)....Pages 52-61
Optimal Method of Load Signal Control of Power Based on State Difference Clustering (Yan Zhao, Pengfei Lang)....Pages 62-71
Research on Intelligent Estimation Model of BER for High-Speed Image Transmission Based on LVDS Interface (Pengfei Lang, Qingfeng Shi, Zebing Xie, Hongtao Zheng, Yan Zhao)....Pages 72-81
Anti-tampering Monitoring Method of Network Sensitive Information Based on Big Data Analysis (Yi Shen, Lu Zhang)....Pages 82-89
Research on Intelligent Detection Method of Weak Sensing Signal Based on Artificial Intelligence (Shuang-cheng Jia, Feng-ping Yang)....Pages 90-98
Research on Delay Control Method of Ultra-Wideband Wireless Communication Based on Artificial Intelligence (Shuang-cheng Jia, Feng-ping Yang)....Pages 99-108
Research on Anomaly Monitoring Algorithm of Uncertain Large Data Flow Based on Artificial Intelligence (Shuang-cheng Jia, Feng-ping Yang)....Pages 109-117
Research on Parallel Mining Method of Massive Image Data Based on AI (Shuang-cheng Jia, Feng-ping Yang)....Pages 118-127
Floating Small Target Detection in Sea Clutter Based on Jointed Features in FRFT Domain (Yan-ling Shi, Xue-liang Zhang, Zi-peng Liu)....Pages 128-139
Research on Fatigue Life Prediction Method of Ballastless Track Based on Big Data (Ailin Wang)....Pages 140-150
Design of High Speed Railway Turnout Structural Damage Identification System Based on Machine Learning (Ailin Wang)....Pages 151-161
Research on Data Integrity Encryption Method of Cloud Storage Users Based on Big Data Analysis (Lu Zhang, Yi Shen)....Pages 162-170
Intelligent Detection Method for Maximum Color Difference of Image Based on Machine Learning (Jia Wang, Qian Zhang)....Pages 171-180
Automatic Color Control Method of Low Contrast Image Based on Big Data Analysis (Jia Wang, Zhiqin Yin, Xiyan Xu, Jianfei Yang)....Pages 181-189
Research on Reduced Dimension Classification Algorithm of Complex Attribute Big Data in Cloud Computing (Wei Song, Yue Wang)....Pages 190-199
Research on Hierarchical Mining Algorithm of Spatial Big Data Set Association Rules (Yue Wang, Wei Song)....Pages 200-208
Uniform Acceleration Motion Target Location and Tracking Based on Time-Frequency Difference (Luxi Zhang, Yijun Li, Yuanyuan Song, Yi He Wan, Yan Qiang, Qun Wan)....Pages 209-218
Variable Scale Iterative SAR Imaging Algorithm Based on Sparse Representation (Zhenzhu Zha, Qun Wan, Yue Yang, Di Zhang, Yuanyuan Song)....Pages 219-228
IoT Security Access Authentication Method Based on Blockchain (Yang Cheng, Min Lei, Shiyou Chen, Zigang Fang, Shuaipeng Yang)....Pages 229-238
Continuous Predictive Model for Quality of Experience in Wireless Video Streaming (Wenjuan Shi, Jinqiu Pan)....Pages 239-248
Knowledge-Aided Group GLRT for Range Distributed Target Detection in Partially Homogeneous Environment (Yanling Shi)....Pages 249-258
Asynchronous Distributed ADMM for Learning with Large-Scale and High-Dimensional Sparse Data Set (Dongxia Wang, Yongmei Lei)....Pages 259-274
Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Based on Hidden Semi-Markov Model (Lujie Di, Xueke Ding, Mingbing Li, Qun Wan)....Pages 275-286
A Survey of Radar Signature Analysis and Applications on Space Targets with Micro-motions (He Zhu, Jun Wang, Yongjiang Chen)....Pages 287-298
Airport Role Orientation Based on Improved K-means Clustering Algorithm (Qingjun Xia, Zhaoyue Zhang, Baochen Zhang)....Pages 299-309
Secrecy Outage Probability Analysis for Indoor Visible Light Communications with Random Terminals (Hong Ge, Jianxin Dai)....Pages 310-319
Smart Phone Aided Intelligent Invoice Reimbursement System (Yang Meng, Yan Liang, Yingyi Sun, Jinqiu Pan, Guan Gui)....Pages 320-329
Speech Source Tracking Based on Distributed Particle Filter in Reverberant Environments (Ruifang Wang, Xiaoyu Lan)....Pages 330-342
Spectrum Prediction in Cognitive Radio Based on Sequence to Sequence Neural Network (Ling Xing, Mingbing Li, Yihe Wan, Qun Wan)....Pages 343-354
Fast Anti-noise Compression Storage Algorithm for Big Data Video Images (Tao Lei)....Pages 355-362
Analysis and Prediction Method of Student Behavior Mining Based on Campus Big Data (Liyan Tu)....Pages 363-371
Model Mining Method for Collaborative Behavior of Knowledge Agent in Innovation Ecosystem (Wen Li)....Pages 372-380
Signal-Triggered Automatic Acquisition Method for Electrical Leakage Fault Data of Electrical Circuits (Ming-fei Qu, Dong-bao Ma)....Pages 381-391
Design of Agricultural Products Intelligent Transportation Logistics Freight Forecasting System Based on Large Data Analysis (Xiao-yan Ai, Yong-heng Zhang)....Pages 392-400
An Ideological and Political Education Evaluation Method of University Students Based on Data Mining (Liyan Tu, Lan Wu)....Pages 401-408
Design of Real-Time Detection System of Bacteria Concentration Changes in Biological Fermentation (Weiwei Jiang, Jinbao Shan)....Pages 409-418
Optimization Design of Large-Scale Network Security Situation Composite Prediction System (Jinbao Shan, Shenggang Wu)....Pages 419-425
Fading Measurement Method of Backup Path Signal in Wireless Network (Hui Xuan, Yanjing Cai, Xiaofeng Cao)....Pages 426-432
Research on Spatial Trajectory Retrieval Method of Athletes Stepping Motion Data (Xiaofeng Xu)....Pages 433-441
Research on Fuzzy Recognition Method of Regional Traffic Congestion Based on GPS (Lan-fang Gong)....Pages 442-450
Digital Video Tampered Inter-frame Multi-scale Content Similarity Detection Method (Lan Wu, Xiao-qiang Wu, Chunyou Zhang, Hong-yan Shi)....Pages 451-460
Design and Implementation of the Cross-Harmonic Recommender System Based on Spark (Huang Jie, Liu ChangSheng, Liu ChengLi)....Pages 461-474
Back Matter ....Pages 475-476
高级混合信息处理:第三届EAI国际会议,ADHIP 2019,中国南京,2019年9月21-22日,会议记录,第二部分-Advanced Hybrid Information Processing:
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