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自然风险评价与防范-Evaluation and prevention of natural risks

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标题(title):Evaluation and prevention of natural risks
作者(author):Campus, Stefano
出版社(publisher):Taylor & Francis
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Table of contents :
Content: Forecasting, hazard, and risks related to natural phenomena / Stefano Campus, Luca Paro --
Forecasting natural phenomena for emergency management / Secondo Barbero --
A knowledge base and the diffusion of knowledge as supports for the assessment of hazard and risk / Enrico Bonansea, Carlo Troisi --
Meteorological phenomena / Paolo Bertolotto [and others] --
The large alpine landslides / Michele Morelli, Luca Paro --
Rock falls / Marta Castelli, Erme Fusetti, Luca Mallen --
Shallow landslides / Stefano Campus, Gabriele Nicolò, David Rabuffetti --
Torrential processes / Federica Marco --
Avalanches / Andrea Bertea [and others] --
River flooding / Secondo Barbero, Gianfranca Bellardone, Claudia Giampani --
Meteorological forcasting / Daniele Cane [and others] --
Indicators of rainfall hazard / Secondo Barbero, Milena Zacagnino --
Towards a different approach to forecasting methods / Stefano Campus --
Forecasting floods / Secondo Barbero [and others] --
Forecasting landslides / Fabrizio Bosco [and others] --
Limitations and constraints of forecasting / Secondo Barbero [and others] --
The case of the Scrivia River on September 15-16, 2004 / Elena Oberto --
The mass movement of the Rio Frejus (Bardonecchia, NW Italian Alps) on August 6th, 2004 / Fabrizio Bosco [and others].
自然风险评价与防范-Evaluation and prevention of natural risks
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