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增强认知:第13届国际会议,AC 2019,作为第21届HCI国际会议的一部分举行,HCII 2019,奥兰多,佛罗里达州,美国,2019年7月26-31日,会议记录-Augmented Cognit

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标题(title):Augmented Cognition: 13th International Conference, AC 2019, Held as Part of the 21st HCI International Conference, HCII 2019, Orlando, FL, USA, July 26–31, 2019, Proceedings
增强认知:第13届国际会议,AC 2019,作为第21届HCI国际会议的一部分举行,HCII 2019,奥兰多,佛罗里达州,美国,2019年7月26-31日,会议记录
作者(author):Dylan D. Schmorrow, Cali M. Fidopiastis
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Augmented Cognition, AC 2019, held as part of the 21st International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, HCII 2019, in Orlando, FL, USA in July, 2019.

The 1274 full papers and 209 posters presented at the HCII 2019 conferences were carefully reviewed and selected from 5029 submissions. The papers cover the entire field of human-computer interaction, addressing major advances in knowledge and effective use of computers in a variety of applications areas. The papers in this volume are organized in the following topical sections: cognitive modeling, perception, emotion and interaction; human cognition and behavior in complex tasks and environments; brain-computer interfaces and electroencephalography; and augmented learning.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xxi
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Creating Affording Situations with Animate Objects (Chris Baber, Sara Al-Tunaib, Ahmed Khattab)....Pages 3-13
FUNii: The Physio-Behavioural Adaptive Video Game (Alexis Fortin-Côté, Nicolas Beaudoin-Gagnon, Cindy Chamberland, Frédéric Desbiens, Ludovic Lefebvre, Jérémy Bergeron et al.)....Pages 14-28
Deriving Features for Designing Ambient Media (Kota Gushima, Shuma Toyama, Yukiko Kinoshita, Tatsuo Nakajima)....Pages 29-40
Cognitive Dissonance in a Multi-mind Automated Decision System (Monte Hancock, Antoinette Hadgis, Katy Hancock, Benjamin Bowles, Payton Brown, Tyler Higgins)....Pages 41-57
A Hierarchical Characterization of Knowledge for Cognition (Monte Hancock, Jared Stiers, Tyler Higgins, Fiona Swarr, Michael Shrider, Suraj Sood)....Pages 58-73
A Study on the Development of the Psychological Assessment a Using Eye-Tracking: Focused on Eye Gaze Processing of Literacy Text (Joon Hyun Jeon, Gyoung Kim, Jeong Ae Kim)....Pages 74-83
Impedances of Memorable Passphrase Design on Augmented Cognition (Lila A. Loos, Michael-Brian Ogawa, Martha E. Crosby)....Pages 84-92
Tokens of Interaction: Psychophysiological Signals, a Potential Source of Evidence of Digital Incidents (Nancy Mogire, Randall K. Minas, Martha E. Crosby)....Pages 93-110
The Artificial Facilitator: Guiding Participants in Developing Causal Maps Using Voice-Activated Technologies (Thrishma Reddy, Philippe J. Giabbanelli, Vijay K. Mago)....Pages 111-129
Front Matter ....Pages 131-131
Augmented Cognition for Socio-Technical Systems (Scott David, Barbara Endicott-Popovsky)....Pages 133-142
Using Eye Tracking to Assess the Navigation Efficacy of a Medical Proxy Decision Tool (Soussan Djamasbi, Bengisu Tulu, Javad Norouzi Nia, Andrew Aberdale, Christopher Lee, Susanne Muehlschlegel)....Pages 143-152
Considerations for Human-Machine Teaming in Cybersecurity (Steven R. Gomez, Vincent Mancuso, Diane Staheli)....Pages 153-168
Do We Need “Teaming” to Team with a Machine? (Craig Haimson, Celeste Lyn Paul, Sarah Joseph, Randall Rohrer, Bohdan Nebesh)....Pages 169-178
Automating Crime Informatics to Inform Public Policy (Katy Hancock, Monte Hancock)....Pages 179-191
Visualizing Parameter Spaces of Deep-Learning Machines (Monte Hancock, Antoinette Hadgis, Benjamin Bowles, Payton Brown, Alexis Wahlid Ahmed, Tyler Higgins et al.)....Pages 192-210
Geometrically Intuitive Rendering of High-Dimensional Data (Monte Hancock, Kristy Sproul, Jared Stiers, Benjamin Bowles, Fiona Swarr, Jason Privette et al.)....Pages 211-224
Enacting Virtual Reality: The Philosophy and Cognitive Science of Optimal Virtual Experience (Garri Hovhannisyan, Anna Henson, Suraj Sood)....Pages 225-255
The Impact of Game Peripherals on the Gamer Experience and Performance (Xiaobo Ke, Christian Wagner)....Pages 256-272
Biomimicry and Machine Learning in the Context of Healthcare Digitization (Corinne Lee, Suraj Sood, Monte Hancock, Tyler Higgins, Kristy Sproul, Antoinette Hadgis et al.)....Pages 273-283
Facilitating Cluster Counting in Multi-dimensional Feature Space by Intermediate Information Grouping (Chloe Chun-wing Lo, Jishnu Chowdhury, Markus Hollander, Alexis-Walid Ahmed, Suraj Sood, Kristy Sproul et al.)....Pages 284-298
Training to Instill a Cyber-Aware Mindset (Kelly Neville, Larry Flint, Lauren Massey, Alex Nickels, Jose Medina, Amy Bolton)....Pages 299-311
Demonstrably Safe Self-replicating Manufacturing Systems (Eli M. Rabani, Lesley A. Perg)....Pages 312-330
Usability Inspection of a Mobile Clinical Decision Support App and a Short Form Heuristic Evaluation Checklist (Blaine Reeder, Cynthia Drake, Mustafa Ozkaynak, Wallace Jones, David Mack, Alexandria David et al.)....Pages 331-344
Holarchic Psychoinformatics: A Mathematical Ontology for General and Psychological Realities (Suraj Sood, Corinne Lee, Garri Hovhannisyan, Shannon Lee, Garrett Rozier, Antoinette Hadgis et al.)....Pages 345-355
Computing with Words — A Framework for Human-Computer Interaction (Dan Tamir, Shai Neumann, Naphtali Rishe, Abe Kandel, Lotfi Zadeh)....Pages 356-372
Front Matter ....Pages 373-373
Assessing Correlation Between Virtual Reality Based Serious Gaming Performance and Cognitive Workload Changes via Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (Emin Aksoy, Kurtulus Izzetoglu, Banu Onaral, Dilek Kitapcioglu, Mehmet Erhan Sayali, Feray Guven)....Pages 375-383
Construction of Air Traffic Controller’s Decision Network Using Error-Related Potential (Sim Kuan Goh, Ngoc Phu Tran, Duc-Thinh Pham, Sameer Alam, Kurtulus Izzetoglu, Vu Duong)....Pages 384-393
UAS Operator Workload Assessment During Search and Surveillance Tasks Through Simulated Fluctuations in Environmental Visibility (Jaime Kerr, Pratusha Reddy, Shahar Kosti, Kurtulus Izzetoglu)....Pages 394-406
Processing Racial Stereotypes in Virtual Reality: An Exploratory Study Using Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) (Gyoung Kim, Noah Buntain, Leanne Hirshfield, Mark R. Costa, T. Makana Chock)....Pages 407-417
An Enactive Perspective on Emotion: A Case Study on Monitoring Brainwaves (Vanessa Regina Margareth Lima Maike, M. Cecília C. Baranauskas)....Pages 418-435
An Immersive Brain Painting: The Effects of Brain Painting in a Virtual Reality Environment (Willie McClinton, Sarah Garcia, Marvin Andujar)....Pages 436-445
Predicting Java Computer Programming Task Difficulty Levels Using EEG for Educational Environments (Ramaswamy Palaniappan, Aruna Duraisingam, Nithyakalyani Chinnaiah, Murugappan Murugappan)....Pages 446-460
Towards Hybrid Multimodal Brain Computer Interface for Robotic Arm Command (Cristian-Cezar Postelnicu, Florin Girbacia, Gheorghe-Daniel Voinea, Razvan Boboc)....Pages 461-470
Interpolation, a Model for Sound Representation Based on BCI (Hector Fabio Torres-Cardona, Catalina Aguirre-Grisales, Victor Hugo Castro-Londoño, Jose Luis Rodriguez-Sotelo)....Pages 471-483
Wavelet Packet Entropy Analysis of Resting State Electroencephalogram in Sleep Deprived Mental Fatigue State (Yanjing Wang, Zhongqi Liu, Qianxiang Zhou, Xuewei Chen)....Pages 484-494
Front Matter ....Pages 495-495
Holographic and Related Technologies for Medical Simulation (Christine Allen, Sasha Willis, Claudia Hernandez, Andrew Wismer, Brian Goldiez, Grace Teo et al.)....Pages 497-516
Nature Inspired Scenes for Guided Mindfulness Training: Presence, Perceived Restorativeness and Meditation Depth (Mark R. Costa, Dessa Bergen-Cico, Trevor Grant, Rocio Herrero, Jessica Navarro, Rachel Razza et al.)....Pages 517-532
Calculating Cognitive Augmentation – A Case Study (Ron Fulbright)....Pages 533-545
Designing an Interactive Device to Slow Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease (Ting-Ya Huang, Hsi-Jen Chen, Fong-Gong Wu)....Pages 546-562
Cognitive Profiles and Education of Female Cyber Defence Operators (Ricardo G. Lugo, Andrea Firth-Clark, Benjamin J. Knox, Øyvind Jøsok, Kirsi Helkala, Stefan Sütterlin)....Pages 563-572
Self-control Strategies: Interpreting and Enhancing Augmented Cognition from a Self-regulatory Perspective (Mina Milosevic, Nicholas A. Moon, Michael W. McFerran, Sherif al-Qallawi, Lida P. Ponce, Chris Juszczyk et al.)....Pages 573-585
Guided Mindfulness: New Frontier to Augmented Learning (Nisha Quraishi, Nicholas A. Moon, Katherine Rau, Lida P. Ponce, Mina Milosevic, Katrina Merlini et al.)....Pages 586-596
Reading Behavior and Comprehension of C++ Source Code - A Classroom Study (Jonathan A. Saddler, Cole S. Peterson, Patrick Peachock, Bonita Sharif)....Pages 597-616
Self-regulated Learning and Expertise: Dual Cognitive Processes (Webb Stacy, Jeffrey M. Beaubien, Tara Brown)....Pages 617-630
Clarifying Cognitive Flexibility from a Self-regulatory Perspective (Melissa M. Walwanis, Shelby-Jo Ponto)....Pages 631-643
Enhancing Simulated Students with Models of Self-regulated Learning (Robert E. Wray)....Pages 644-654
Back Matter ....Pages 655-657
增强认知:第13届国际会议,AC 2019,作为第21届HCI国际会议的一部分举行,HCII 2019,奥兰多,佛罗里达州,美国,2019年7月26-31日,会议记录-Augmented Cognit
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