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纳蒂·纽菲案-The Case of the Natty Newfie

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标题(title):The Case of the Natty Newfie
作者(author):B R Snow [Snow, B R]
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As the launch date of their new dog toy company approaches, Suzy, Josie, and Chef Claire are in Ottawa to do a photo shoot with their dogs as part of the initial marketing campaign. But the photographer, who moonlights for the tabloids, is a young man with a very bad public image and a reputation for being a bit of ladies’ man. And when his assistant is found dead in his downtown loft, the photographer is the number one suspect.
Suzy soon finds herself working with two Canadian detectives she met the last time she was in town and right in the middle of a bizarre case that includes some rather scandalous photographs, blackmail, and, quite possibly, a case of mistaken identity. Further complicating things is a huge early winter snowstorm that has everyone on edge and more than a few people severely under the weather.
As Suzy digs into the case, she comes face to face with a diverse group of potential suspects including The Black Widow, a socialite with five dead ex-husbands, a mining magnate who has inexplicably signed up to be husband number six, a couple of famous models, and the aunt of Suzy’s new boyfriend, Max, whose career ended abruptly when she was caught in an embarrassing situation, quite possibly by the very same photographer they’re using for the dogs’ photo shoot. Despite her latest resolution to take a step back and let the police do their thing, Suzy’s neurons are soon on fire, and, once again, she finds herself up to her neck in the case, and up to her waist in snow before she can get a good handle on exactly what’s going on.

纳蒂·纽菲案-The Case of the Natty Newfie
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