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应用信息学:第二届国际会议,国际民航组织2019,西班牙马德里,2019年11月7-9日,会议记录-Applied Informatics: Second International Conferen

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标题(title):Applied Informatics: Second International Conference, ICAI 2019, Madrid, Spain, November 7–9, 2019, Proceedings
作者(author):Hector Florez, Marcelo Leon, Jose Maria Diaz-Nafria, Simone Belli
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed papers of the Second International Conference on Applied Informatics, ICAI 2019, held in Madrid, Spain, in November 2019.

The 37 full papers and one short paper were carefully reviewed and selected from 98 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on bioinformatics; data analysis; decision systems; health care information systems; IT Architectures; learning management systems; robotic autonomy; security services; socio-technical systems; software design engineering.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xiv
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Bioinformatics Methods to Discover Antivirals Against Zika Virus (Karina Salvatierra, Marcos Vera, Hector Florez)....Pages 3-14
Front Matter ....Pages 15-15
Academic Behavior Analysis in Virtual Courses Using a Data Mining Approach (Dario Delgado-Quintero, Olmer Garcia-Bedoya, Diego Aranda-Lozano, Pablo Munevar-Garcia, Cesar O. Diaz)....Pages 17-31
Analysis of Usability of Various Geosocial Network POI in Tourism (Jiří Kysela)....Pages 32-42
Application of the Requirements Elicitation Process for the Construction of Intelligent System-Based Predictive Models in the Education Area (Cinthia Vegega, Pablo Pytel, María Florencia Pollo-Cattaneo)....Pages 43-58
Evaluating Student Learning Effect Based on Process Mining (Yu Wang, Tong Li, Congkai Geng, Yihan Wang)....Pages 59-72
Evalu@: An Agnostic Web-Based Tool for Consistent and Constant Evaluation Used as a Data Gatherer for Artificial Intelligence Implementations (Fernando Yepes-Calderon, Juan F. Yepes Zuluaga, Gonzalo E. Yepes Calderon)....Pages 73-84
Model for Resource Allocation in Decentralized Networks Using Interaction Nets (Joaquín F. Sánchez, Juan P. Ospina, Carlos Collazos-Morales, Henry Avendaño, Paola Ariza-Colpas, N. Vanesa Landero)....Pages 85-101
RefDataCleaner: A Usable Data Cleaning Tool (Juan Carlos Leon-Medina, Ixent Galpin)....Pages 102-115
Study of Crime Status in Colombia and Development of a Citizen Security App (Raquel E. Canon-Clavijo, Cesar O. Diaz, Olmer Garcia-Bedoya, Holman Bolivar)....Pages 116-130
University Quality Measurement Model Based on Balanced Scorecard (Thalia Obredor-Baldovino, Harold Combita-Niño, Tito J. Crissien-Borrero, Emiro De-la-Hoz-Franco, Diego Beltrán, Iván Ruiz et al.)....Pages 131-144
Front Matter ....Pages 145-145
Algorithmic Discrimination and Responsibility: Selected Examples from the United States of America and South America (Musonda Kapatamoyo, Yalitza Therly Ramos-Gil, Carmelo Márquez Dominiguez)....Pages 147-157
Continuous Variable Binning Algorithm to Maximize Information Value Using Genetic Algorithm (Nattawut Vejkanchana, Pramote Kuacharoen)....Pages 158-172
CVRPTW Model for Cargo Collection with Heterogeneous Capacity-Fleet (Jorge Ivan Romero-Gelvez, William Camilo Gonzales-Cogua, Jorge Aurelio Herrera-Cuartas)....Pages 173-184
Evaluation of Transfer Learning Techniques with Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) to Detect the Existence of Roads in High-Resolution Aerial Imagery (Calimanut-Ionut Cira, Ramon Alcarria, Miguel-Ángel Manso-Callejo, Francisco Serradilla)....Pages 185-198
Predicting Stock Prices Using Dynamic LSTM Models (Duc Huu Dat Nguyen, Loc Phuoc Tran, Vu Nguyen)....Pages 199-212
Front Matter ....Pages 213-213
Hyperthermia Study in Breast Cancer Treatment Using a New Applicator (H. F. Guarnizo Mendez, M. A. Polochè Arango, J. F. Coronel Rico, T. A. Rubiano Suazo)....Pages 215-229
Manual Segmentation Errors in Medical Imaging. Proposing a Reliable Gold Standard (Fernando Yepes-Calderon, J. Gordon McComb)....Pages 230-241
Front Matter ....Pages 243-243
A Proposal Model Based on Blockchain Technology to Support Traceability of Colombian Scholar Feeding Program (PAE) (Carol Cortés, Alejandro Guzmán, Camilo Andrés Rincón-González, Catherine Torres-Casas, Camilo Mejía-Moncayo)....Pages 245-256
Capacity of Desktop Clouds for Running HPC Applications: A Revisited Analysis (Jaime Chavarriaga, Carlos E. Gómez, David C. Bonilla, Harold E. Castro)....Pages 257-268
Migration to Microservices: Barriers and Solutions (Javad Ghofrani, Arezoo Bozorgmehr)....Pages 269-281
Towards a Maturity Model for Cloud Service Customizing (Oscar Avila, Cristian Paez, Dario Correal)....Pages 282-294
Towards an Architecture Framework for the Implementation of Omnichannel Strategies (Nestor Suarez, Oscar Avila)....Pages 295-309
Front Matter ....Pages 311-311
Connecting CS1 with Student’s Careers Through Multidisciplinary Projects. Case of Study: Material Selection Following the Ashby Methodology (Bruno Paucar, Giovanny Chunga, Natalia Lopez, Clotario Tapia, Miguel Realpe)....Pages 313-326
Development of Online Clearance System for an Educational Institution (Oluranti Jonathan, Sanjay Misra, Funmilayo Makinde, Robertas Damasevicius, Rytis Maskeliunas, Marcelo Leon)....Pages 327-339
Enhanced Sketchnoting Through Semantic Integration of Learning Material (Aryobarzan Atashpendar, Christian Grévisse, Steffen Rothkugel)....Pages 340-353
Front Matter ....Pages 353-353
Comparative Analysis of Three Obstacle Detection and Avoidance Algorithms for a Compact Differential Drive Robot I N V-Rep (Chika Yinka-Banjo, Obawole Daniel, Sanjay Misra, Oluranti Jonathan, Hector Florez)....Pages 357-369
Front Matter ....Pages 371-371
A Secured Private-Cloud Computing System (Modebola Olowu, Chika Yinka-Banjo, Sanjay Misra, Hector Florez)....Pages 373-384
Comparative Evaluation of Techniques for Detection of Phishing URLs (Oluwafemi Osho, Ayanfeoluwa Oluyomi, Sanjay Misra, Ravin Ahuja, Robertas Damasevicius, Rytis Maskeliunas)....Pages 385-394
Front Matter ....Pages 395-395
Cultural Archaeology of Video Games: Between Nostalgic Discourse, Gamer Experience, and Technological Innovation (Simone Belli, Cristian López Raventós)....Pages 397-409
Effects of Digital Transformation in Scientific Collaboration. A Bibliographic Review (Simone Belli)....Pages 410-422
glossaLAB: Co-creating Interdisciplinary Knowledge (José María Díaz-Nafría, Teresa Guarda, Mark Burgin, Wolfgang Hofkirchner, Rainer Zimmermann, Gerhard Chroust et al.)....Pages 423-437
ICT and Science: Some Characteristics of Scientific Networks and How They Apply Information Technology (Simone Belli, Ernesto Ponsot)....Pages 438-452
ICTs Connecting Global Citizens, Global Dialogue and Global Governance. A Call for Needful Designs (Wolfgang Hofkirchner, José María Díaz-Nafría, Peter Crowley, Wilfried Graf, Gudrun Kramer, Hans-Jörg Kreowski et al.)....Pages 453-468
Introduction to the Mathematical Theory of Knowledge Conceptualization: Conceptual Systems and Structures (Mark Burgin, José María Díaz-Nafría)....Pages 469-482
Front Matter ....Pages 483-483
Dynamic Interface and Access Model by Dead Token for IoT Systems (Jorge Hernandez, Karen Daza, Hector Florez, Sanjay Misra)....Pages 485-498
Evaluation of the Performance of Message Routing Protocols in Delay Tolerant Networks (DTN) in Colombian Scenario (Nazhir Amaya-Tejera, Farid Meléndez-Pertuz, Rubén Sánchez-Dams, José Simancas-García, Iván Ruiz, Hermes Castellanos et al.)....Pages 499-516
Recovering Fine Grained Traceability Links Between Software Mandatory Constraints and Source Code (Alejandro Velasco, Jairo Hernan Aponte Melo)....Pages 517-532
Using Graph Embedding to Improve Requirements Traceability Recovery (Shiheng Wang, Tong Li, Zhen Yang)....Pages 533-545
Correction to: Applied Informatics (Hector Florez, Marcelo Leon, Jose Maria Diaz-Nafria, Simone Belli)....Pages C1-C1
Back Matter ....Pages 547-548
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应用信息学:第二届国际会议,国际民航组织2019,西班牙马德里,2019年11月7-9日,会议记录-Applied Informatics: Second International Conferen
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