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火花会飞:本杰明和海德格尔-Sparks Will Fly: Benjamin and Heidegger

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标题(title):Sparks Will Fly: Benjamin and Heidegger
作者(author):Benjamin, Andrew; Benjamin, Walter; Heidegger, Martin; Vardoulakis, Dimitris
出版社(publisher):State University of New York Press
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Table of contents :
Content: ""Contents""
""Introduction: “Sparks Will Fly�""
""Part I. Knowledge""
""One: Entanglement�of Benjamin with Heidegger""
""The Thesis""
""The Experiment""
""Image and Method""
""Complementary Differences""
""Lectures Toward a New System""
""Letters in Relation to Rickert�s Lectures""
""“Idea of Completion� and “State of Perfection�""
""Scholastic Theories of Meaning""
""“Bare Life� and “Being-at-Death�""
""Two Entanglements in 1935""
""Another Entanglement in 1935""
""Nietzsche, the Messiah""
""Entangled Relations"" ""Notes""""Two: Critique and the Thing: Benjamin and Heidegger""
""Part II. Experience""
""Three: Stimmung: Heidegger and Benjamin""
""A Critical Junction""
""Heidegger and the Importance of Stimmung""
""Benjamin and the Death of Intention""
""Stimmung between Heidegger and Benjamin""
""Four: Commodity Fetishism and the Gaze""
""The Gaze in Benjamin and (Not in) Heidegger""
""Allegorical Gaze""
""Part III. Time""
""Five: Monad and Time: Reading Leibniz with Heidegger and Benjamin""
""Husserl in the Background"" ""Heidegger�s Monadology and the Temporal Ground of Being""""Benjamin�s Monadic Theory of Ideas and Virtual History""
""Six: Time and Task: Benjamin and Heidegger Showing the Present""
""Opening the Present""
""Heidegger�s Present""
""Heidegger�s “Age�""
""Benjamin, Monad, Repetition""
""Benjamin�s Repetition Again""
""Part IV. Hölderlin""
""Seven: Who Was Friedrich Hölderlin? Walter Benjamin, Martin Heidegger, and the Poet""
""Notes"" ""Eight: Sobriety, Intoxication, Hyperbology: Benjamin and Heidegger Reading Hölderlin""""Sobriety and Intoxication""
""Monstrous Couplings""
""From Courage to Diffidence""
""From Theology to Theiology""
""Part V. Politics""
""Nine: Beyond Revolution: Benjamin and Heidegger on Violence and Power""
""An Alternative Critique of Violence""
""Divine Violence""
""Beyond Violence?""
""The Gentle Bind of the Event""
""Ten: A Matter of Immediacy: The Political Ontology of the Artwork in Benjamin and Heidegger""
""The Autonomy of Art"" ""The Autonomy of the Political""""Novelty or Reproducibility""
""Eleven: Politics of the Useless: The Work of Art in Benjamin and Heidegger""
""Biographical Notes""
火花会飞:本杰明和海德格尔-Sparks Will Fly: Benjamin and Heidegger
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