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企业社会责任与竞争:在欧洲中小企业中的表现-Intrinsic CSR and Competition: Doing well amongst European SMEs

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标题(title):Intrinsic CSR and Competition: Doing well amongst European SMEs
作者(author):Walter Wehrmeyer, Stéphanie Looser, Mara Del Baldo
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing;Palgrave Macmillan
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This edited book is at the intersection of the discussion on family-owned business, the CSR agenda and company competition in Europe. The authors contribute to the debates on corporate social responsibility by arguing that formal management systems are not the one-size-fits-all solution they are typically presented to be. Exploring alternative interpretations of the profile environmental management activities have in SMEs, the book evaluates the way in which cultural and ethical values are embedded in European SMEs in order to drive and orientate CSR successfully without following the mainstream ‘systems’ approach. It addresses several values of thought within the CSR debate such as intrinsic CSR, the role of virtue ethics and moral theory in corporate culture, environmental sustainability and vision-driven CSR. Focusing on a European perspective, the book heuristically explores an alternative model for the integration of CSR, innovation dynamics and economic success driven by intrinsic values rather than extrinsic post-decision rationalisations.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xxii
Front Matter ....Pages 1-5
Overview: Formal Management Systems, Intrinsic CSR, and the Role of Culture in Management (Stéphanie Looser)....Pages 7-16
Honourable Merchants as a Role Model for Responsible Leadership: History and Perspectives (Joachim Schwalbach)....Pages 17-33
Company Case Study 1: To (Crafts)Man Up—How Swiss SMEs Cope with CSR in Harsh Times (Stéphanie Looser, Philip Evans Clark, Walter Wehrmeyer)....Pages 35-79
Company Case Study 2: Novex AG—Frustration and the Great European Office Furniture Hunt (Tyler Brûlé)....Pages 81-84
Front Matter ....Pages 85-85
Overview: Virtue Ethics and Managerial Control (Mara Del Baldo)....Pages 87-104
Virtue Ethics, Corporate Identity and Success (Mathias Schüz)....Pages 105-117
Virtue Ethics and CSR: The Two Sides of Sustainable Organizational Performance (Mihaela Constantinescu, Muel Kaptein)....Pages 119-132
Company Case Study 3: Loccioni Between Innovation, People and Future (Simonetta Recchi)....Pages 133-151
Company Case Study 4: Boxmarche—A Heritage of Values for a Virtuous Company (Mara Del Baldo)....Pages 153-175
Front Matter ....Pages 177-177
Overview: Family Run Businesses and Intrinsic CSR (Stéphanie Looser)....Pages 179-183
Virtue Ethics, Values of the Founders, and Organizational Growth (Josh Wei-Jun Hsueh)....Pages 185-200
Company Case Study 5: The Value of Values in Economy of Communion Enterprises—Start Up and Governance of Loppiano Prima (Maria-Gabriella Baldarelli)....Pages 201-214
Company Case Study 6: Bertola Srl (Italy)—A Family Business Within the Economy of Communion “Family” (Mara Del Baldo)....Pages 215-230
Front Matter ....Pages 231-231
Strategies, Growth and Innovation: Are There Any Interlinked Management Configurations? (Stéphanie Looser)....Pages 233-239
Company Case Study 8: Cucinelli—A Humanistic Enterprise for a Sustainable Growth and a Sustainable World (Mara Del Baldo)....Pages 241-259
Company Case Study 9: Virtues Circles and Innovation in Corporate Governance of EoC Enterprises—The Case of the First Business Park in Brazil (Maria-Gabriella Baldarelli)....Pages 261-271
Company Case Study 10: Spreading the Culture of Sustainability—The SGR Group’s Experience (Italy) (Elisa Tamagnini, Mara Del Baldo)....Pages 273-296
Front Matter ....Pages 297-297
Overview: Employee Perceptions in Innovation-Driven SMEs (Stéphanie Looser)....Pages 299-306
Company Case Study 12: Employee Perceptions in Innovation-Driven SMEs—D-Orbit (Giorgia Nigri, Giuseppe Lentini)....Pages 307-319
Front Matter ....Pages 321-321
Overview: Intrinsic CSR Across Europe (Stéphanie Looser)....Pages 323-342
Company Case Study 13: Mass Production and Luxury Segment Partners That Meet the Stipulation of “No-Contracts” (Stéphanie Looser, Seraina Mohr)....Pages 343-363
Front Matter ....Pages 365-365
Synthesis: The Future of Innovation, CSR and (In-)Formal Management (Stéphanie Looser, Walter Wehrmeyer, Seraina Mohr)....Pages 367-380
Back Matter ....Pages 381-396
企业社会责任与竞争:在欧洲中小企业中的表现-Intrinsic CSR and Competition: Doing well amongst European SMEs
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