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解读诗篇:问题与途径-Interpreting the Psalms: Issues and Approaches

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标题(title):Interpreting the Psalms: Issues and Approaches
作者(author):Firth, David G.; Johnston, Philip
出版社(publisher):Apollos, InterVarsity Press
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Scholarly study of the Psalms is in the midst of a sea change. A generation ago, the dominant tendency was to study individual psalms in relation to their literary forms and cultural functions. However, in recent years, studies have increasingly emphasized Hebrew poetry, the structure of the entire Psalter, and its development from earlier collections to a unified canonical book. In exploring these and other facets, this volume aims to bridge the gap between general introductions to the study of the Psalms and specialized literature. Written by members and guests of the Tyndale Fellowship Old Testament Study Group, it offers the insights of internationally recognized Old Testament scholars into the world of the Psalms.  Read more...

Table of contents :
Part A. Psalms interpretation in context --
The Psalms and current study / David M. Howard, Jr. --
The Psalms and the genre of ancient near eastern prayers / Tremper Longman III --
Part B. The Psalms and key themes --
Distress in the Psalms / Philip Johnston --
The Psalms and praise / James Hely Hutchinson --
The Psalms and the king / Jamie Grant --
The Psalms and the cult / Jerome F.D. Creach --
Symbolism in the Psalms : the cherubim-ark / Craig C. Broyles --
Part C. The Psalms and interpretation issues --
The teaching of the Psalms / David G. Firth --
The ethics of the Psalms / Gordon Wenham --
Body idioms and the Psalms / Andy Warren-Rothlin --
Psalm one and Torah-meditation : an invitation to 'sound out' Torah / Michael LeFebvre --
Part D. The Psalms and interpretative traditions --
The structure of the psalter / Gerald H. Wilson --
Qumran and the Psalms / Dwight D. Swanson --
The Psalms in the Gospels and Acts / Dale A. Brueggemann --
The targum of Psalms / Timothy Edwards.
解读诗篇:问题与途径-Interpreting the Psalms: Issues and Approaches
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