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帕格雷夫费希特手册-The Palgrave Fichte Handbook

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标题(title):The Palgrave Fichte Handbook
作者(author):Steven Hoeltzel
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing;Palgrave Macmillan
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This Handbook provides a comprehensive single-volume treatment of Fichte’s philosophy. In addition to offering new researchers an authoritative introduction and orientation to Fichtean thought, the volume also surveys the main scholarly and philosophical controversies regarding Fichtean interpretation, and defends a range of philosophical theses in a way that advances the scholarly discussion. Fichte is the first major philosopher in the post-Kantian tradition and the first of the great German Idealists, but he was no mere epigone of Kant or precursor to Hegel. His work speaks powerfully and originally to a wide range of issues of enduring concern, and his many innovations importantly anticipate major developments, including absolute idealism, phenomenology, and existentialism. He is therefore not only a path-breaking thinker but also a pivotal figure in Western intellectual history. Wide-ranging, well-organised and timely, this key volume makes Fichte’s work both accessible and relevant. It is essential reading for scholars, graduate researchers and advanced students interested in Fichte, German Idealism, and the history of nineteenth-century philosophy in the West.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xxi
Introduction: Fichte’s Post-Kantian Project (Steven Hoeltzel)....Pages 1-29
Front Matter ....Pages 31-31
Fichte’s Life and Philosophical Trajectory (Yolanda Estes)....Pages 33-55
The Precursor as Rival: Fichte in Relation to Kant (Günter Zöller)....Pages 57-74
Fichte, German Idealism, and the Parameters of Systematic Philosophy (Andreas Schmidt)....Pages 75-93
Front Matter ....Pages 95-95
Fichte on the Standpoint of Philosophy and the Standpoint of Ordinary Life (Halla Kim)....Pages 97-116
Reflection, Metaphilosophy, and Logic of Action in the Science of Knowledge (Isabelle Thomas-Fogiel)....Pages 117-137
Fichte’s Anti-Dogmatism and the Autonomy of Reason (Kienhow Goh)....Pages 139-160
Front Matter ....Pages 161-161
Knowledge and Action: Self-Positing, I-Hood, and the Centrality of the Striving Doctrine (C. Jeffery Kinlaw)....Pages 163-187
Fichte’s Account of Reason and Rational Normativity (Steven Hoeltzel)....Pages 189-212
Fichte’s Relational I: Anstoβ and Aufforderung (Gabriel Gottlieb)....Pages 213-235
Front Matter ....Pages 237-237
Fichte’s Deduction of the Moral Law (Owen Ware)....Pages 239-256
Freedom as an End in Itself: Fichte on Ethical Duties (Paul Guyer)....Pages 257-283
Fichte on Freedom (Wayne Martin)....Pages 285-306
Front Matter ....Pages 307-307
Fichte on Property Rights and Coercion (Nedim Nomer)....Pages 309-328
Fichte’s Theory of the State in the Foundations of Natural Right (James A. Clarke)....Pages 329-351
Fichte’s Concept of the Nation (David James)....Pages 353-372
Fichte’s Philosophy of History: Between A Priori Foundation and Material Development (Angelica Nuzzo)....Pages 373-394
Front Matter ....Pages 395-395
Giving Shape to the Shapeless: Divine Incomprehensibility, Moral Knowledge, and Symbolic Representation (Benjamin D. Crowe)....Pages 397-420
The Letter and the Spirit: Kant’s Metaphysics and Fichte’s Epistemology (Matthew C. Altman)....Pages 421-441
Transcendental Ontology in Fichte’s Wissenschaftslehre of 1804 (Markus Gabriel)....Pages 443-460
Front Matter ....Pages 461-461
Heidegger’s Modest Fichteanism (Michael Stevenson)....Pages 463-484
Fichte, Sartre, and Levinas on the Problem with the Problem of Other Minds (Cynthia D. Coe)....Pages 485-506
Fichtean Selfhood and Contemporary Philosophy of Language: The Case of Transcendental Pragmatics (Michihito Yoshime)....Pages 507-529
Conclusion: Complexity, Unity, Infinity (Steven Hoeltzel)....Pages 531-534
Back Matter ....Pages 535-550
帕格雷夫费希特手册-The Palgrave Fichte Handbook
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