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大都市区、规划和治理-Metropolitan Regions, Planning and Governance

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标题(title):Metropolitan Regions, Planning and Governance
作者(author):Karsten Zimmermann, Daniel Galland, John Harrison
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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The aim of this book is to investigate contemporary processes of metropolitan change and approaches to planning and governing metropolitan regions. To do so, it focuses on four central tenets of metropolitan change in terms of planning and governance: institutional approaches, policy mobilities, spatial imaginaries, and planning styles. The book’s main contribution lies in providing readers with a new conceptual and analytical framework for researching contemporary dynamics in metropolitan regions. It will chiefly benefit researchers and students in planning, urban studies, policy and governance studies, especially those interested in metropolitan regions.

The relentless pace of urban change in globalization poses fundamental questions about how to best plan and govern 21st-century metropolitan regions. The problem for metropolitan regions—especially for those with policy and decision-making responsibilities—is a growing recognition that these spaces are typically reliant on inadequate urban-economic infrastructure and fragmented planning and governance arrangements. Moreover, as the demand for more ‘appropriate’—i.e., more flexible, networked and smart—forms of planning and governance increases, new expressions of territorial cooperation and conflict are emerging around issues and agendas of (de-)growth, infrastructure expansion, and the collective provision of services.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xv
Conceptualising Metropolitan Regions: How Institutions, Policies, Spatial Imaginaries and Planning Are Influencing Metropolitan Development (Daniel Galland, John Harrison)....Pages 1-21
Front Matter ....Pages 23-23
Metropolitan Revolution or Metropolitan Evolution? The (Dis)continuities in Metropolitan Institutional Reforms (Mariona Tomàs)....Pages 25-39
The Multiple Agencies of Metropolitan Institutions: Is There Convergence? (Christophe Demazière)....Pages 41-57
What Is at Stake for Metropolitan Regions and Their Governance Institutions? (Karsten Zimmermann)....Pages 59-75
Front Matter ....Pages 77-77
Learning from Elsewhere? A Critical Account on the Mobilisation of Metropolitan Policies (Peter Schmitt)....Pages 79-95
From Here to There: Mapping the Metropolitan Politics of Policy Mobilities (Karsten Zimmermann)....Pages 97-115
Implications of Metropolitan Policy Mobility: Tracing the Relevance of Travelling Ideas for Metropolitan Regions (Carola Fricke)....Pages 117-132
Front Matter ....Pages 133-133
Imagining the Evolving Spatiality of Metropolitan Regions (John Harrison, Valeria Fedeli, Patricia Feiertag)....Pages 135-154
Constructing Metropolitan Imaginaries: Who Does This and Why? (Patricia Feiertag, John Harrison, Valeria Fedeli)....Pages 155-172
Invoking New Metropolitan Imaginaries: What Type of Metropolitan Region for What Kind of Metropolitan Planning and Governance? (Valeria Fedeli, Patricia Feiertag, John Harrison)....Pages 173-192
Front Matter ....Pages 193-193
Past, Present, Future: The Historical Evolution of Metropolitan Planning Conceptions and Styles (Daniel Galland, Mark Tewdwr-Jones)....Pages 195-210
In What Sense an Evolution of Metropolitan Planning Actors? (Savaş Zafer Şahin, Daniel Galland, Mark Tewdwr-Jones)....Pages 211-224
Planning Metropolitan Futures, the Future of Metropolitan Planning: In What Sense Planning Agile? (Mark Tewdwr-Jones, Daniel Galland)....Pages 225-234
Front Matter ....Pages 235-235
What Is Metropolitan Planning and Governance for? (Daniel Galland, John Harrison, Mark Tewdwr-Jones)....Pages 237-256
Back Matter ....Pages 257-270
大都市区、规划和治理-Metropolitan Regions, Planning and Governance
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