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淀粉:代谢与结构-Starch: Metabolism and Structure

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标题(title):Starch: Metabolism and Structure
作者(author):Yasunori Nakamura (eds.)
出版社(publisher):Springer Japan
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This book provides a detailed overview of the current understanding of the metabolic system of starch biosynthesis and degradation in plants. The focus is on new topics regarding the functional interaction between multiple enzymes and the initiation process of starch biosynthesis, which are essential for further understanding of related metabolic features. The book also explains and discusses the distinct structures of amylopectin and amylose and the crystalline structure of starch granules. At the same time, readers will be made aware of areas where further research remains to be done, such as the regulation of starch metabolism, the fine structure of starch molecules, and the manipulation of the structure and functional properties of starch by genetic and molecular technology.

Also described are aspects of the biosynthetic machinery of starch, the structure and metabolism of which have developed and been refined during the process of plant evolution. In addition, recent approaches to producing novel starches with distinct physicochemical and functional properties in gene-modified mutants and transgenic plants for industrial applications are introduced. Finally, the book elaborates on the unresolved topics, necessary approaches and future prospects to achieve a complete understanding of the regulation of starch metabolism.

This volume is of great value for general scientists, students and anyone wishing to understand the specific and complicated events of starch metabolism and biotechnology. It will be especially useful for food scientists and engineers in academia and industry.

Table of contents :
Front Matter....Pages i-viii
Front Matter....Pages 1-1
Fine Structure of Amylopectin....Pages 3-40
Fine Structure of Amylose....Pages 41-60
Crystalline Structure in Starch....Pages 61-90
Front Matter....Pages 91-91
The Transition from Glycogen to Starch Metabolism in Cyanobacteria and Eukaryotes....Pages 93-158
Front Matter....Pages 159-159
Biosynthesis of Reserve Starch....Pages 161-209
Starch Biosynthesis in Leaves and Its Regulation....Pages 211-237
Starch Degradation....Pages 239-290
Protein-Protein Interactions During Starch Biosynthesis....Pages 291-313
Initiation Process of Starch Biosynthesis....Pages 315-332
Front Matter....Pages 333-333
Manipulation of Rice Starch Properties for Application....Pages 335-369
Increase of Grain Yields by Manipulating Starch Biosynthesis....Pages 371-395
Front Matter....Pages 397-397
Phosphorylation of the Starch Granule....Pages 399-424
Morphological Variations of Starch Grains....Pages 425-441
Back Matter....Pages 443-451

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淀粉:代谢与结构-Starch: Metabolism and Structure
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