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语文教学手册-The Routledge Handbook of Chinese Language Teaching

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标题(title):The Routledge Handbook of Chinese Language Teaching
作者(author):Chris Shei, Monica E. McLellan Zikpi, Der-Lin Chao
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The Routledge Handbook of Chinese Language Teaching defines Chinese language teaching in a pedagogical, historical, and contemporary context. Throughout the volume, teaching methods are discussed, including the traditional China-based approach, and Western methods such as communicative teaching and the immersion program. The Handbook also presents a pedagogical model covering pronunciation, tones, characters, vocabulary, grammar, and the teaching of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The remaining chapters explore topics of language assessment, technology enhanced instruction, teaching materials and resources, Chinese for specific purposes, classroom implementation, social contexts of language teaching and language teaching policies, and pragmatics and culture. Ideal for scholars and researchers of Chinese language teaching, the Handbook will benefit educators and teacher training programs. This is the first comprehensive volume exploring the growing area of Chinese language pedagogy.
Table of contents :
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Introduction: Relationships and motivation in Chinese language teaching / Monica E McLellan Zikpi --
I. Overview: 1. Teaching Chinese as a first language in China: review and comparison / Weixiao Wei --
2. From 'Chinese to Foreigners' to 'Chinese International Education': China's efforts in promoting its language worldwide / Chris Shei --
3. The Beginning of Chinese Professorship and Chinese Language Instruction in the United States: History and Implications / Der-lin Chao --
4. Teaching Chinese as a heritage language / Chang Pu --
II. Chinese language pedagogy: 5. Methods of teaching Chinese: evolution and emerging trends / Haidan Wang --
6. Teaching Content, Developing Language in CLIL Chinese / Jane Orton --
7. Creating a Task-Based Language Course in Mandarin Chinese / Miao-fen Tseng --
8. Developing communicative competence in adult beginner learners of Chinese / Clare Wright --
III. Teaching Chinese pronunciation and characters: 9. Some explicit linguistic knowledge for Chinese pronunciation teaching / Bei Yang --
10. Teaching Chinese tones / Hang Zhang --
11. Teaching Chinese intonation and rhythm / Chunsheng Yang --
12. Teaching Chinese pronunciation: explanation, expectation, and implementation / Jiang Liu --
13. Recognition of two forms of characters and teaching literary Chinese / Joseph R. Allen --
14. Teaching Chinese characters: what we know and what we can do / Bo Hu --
15. An analysis on models of teaching spoken Chinese as a foreign language / Meiru Liu --
IV. Teaching Chinese words and grammar: 16. A usage-based approach to L2 grammar instruction delivered through the PACE model / Hong Li and Jing Z. Paul --
17. Methods of lexical semantic inquiry in teaching advanced level vocabulary / Shiao-Wei Tham --
18. Teaching Chinese adverbs / Yan Li --
19. From cognitive linguistics to pedagogical grammar: On teaching the Chinese sentence-final le / Liancheng Chief --
V. Materials and curricula: 20. speaking learners of Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language / Cornelius Kubler --
21. Intercultural Communicative Competence in CFL Language Curricula / Madeline K. Spring --
22. Teaching Chinese through Authentic Audio-visual Media Materials / Liling Huang and Amber Navarre --
23. Understanding tertiary Chinese language learners' needs: A cross-curricular perspective / Hui Huang --
24. Emotion, attitude and value in primary school Chinese textbooks / Bo Wang, Yuanyi Ma & Isaac N. Mwinlaaru --
25. The Assessment of Chinese L2 Proficiency / Paula Winke and Wenyue Melody Ma --
VI. Instructional media and resources: 26. Using social media to teach Chinese more effectively / Ke Peng --
27. Teaching Chinese Through Film: Rationale, Practice, and Future Directions / Yanhong Zhu --
28. Literature in Chinese Language Teaching / Don Starr and Yunhan Hu --
29. Multimodal Pedagogy and Chinese Visual Arts in TCFL Classrooms / Rugang Lu --
30. The Current Status of CALL for Chinese in the United States / Zheng-Sheng Zhang --
31. Using technology to learn to speak Chinese / Lijing Shi and Ursula Stickler --
32. Towards Automatic Identification of Chinese Collocation Errors / Zhao-Ming Gao --
33. Business Chinese Instruction: Past, Present, and Future / Fangyuan Yuan --
VII. Teaching context and policy: 34. Chinese Language Learning and Teaching in the UK / George X Zhang and Linda M Li --
35. The Impact of Australian language policies on Chinese language teaching / Shen Chen and Helena Sit --
36. Bi/Multilingual Education, Translation, and Social Mobility in Xinjiang, China / Saihong Li --
37. Understanding how Chinese language education is used to promote citizenship education in China and Hong Kong / TAM, Angela Choi-fung --
38. Teachers' Bicultural Awareness in Chinese Culture Instruction / Guangyan Chen and Ken Springer --
39. Crossing the river while feeling for stones: the education of a Chinese language teacher / Julian K. Wheatley --
语文教学手册-The Routledge Handbook of Chinese Language Teaching
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