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冷弯型钢设计-Cold-Formed Steel Design

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标题(title):Cold-Formed Steel Design
作者(author):Wei-Wen Yu; Roger A Laboube
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Provides the latest AISI North American specifications for cold-formed steel design

Hailed by professionals around the world as the definitive text on the design of cold-formed steel, this book provides descriptions of the construction and structural behavior of cold-formed steel members and connections from both theoretical and experimental points of view. Updated to reflect the 2016 AISI North American specification and 2015 North American framing standards, this all-new fifth edition offers readers a better understanding of the analysis and design of the thin-walled, cold-formed steel structures that have been widely used in building construction and other areas in recent years.

Cold-Formed Steel Design, 5th Editionhas been revised and reorganized to incorporate the Direct Strength Method. It discusses the reasons and justification for the various design provisions of the North American specification and framing design standards. It provides chapter coverage of: the types of steels and their most important mechanical properties; the fundamentals of buckling modes; commonly used terms; the design of flexural members, compression members and closed cylindrical tubes, and of beam-columns using ASD, LRFD, and LSD methods; shear diaphragms and shell roof structures; standard corrugated sheets; and more.

Updated to the 2016 North American (AISI S100) design specification and 2015 North American (AISI S240) design standard Offers thorough coverage of ASD, LRFD, LSD, and DSM design methods Integrates DSM in the main body of design provisions Features a new section on Power-Actuated Fastener (PAF) Connections Provides new examples and explanations of design provisionsCold-Formed Steel Design, 5th Editionis not only instructive for students, but can serve as a major source of reference for structural engineers, researchers, architects, and construction managers.

冷弯型钢设计-Cold-Formed Steel Design
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