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货币政策、银行业和金融市场的新兴研究-Emerging research on monetary policy, banking, and financial markets

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标题(title):Emerging research on monetary policy, banking, and financial markets
作者(author):Birau, Ramona; Spulbar, Cristi
出版社(publisher):IGI Global
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"This book examines the latest research on monetary policy, banking, and financial markets"--

Table of contents :
Section 1. Measuring effectiveness and efficiency of banking systems. Chapter 1. Determinants of bank cost efficiency in transition economies: evidence for Latin America, central and eastern Europe, and South-East Asia
Chapter 2. The relationship between bank efficiency and risk and productivity patterns in the Romanian banking system
Chapter 3. Efficiency in cooperative banks and savings banks: a stochastic frontier approach
Chapter 4. Financial nexus: efficiency and soundness in banking and capital markets --
Section 2. The transmission mechanism of monetary policy: dynamics and perspectives. Chapter 5. Monetary policy transmission mechanism in Romania over the period 2001 to 2012: a BVAR analysis
Chapter 6. Analysis of the monetary policy dynamics in Romania using a structural vector autoregressive model
Chapter 7. Inflation inertia and inflation persistence in Romania using a DSGE approach --
Section 3. Understanding financial market behavior: empirical case studies. Chapter 8. Testing weak-form efficiency and long-term causality of the emerging capital markets in Romania, India, Poland, and Hungary
Chapter 9. Modeling and estimating long-term volatility of stock markets in Romania, Poland, Greece, and USA
Chapter 10. Analyzing long-term dynamic causal linkages and financial integration between the capital markets in Romania and Hungary
Chapter 11. Estimating Long-term volatility on national stock exchange of India
Chapter 12. Investigating international causal linkages between latin European Stock markets in terms of global financial crisis: a case study for Romania, Spain, and Italy
Chapter 13. Modeling sp bombay stock exchange BANKEX index volatility patterns using GARCH model
Chapter 14. Investigating causal linkages between international stock markets in Hungary and Austria in terms of economic globalization
Chapter 15. Analyzing dynamic causal linkages between developed stock markets of Spain and Canada
Chapter 16. The global implications of financial contagion in developed capital markets: evidence for USA, France, UK, and Germany
Chapter 17. Investigating Long-term behavior of Milan Stock exchange (Italy).
货币政策、银行业和金融市场的新兴研究-Emerging research on monetary policy, banking, and financial markets
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